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Week 4-6 July 2000

Tricia The episode opens with Tricia still in tears after discovering Adam with Virginia. Bernice comes down to console her, and Tricia wonders what she has done to make men treat her the way they do (perhaps if she contacts me, I can give her a *long* list, but I digress). Both Bernice and Alan try to reassure her that it's not her, it's Adam, but Tricia finds that she can't face work that day and goes home. Lisa and Jason are due to be decorating Kathy's house that day, but don't get a lot of work done, especially after Tricia snaps at Jason. Meanwhile, Marlon is celebrating after a "job well done". He's in such a good mood he even cooks brekkie for Terry! However, his mood soon deflates after Bernice tears into him for his actions. In a brilliant scene, she tears off several strips by reminding him of the cruelty of his actions, how he's hurt Tricia far more than Adam ever could, and how this could have been avoided if he'd told Bernice the truth in the first place. She also points out that Tricia is "in bits", and how she can relate because she's been there herself. Marlon is distraught, and tries to go and see Tricia, but Bernice stops him, adding that he's lucky he's still in a job right now. Later, Adam walks into the pub. Marlon tries to have a go at him, but Blue Peter tells him the same thing that Bernice did - Marlon has hurt Tricia far more than Adam could. BP also points out to Alan that he never made Tricia any promises - she just got far too carried away with the excitement of "having a boyfriend." A well-written scene, let down by *appalling* acting from Tim Vincent. I've seen more convincing tress. That evening, Marlon goes round to see Tricia. He confesses that he was the reason she found out the truth, and finally admits that he's in love with her (any resemblance to recent scenes involving Ashley & Bernice are purely coincidental. I think). Tricia looks horrified at his confession. Chris The usual entertaining scene ensues at Home Farm, with Frankie teasing Chris about his lack of charisma, decent character etc. She also tries to convince ZoŽ to invest in Tara's stud farm, but ZoŽ isn't interested. Meantime, Chris tries to get Terry to find out exactly what Tara is planning, but Terry reminds him that he's her driver, not an MI5 spy. Later, Chris gives Eric the money for some shady business deal (I missed what the deal was), which arouses Charity's interest. Spying an opportunity to fleece another rich businessman, she puts on her usual gear (short skirt, top showing maximum cleavage) and goes to tempt Chris with yet another business proposition. He isn't keen at first, because she's a Dingle, but soon his weakness for young women in short skirts takes over. He agrees to a deal, on the understanding that they keep it to themselves. Roy & Scott While Roy is working, Scott takes the opportunity to grab some new business by going for a *long* working breakfast in Hotten. Roy is pissed off, and wastes no time in telling Scott so, especially when Scott reveals that the new contact only has two cars. He orders Scott to pull his weight, or he's off. Other stuff: -- Seth, desperate for money, tries to cash Betty's pension, but Emily points out that unless he's a named signatory, Betty will have to sign the order. -- Sam contacts Mystic Mandy about his impotent pig. Mandy tells the whole of Yorkshire that she blows in Paddy's ear when he can't get it up, and Sam should do the same thing for Arnie. Sam is thrilled when it works. Ends -- Dionne

CAIN Lisa offers a furious Cain a job on hearing that his benefit has been stopped for refusing work. He says he doesn't want to take orders from "a poof" but in the end agrees as he's desperate for the cash. Lisa leaves him and Jason alone at Kathy's where they're doing the decorating, but they soon start to argue. Cain stomps off to the Woolie and tries to get Marlon to lend him some money. When this doesn't work he later snatches the keys to Kathy's from Jason's pocket when he's not looking and heads round there to nick some stuff (continues at the end of the next section!) -- TRICIA Tricia is still really upset about the whole Adam/Marlon affair. Bernice comes round to try and offer some comfort and Tricia admits that it is Marlon who has hurt her the most. She's unsure about coming into work and seeing him, but Bernice insists that she'll be there to protect her. Just as a side note there's an interesting little flirty scene between Bernice and Carlos as she makes her way back to the Woolie. He says he doesn't know why anyone would want to string someone like Bernice along. Later in the Woolpack, things are tense and Tricia has a hard time keeping her cool with Marlon or the customers. Alan wants to know what's going on and corners Marlon to demand some answers. Alan is worried about Tricia and wants to know what Marlon has done to her, suggesting that perhaps he's showing his true Dingle colours after all. Marlon then gets it in the neck again from Bernice for humiliating Tricia. He is remorseful, especially since he knows he's blown any chance he might have had. Bernice says that's not necessarily so, but warns him against hurting her again. Tricia gives up on trying to put a brave face on things and leaves work early to go home to bed. However, she suddenly hears noises downstairs and cowers terrified under her covers. As Cain comes into the room (though she can't tell it's him) she pleads with him not to do anything and he scarpers pretty quick when he realises someone is in. -- POLLARD Eric is scheming again. First off he and Chris unveil a new village sign which has "Emmerdale - Home of Tate Tours" emblazoned on it. Frankie is shocked at their brashness, but Chris seems happy seeing his back handers to Eric having a good effect. Pollard then tries it on with Carlos when Carlos gives him a sample of his pies. However, this backfires when Carlos tells him to get stuffed. Eric has to swallow his pride and agrees to give Carlos a proper contract. -- JACK Jack gets an offer to go and join the kids in Spain, but he doesn't feel he can just up and leave the farm. Roy offers to mind it for him but he is still reluctant to go. Later in the Woolpack, Roy, Diane and Bernice all try to change his mind. In the end Diane offers to lend him the money to go and after some more cajoling he agrees (by which point he and Diane are rather close (she even has her hand on his arm). -- OTHER BITS -- There is more joy in the Glover household when Roy suggests a weekend in Scarborough (the old romantic). Kelly just pouts at the idea but then later when he says he's going to be minding the farm instead she suddenly wants to go. He tells her it's too late (cue more pouting). -- Terry seems to be enjoying driving Tara around. When he drops her off at Home Farm she bumps into Frankie. Tara tries the charm on her and succeeds when she gets an offer to join Frankie clubbing (which she politely declines). -- Sean gets no joy when he tries to persuade Marc to come home. -- Betty and Diane are still bickering at the Diner. Carlos has had enough and threatens to walk out. Diane agrees to let Betty come back "for Kathy's sake". -- Sarah

