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Monday, December 4:

Zoe was outraged to discover Chris's secret liaisons with Charity. Tricia and Marlon were under pressure. Sean was still being sidetracked with Lady Tara and began to neglect his family. Zak's conscience was troubled as he wrestled with how to tell Lisa that Cain was his son.

Tuesday, December 5

Tricia was unhappy to see that Marlon had hired a new, pretty waitress. Marlon had doubts that Tricia was doing the right thing. Sean found it hard to resist Lady Tara when he was caught between a special meal with Angie or another illicit liaison. Zak began to soften towards Cain as he realised he was a chip off the old block.

Friday, December 8

Lady Tara played games with Sean. Zoe decided to confront Charity. Zak shared his burden with Seth while they fished together. Tricia tried to make her wedding look genuine and moved some belongings into Paddy's house.

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