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Week 4-6 Jan 2000


The Dingles

This clan took up much of the episode, as we see them reverting back
to their old ways. The episode opens with Lisa discovering a letter
from Skipdale Health Authority. Belle has missed her 8 month check up
and a health visitor is coming to check on her later in the day. Lisa
panics, but Zak is nonchalant, claiming he has everything "under

For under control, read not doing a scrap of work. Zak leaves the
house as it is, and takes his eyes off Belle for a second so that he
can watch the racing. Belle crawls out into the yard, and is nearly
run over by the health visitor. Once inside, the HV tries to convince
Zak that Belle should be examined, but Zak is very rude to her and
eventually tells her to bog off. The HV scuttles off, telling Lisa on
the way out that she will have to return in the near future.

Meanwhile, things are still bad at the shop. Emily fears for her job,
especially as Viv seems hell-bent on banning anyone with a Tate
connection. Butch takes matters into his own hands by taking a couple
of wheels from the GK bus - this will bring business to the shop and
sticks two fingers at the Tates as well. Alan persuades Lisa to fix
the van as an emergency - not something she planned to do as she
wanted to leave early to meet the HV. Butch brags that it was him, but
Lisa shouts at him to return the wheels asap. Conclusive proof that
women do still rule the roost (g).


Still feeling embarrassed over losing control with My Gavin, although
the whole village is impressed by his actions. He debates whether to
continue with the Youth Club, particularly as some parents are
wondering about his suitability as a leader. Bernice convinces him to
take the kids out bowling the next day.

Meantime, Diane has twigged that Ashley is in love with Bernice, and
suggests that she should support Bernice through recent events as he's
too emotionally involved. Later in the Woolpack, when ZoŽ realises
that he attacked Our Gavin because he loves Bernice, he finally admits
that he's head over heels.

Other stories:

-- Kelly is still in a major sulk (does anyone care? Didn't think so)
and it's beginning to affect her work. ZoŽ isn't pleased when Kelly
takes an extended lunch break, leaving potential applicants for the
vet's position unattended.

-- Paddy and ZoŽ decide to employ Adam Forrester as their new vet. I
assume this will be Tim Vincent's character, as he's not doe to arrive
for another few weeks.

-- Marlon cooks a fancy meal for Kathy. She thinks it's because he
wants to buy the Diner, so she's disappointed to learn that it's a
thank you meal for letting him move on to better things.

-- Alan offers to by out My Gavin and allow Bernice to stay on at the
Woolpack. Bernice declines, saying that she wants to stand on her own
two feet and not let a man bail her out again.

-- At the end of the episode, ZoŽ is shocked to see Frankie at the
door of Home Farm. I'm surprised she knew who it was, considering
Frankie is now played by a different actress.



Frankie and Zoe

Zoe lets Frankie in after she turns up late at night at Home Farm.
However, the atmosphere is rather chilly and Frankie has a go at Zoe
for not bailing her out of the German prison. Just as Zoe is
retaliating, Chris comes in to see what all the fuss is about and
threatens to call the police. Zoe tells him to go to bed as she wants
to have things out with Frankie.

Zoe tells her that she felt that she was being used for her money, but
when Frankie says this wasn't the case she starts to calm down a bit
and offers to let Frankie stay in a guestroom for the night. They stay
up talking for a while, and Frankie tells how she spent some time just
travelling about (and having a facelift) after she got out of prison.
While travelling she realised that she didn't love Maggie anymore. Zoe
says that she's changed too, but doesn't go into details of what's
happened recently.

Frankie stays the night (in a separate room), but come morning she's
legged it, leaving "thanks" scribbled on a bit of paper.

Later, Zoe confides to Chris that she thinks there's still something
there between them, which Chris is obviously not pleased to hear.

The Sugdens

At the start of the episode Jack and Sarah are being all lovey dovey
but we all know things can't last. Sure enough the next day Sarah
spots her car being driven by someone else and when she gives chase
with Richie's help, she finds Ashley at the wheel. On finding out that
Jack told Lisa to sell the car she's furious and heads straight home to
have a go at Jack for ignoring her needs. When he offers to explain
she storms out.

When she gets back later, her mood hasn't improved and a full blown
argument erupts. Jack tries to be reasonable, saying they needed the
money for the family. This just makes Sarah more angry and she makes a
scathing remark about Jack's crummy Christmas present. In the end she
tells him that their marriage is over.

Other Bits

Joseph has his first riding lesson with the aid of a whole host of
people. Terry impresses everyone by the way he helps out and even gets
some thanks from Chris, though Chris looks a bit sad that he can't get
out there himself.

Zak doesn't see the harm in letting Belle roam about the farm though
Lisa is worried for her safety.

Ollie is fed up with having to spend the day at Tate Haulage with her
dad. To liven things up a bit she flirts with a new driver, telling
him she's 18 (LOL!). Of course, Sean goes ballistic when he catches

Diane is thinking of selling her Bed and Breakfast and using the money
to help Bernice.

Richie goes to see Chris about buying a computer and offers to draft a
deal without involving Scott.



The Sugdens

It's the morning after the night before, and Sarah is still adamant
that her marriage is over. Jack tries to reason with her before she
goes to work, but she's not having it.

At work, Sarah is unable to shake off her problems (now there's a
surprise) and snaps at Eric when he makes snide comments about the
marriage. Kathy goes to comfort her in the kitchen, where Sarah tells
her what's going on. Kathy is shocked, but Sarah tells her that the
marriage has been over for a long time, and they have nothing in
common except for the kids. Jack pops into the Diner later, but Sarah
can hardly speak to him and Robert & Andy pick up on the tension
between them.

Ashley & Zoe

Both are still suffering from being in love. Ashley has a run in with
Diane about his love for her daughter, where she basically tells him
to leave Bernice alone. Zoe has to endure snide comments from Chris,
who comments that she shouldn't use Joseph as an emotional stop gap
when Frankie isn't around.

Zoe & Ashley meet up near Frank's grave, where they commiserate with
each other over the sorry state of their love lives. Zoe suggests that
Ashley tell Bernice how he feels. Ashley isn't keen, preferring to
keep quiet rather than risk losing her friendship, but Zoe comments
that he'll never be happy unless he tells the truth. Ashley suggests
that it's exactly the same thing for Zoe & Frankie. Eventually, they
agree to tell their loved ones to see where they stand.

Other storylines:

-- Joseph starts school. Kathy pops over with a new lunch box, but
Joseph is happy with Claudia accompanying him everywhere.

-- Reggie comes to see Betty at the Diner. He wants to see her for a
few hours on her own, but she tries to put him off. However, he won't
take no for an answer.

-- Ashley agrees to take Ollie back at the Youth Club, subject to a
£10 fee as "damage limitation".