Apologies for the tardiness of my Throgmortons, which is *entirely* due to a certain fellow ratue-er spending nearly two hours interrogating me on the phone last night (yes, I mean you, Nick). The Burglary Cain arrives home late but manages to convince Zak that he's been in Leeds having his wicked way with a couple of women. Meanwhile, supercop Angie is on the case and the fact that there is no sign of forced entry leads her to suspect Lisa and Jason may have had something to do with it. Kathy is rather disconcerted when she arrives back from Oz to find a police car parked outside her house. After a disappointing trip, this isn't the homecoming she had hoped for but she is relieved that Tricia is okay. Over in the Kirk household, Mandy is slouched on the couch after a night out with Jason and Frankie and is wearing what has to be her most hideous top yet. Paddy asks her if it is new but she assures him that she's had it for ages and most certainly has not been blowing his money ordering stuff from the catalogues. Later, Jason arrives home after spending the night with some guy he met in a club. Angie turns up to quiz him on his whereabouts at the time of the burglary but the previous night is just a drunken blur and he can't answer her. Mandy sticks her oar in, accusing the police of victimising people just because 'they're black, gay or called Dingle', but Angie ignores this and asks Jason and Lisa to accompany her to the station. As a hungover Jason throws up outside, Angie decides she'll deal with him later and just takes Lisa to the station. Seeing Jason, Cain comes over and subjects him to some more homophobic taunts. Jason is sure Cain had something to do with the burglary and asks him if he is prepared to see Lisa sent down for something he did. Cain says they can't pin it on her but Jason tells him that, even if they can't, no one will give them any more work if there is a suspicion that they burgle the houses they decorate. Jason tells him that, if he takes the stuff back, he'll keep quiet about it but Cain doesn't take too kindly to being 'threatened' by a 'pervert' and gives him a kicking. Bernice finds Jason nursing his injuries outside the Diner. At first she thinks he is just hungover but she is concerned when she learns that he has been gay-bashed. She wants to tell the police but Jason is adamant that he just wants to forget it as the police will probably think he deserved it. His attacker has injured his hand and tries to convince Viv to give him a plaster, telling her he caught his hand on a rusty nail. Viv isn't keen to split a packet but changes her tune when Cain says he'll tell her who is under suspicion for the burglary. Zak wanders into the post office just in time to hear that Lisa has been arrested on suspicion of burglary. Cain claims he tried to intervene of her behalf but was too late. Zak storms off down to the cop shop to try to sort things out, hammering on the door until they have to let him in. When he sees Angie he accuses her of having it in for them. He blames her for ruining Mandy's wedding reception and her husband's company for causing Butch's death. He tells her that she'll never destroy the Dingles but she and her family had better watch out because their 'card is marked'. Marlon & Tricia Marlon sympathises with Tricia over the robbery but Tricia tells him that what Marlon did to her was worse than that because she thought he was her friend. She also tells Marlon how upset she is about the locket being stolen so Marlon goes round to the Dingles' and demands the locket back off Cain. He threatens to turn him in to the cops if he doesn't hand it over. Cain reminds him that he can't shop another Dingle to the cops so Marlon threatens to tell Zak instead. Cain grudgingly hands over the locket. Meanwhile, over at the Woolpack, Roy is concerned about how Tricia is coping after the burglary. She decides to leave work early and Roy walks her home. She invites him in for a drink and, as Marlon races over to the Woolpack to return Tricia's locket, he is just in time to see them disappear into the cottage together. The Diner Kathy is pleased with the new-look Diner and also with the way it has been run in her absence. Much to Betty's displeasure, she tells Diane she wants her to continue to run things. Rachel