Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2570-2584 --- 1st September- 30th September 1999

Uploaded 6th November 2003

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2570: 1 September 1999

(Plus! Tue 4th Nov 2003)

Lisa Dingle

Sweet-natured Lisa comes up with the perfect plan to melt the cold war between Butch and Emily. Butch thought Emily had tramped back home to dad after he gave him a good wallop for threatening her. But Lisa uses her womanly wiles to persuade Emily to move into the Dingles homestead … and Butch is left with a grin from ear to ear.

early Emily Wylie  fancard with genuine signature by Kate McGregor

Sarah and Jack have a huge fall out when she says she wants to work at the diner to help make ends meet.

Betty thinks Marlon is acting above his station taking on staff while Kathy is away - and promptly quits.

And Roy and Kelly are furious Scott convinced Donna to offer them her share of the insurance money to help put down a deposit on a house. The couple marches back to the Post Office demanding Viv houses them rent-free while the matter is resolved.

Episode 2571: 2 September 1999

(Plus! Wed 5th Nov 2003)

Sean Reynolds circa 1999,  with dedication by Steve McGann Donna Windsor late 90s

Chris goes behind Sean's back and sends Terry off collecting debts from former Darrow clients. When things turn nasty Terry proves he can handle himself and comes up with the goods … but hates himself in the role of enforcer.

Emily shows her appreciation to the Dingles by first mucking out the pigs and later cooking dinner for the clan. She says that as long as she stays there she wants to earn her keep.

Tricia sniggers behind Bernice's back as she reorganises the furniture in the Woolpack. She tells her she's applying the principles of Feng Shui. And domestic strife continues in the Windsor and Sugden households.

Episode 2572 7 September 1999

(Plus! Thu 6th Nov 2003)

Zak Dingle circa 1997-1999 Original Ollie fan card Angie Reynolds fan card circa 2000 Tricia Stokes circa 1997-1999

The power struggle between Chris and Sean intensifies when details of Terry's strong-arm tactics to call in outstanding debts are aired. Jackson, who was on the end of Terry's threats, calls at the haulage yard to pay up - and promptly cancels his contract.

Sean is furious when he discovers Chris was behind this and warns him not to overstep the mark again.

Ollie is clinging to Zak like a limpet - and even follows him to the bookies and offers him £10 to place a bet for her. The horse wins and the youngster gives Zak a share of the winnings. But when her mother, Angie discovers she's bunked-off school again it leads to a furious confrontation.

We first met Liam Hammond on the 31st August 1999 when he went for a job interview at the Haulage Yard

Liam, having unsuccessfully tried to get Chris to increase his wages, works his charms on Tricia. But she refuses a date saying she's off men for the time being.

Episode 2573 8 September 1999

(Plus! Fri 7th Nov 2003)

Laura Johnstone with preprint circa late 1999/2000 Christ Tate publicity still from the mid/late 1990s handsigned by Peter Amory (slightly differnt than the one next to it Viv Windsor circa 1997-1998

After the confrontation with his policewoman neighbour Zak thinks it wise to disconnect the free electricity supply he's rigged up from the Reynolds house. Once again Ollie is sniffing round and agrees to help. But as she tries to disconnect the lead, the junction box comes away from the wall giving her a shock and sparking a fire. Suddenly Zak is cast in the role of hero - but will Angie and Sean see it that way?

Tate Haulage holds a crisis meeting when it discovers Frankie's lorry has been impounded in Germany. Laura is charged with striking a deal to get it back.

Emily's father John tells Angie his daughter has been kidnapped. Suddenly her ears prick up when he says the Dingles are involved.

Kelly Windsor circa 1998-1999

And Viv tries to make up with Kelly, but meets with a stony silence

Episode 2574: 9 September 1999

(Plus! 10th Nov 2003)

Gavin Ferris Sarah Sugden circa 2000 Ritchie Carter Betty with signature by Paula Tilbrook - circa 1997

Ollie recovers in hospital from the effects of smoke-inhalation. Sean charges off to sort out Zak once and for all. But at the hospital Ollie tells her mum that Zak is a hero. She decided to search the cellar and when the accident happened, Zak was the one who saved her. Angie races off to find Sean before he does something he'll regret.

Chris has problems with his nanny and leaves baby Joseph with a furious Zoe. Later an attractive woman arrives saying she's been sent by the nanny agency - and Chris takes her on straight away.

Gavin and Bernice tell Betty they've got the money to buy the Woolpack and they'll be taking over the following week. Kathy calls Betty to say she'll be back next week. Graham overhears and looks thoughtful.

And Sarah rescues Richie from Viv's clutches in the Diner saying there's a fuse that has gone in the kitchen.

Episode 2575 13 September 1999

(Plus! Tue 11th Nov 2003)

Kathy Glover Circa 1997-1999 Graham Clark circa 1999-2000 Alice Bates

Kathy arrives back from her holiday with Alice to find Graham loitering outside her home. But when he starts to talk about a possible relationship she tells him all she wants to be is friends. Unseen by Kathy, his face turns to thunder.

Kelly and Roy are devastated when the cottage they'd pinned their hopes on is placed back on the market.

Zak Dingle circa 200-2002 Roy 2000 signed

Sean reluctantly agrees with Angie to invite the Dingles for dinner after Ollie is discharged from hospital. The mischievous youngster winds Zak up when she asks what he was doing near the house before the blaze.

Bernice plans to invite the newspapers to her grand opening at the Woolpack. Tricia is transparently not amused.

And Pete is left cursing Chris after an accident with a crate sees him break two of his toes. The brash boss tells him as he wasn't officially on duty he cannot expect to be paid while he gets better.

Episode 2576: 14 September 1999

(Plus! Wed 12th Nov 2003)

Elsa Feldmann played by Naomi Lewis circa 1990 same picture with preprinted signature 1997-1999 Scott Windsor circa 1998

Kathy is furious with Marlon for making changes to the diner while she's been on holiday. When she discovers he's even made new appointments she loses her temper completely and sacks him. And just when she thought things couldn't get worse she's shaken to the core when Alice's estranged mum Elsa turns up on the doorstep.

Elsa is now played by Natasha Gray

Kelly gives Scott a piece of her mind - but try as he might, he cannot find a way to pay back the money he owes her.

Mandy is released from jail and summons Zak to see how they are going to repay Angie for putting her inside. For once Zak is lost for words and appears sheepish.

And Chris is horrified to find the tyres on his car slashed.

Episode 2577: 15 September 1999

(Plus! Thu 13th Nov 2003)

Latest publicity still of Mandy Dingle

The campaign against Chris reaches new proportions when the Tate Haulage offices are ransacked and covered in graffiti with threatening messages. Chris is convinced it is Jackson, but Sean assures him it is not his style.

Chris recovers his composure enough to try and persuade Zoe to buy Home Farm now it's back on the market - but is shocked when he arrives home to find his cottage has been turned over too.

Kelly is overcome when Scott appears covered in bandages. He tells her he's crashed the car to get insurance money to pay her back.

Mandy senses something is wrong between Scott and Kelly and is taken aback by her friend's response.

Kathy is feeling the strain of Elsa's arrival and is deeply suspicious of her motives - especially when she asks to collect Alice from school the following day. And Bernice is excited when her license for the Woolpack arrives in the post.

Episode 2578: 16 September 1999

(Plus! Fri 14th Nov 2003)

Butch 2000 Paddy Kirk with preprinted signature circa 2000-2001

Butch and Mandy meet at the County Court to have their marriage annulled. When they arrive back Paddy tells her they can now start planning their wedding.

Chris is appalled when he finds his father's gravestone covered in graffiti. Later that night he receives a menacing call but can't put a face to the voice.

Mandy chats to Kelly about the situation with Scott and can hardly believe what's gone on. Later when she sees Scott she gives him a piece of her mind.

Alice pesters Kathy for information about why her mother left her. On the way home from school Elsa takes Alice for a pizza and after a short while the ice between them begins to melt. Kathy is upset when they arrive home late and Alice asks if she can see her mother again the following day.

Episode 2579 17 Septeptember 1999

(Plus! Mon 17th Nov 2003)

Latest Terry Woods fan card with preprinted signature Early Bernice photoccard with preprinted signature.

Chris has succeeded in alienating half the village at a time when he could do with some friends. Zoe tells him she wants no more to do with him, Terry storms out and tells him to find another bodyguard. Angie catches the rough end of his tongue. And Kelly is ridiculed when she tries to get him to help her with a deposit on a house. But as he sits alone and ponders his predicament, the terror campaign against him is about to reach new and frightening proportions.

Kathy agrees to meet Elsa at the Woolpack but is furious and hurt when she reveals the real reason she returned to Emmerdale.

Scott gets a shock when the insurance assessor tells him it's good news - the car can be repaired!

And poor Bernice is left feeling foolish when she unveils the new plaque over the Woolpack door to a posse of photographers and locals. The sign reads Bernice BLOCKSTACK!

Episode 2580 21 September 1999

(Plus! Tue 18th Nov 2003)

Eric Pollard circa 2000 Nick Bates mid 1990s signed by Cy Chadwick latest fan card for Seth Armstrong with preprinted signature

The mystery surrounding Chris heightens when Zoe discovers her brother didn't return home the previous evening. And when Sgt Reynolds arrives at Zoe's that evening she is the bearer of bad news.

Kathy visits her brother Nick in prison to tell him of Elsa's return. He begs her to keep his former wife away from Alice and that he's depending on her.

Kathy visits brother Nick in prison.

Elsa leaves Kathy furious when she shows Alice impressive pictures of Australia and reveals she has a half-bother out there.

Pollard is taken to the cleaners by Seth when he needs somewhere to store the gym equipment he's bought. Seth tells him the village hall has space … for a price.

And Scott's attempts to make it up with Roy by offering to pay back what he owes in instalments, fails to make an impression.

Episode 2581: 22 September 1999

(Plus! Wed 19th Nov 2003)

Joseph Tate

Chris is now officially a missing person and Sgt Reynolds begins interviewing everyone at Tate Haulage - including her own husband. He reveals the strong-arm tactics Chris employed to get money from Jackson. Sean appears to be enjoying Chris's absence and calls a management meeting to discuss buying new vehicles - even though he knows his partner is against it.

Claudia agrees to mind baby Joseph full time while Chris is missing.

Meanwhile Kelly is feeling guilty about asking Chris for a loan especially when she can't find him to apologise.

Kathy and Elsa row in front of Alice and later Elsa admits to Turner that she may be wrong wanting custody as the child seems perfectly happy. But when Turner mentions this latest development in idle chit chat to Graham his mind starts to work overtime.

Claudia Nash Alan Turner circa 1997-1999 unsigned

And Bernice offers Marlon the catering contract for the pub.

Christopher Smith signed Jack Sugden late 1990s Circa 2000 publcity shot of Andy Sugden with preprinted signature

Episode 2582 23 September 1999

(Plus! Thu 20th Nov 2003)

There are ructions in the Sugden household when Jack catches Robert and Andy filling in forms for work experience. Jack tells the lads they can do their work experience on the farm. While Andy agrees Robert tells his dad he'd like to do a computing course sending him into a rage.

Zoe blasts Sgt Reynolds for doing nothing to help find her brother and tells her if needs be she'll find him herself.

Lisa visits John to invite to Mandy and Paddy's wedding, feeling it will help heal the rift with his daughter. But he says while she's involved with Butch he wants nothing to do with her.

Elsa complains to Turner that everyone in the village seems to be against her. But later - with Graham's words in her mind - she pumps Betty about Kathy's recent problems convinced she could use the information in her custody battle.

Episode 2583: 29 September 1999

(Plus! Fri 21st Nov 2003)

Kathy can not help but worry about Elsa's sudden involvement in Alice's life. Elsa confronts Turner and demands to know why he kept Kathy's recent psychological problems a secret from her. He manages to defuse the situation, but all his hard work is destroyed when Graham confronts her and demands that she leaves Kathy and Alice alone. Elsa finally reaches a decision concerning Alice's future - news which threatens to tear Kathy's world apart.

Bernice discovers the answer to all of the Woolpacks problems - Feng Shui. She tells Tricia they will need to rearrange all of the furniture to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Inspector Salding fan card, not necessarily fron his time in Emmerdale


DI Spalding's suspicions are aroused when he questions Sean about Chris's disappearance. And he becomes convinced he is on to something when Terry reveals exactly how volatile their relationship really is. Zoe is sure that Spalding is treating Chris's disappearance as a murder enquiry. And Jack is furious that Sarah has arranged for Robert and Andy to do their work experience with Richie at Dale-Tec Computers, rather than on the farm.

Episode 2584: 30 September 1999

(Plus! Mon 24th Nov 2003)

Zoe Tate with preprinted signature

Kathy's role as Alice's guardian is becoming increasingly insecure. In desperation she turns to Laura for legal advice. The legal eagle suggests that having Nick on her side should strengthen Kathy's case. Kathy visits her brother in prison and tells him Elsa's plans for Alice. But she is shell shocked to learn that Elsa has paid him a visit and has persuaded him that Alice would be better off with her. Kathy confronts Elsa and accuses her of turning her brother against her. But she is lost for words when Elsa reveals that Betty has informed her of Kathy's personal problems.

Bernice's attempt to align the Woolpack using Feng Shui goes drastically wrong when she realises that she has been reading her compass incorrectly.

Zoe is finding it difficult coming to terms with her brother's disappearance. In desperation she decides to honour his last request - to buy Home Farm.

Sean decides that with Chris missing it would be the ideal opportunity to organise some dodgy deals. DI Spalding revisits Sean to go over the details of Chris's disappearance, much to Angie's concern.

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