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#2585-2599 --- 1st October - 28h October 1999

Uploaded 7th Janury 2004

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2585 1 October  1999

(Plus! Tue 25th Nov 2003)

Kathy's distraught about Alice's future, so Graham decides it is the perfect opportunity to become more involved in her life. But it soon becomes clear that Kathy is not as weak as Graham first thought. When Elsa arrives demanding to see Alice, Kathy tells her that Alice doesn't want to see her.

Graham visits Kathy to offer a shoulder to cry on, but his temper starts to get the better of him when she refuses to discuss her problems.

Dastardly Eric Pollard is up to his old tricks. Laura's hounding him for Home Farm's inventory, so the devious cad breaks into Home Farm to retrieve some of the antiques he bought for Stella. And after deleting them from the inventory he is convinced he has pulled off the perfect crime. Pollard manages to sell his wares to a dealer, but his celebrations are marred when he visits Laura with his version of the inventory to discover that Stella has already sent one through.

Sean becomes concerned when Zoe arrives at Tate Haulage to look through the books. And Laura informs Zoe that her offer to buy Home Farm has been accepted.

Episode 2586 5 October 1999

(Plus! Wed 26th Nov 2003)

Elsa is dismayed to find that Alice is refusing to talk to her. But little does she know that she has an ally in her corner - Graham. The despicable schoolteacher's mind begins to whirl when Turner tells him that he cannot help but feel sorry for Elsa. His plan is simple - by destroying Kathy's chances of keeping custody of Alice, she will begin to rely on him more.

Episode 2587 6 October 1999

(Plus! Thu 27th Nov 2003)

Time is running out for Pollard. With Zoe about to move in to Home Farm it seems that his antiques theft is about to be discovered.

Pollard tells Butch that if anything is missing from Home Farm he will get the blame. The crooked businessman suggests that he will be able to help - as long as Butch can get hold of the inventory. But their plan hits a snag when Laura discovers Butch looking through the files in Home Farm's office.

With Mandy and Paddy's wedding looming, Kelly offers to help plan their big day. And the bride-to-be is left exasperated when Kelly refuses to take no for an answer.

Pete asks Terry for advice - should tell the police about his concerns regarding Sean.

And when Zoe gives a television appeal, Pete's conscience begins to get the better of him.

Kathy tackles Turner and accuses him of siding with Elsa in her fight to keep custody of Alice.

After a careless comment from Mandy, Butch is forced to tell Emily about his disastrous relationship with Sophie.

And Zoe surprises Turner when she offers him the position of Estate Manager at Home Farm.

Episode 2588 7 October  1999

(Plus! Fri 28th Nov 2003)

Chris is at the end of his tether. His attempts to discover the identity of his gaoler have ended in failure, and his constant goading is only making his already precarious position even worse. In a last ditch attempt to end his nightmare, Chris begs to be released. With the identity of his captor shrouded in mystery, Chris suggests that he would never be caught. But his hopes for freedom are dashed when his captor finally reveals himself, much to Chris's terror.

Zoe enlists Pete's help to find evidence of Sean's dodgy business deals. When Sean reveals to Pete that the next job will be on Monday, Zoe visits DI Spalding and informs him of the smuggling operation.

Episode 2589 11 October 1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Mon 1st Dec 2003)

With his kidnapper's identity finally revealed Chris can do little to contain his fear. Filled with panic he desperately tries to discover the reason behind his abduction and learns that it is not money motivated. His terror reaches a new level when he discovers he will never be found because everyone thinks he is dead. Sean meanwhile is arrested on suspicion of handling counterfeit goods.

Episode 2590 12 Ocotber 1999

(Plus! Tue 2nd Dec 2003)

With Mandy and Paddy's wedding only a day away, the village celebrates the couples last night of freedom. Mandy leaves her hen night early to make sure nothing ruins her big day. Along with Butch, she discovers antiques hidden at the Dingles and realises there is only one person devious enough to have planted them - Pollard. Mandy visits Pollard and accuses him of trying to frame Butch. And when he admits to the crime, she explodes in fury.

Angie is faced with a dilemma when she discovers a large amount of money hidden at her home. Should she help her husband Sean, who has been arrested on suspicion of handling counterfeit goods or should she leave him to face the wrath of the law?

Chris is at the end of his tether. With no clear reason for his kidnapping, the terrified captive begins to fear for the worst.

And Roy becomes concerned by Kelly's insistence on using her employer's house for her own means.

Episode 2591 13 October 1999

(Plus! Wed 3rd Dec 2003)

The big day finally arrives for Mandy and Paddy, and it seems nothing can spoil their wedding now. Mandy admits to Lisa that she is suffering from last minute nerves. But they counted without Pollard. He's reported Mandy for assault and the police arrive at the Dingles in search of the suspect. The police spot Mandy running off into the distance and give chase, but are in for a shock.

With the police off the scent, the Dingles enlist Betty's help to inform all of the guests that the wedding will take place earlier than planned. But all of their hard work is undone when she inadvertently lets Pollard in on the secret. Paddy and Mandy arrive at the church, but can they tie the knot before Pollard intervenes?

Laura and Turner's suspicions are confirmed when they discover an inventory on Home Farm's computer which does not match Stella's version.

Zoe receives a ransom demand from Chris's kidnapper.

And Sean faces an uphill struggle to get back in Angie's good book.

Mandy and Paddy get married - with Marlon, Lisa, Belle, Emily, Zak and Butch

Episode 2592 14 October 1999

(Plus! Thu 4th Dec 2003)

Mandy and Paddy's wedding is in danger of being wrecked when the police arrive. She is determined no one will spoil her big day and urges a bemused Reverend Ashley to continue with the service. It needs a miracle to save the day as Pollard watches smugly. But he's got a big shock coming.

Marlon erupts in fury when he sees Lyn dancing with Scott, and is left heartbroken when she tells him their relationship is over.

Kelly is jealous to hear that Paddy and Mandy will be staying at Zoe's cottage rent-free for two months.

Chris is relieved to learn that his kidnapper has sent Zoe a ransom demand.

Episode 2593 15 October  1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Fri 5th Dec 2003)

Paddy's secret honeymoon plans hit a snag when he learns that the police need Mandy's passport in case she tries to flee the country. Mandy thinks she is going to Scarborough, and remains blissfully unaware of Paddy's problem. The newly wed is forced to take a leaf out of the Dingles book and lie to the police - telling them he can't find her passport.

Zoe is a nervous wreck. With her brother's life in her hands she prepares to meet Chris's kidnapper with the ransom. The police assure her that they will be following closely behind. But when she arrives at the meeting place she fears for the worst when she spots what looks like a body slumped in a car.

Kathy and Elsa are forced to control their contempt for each other when a welfare officer explains if they can not reach a compromise, a judge will make the decision for them about Alice.

Episode 2594 19 October 1999

(Plus! Mon 8th Dec 2003)

Zoe's world is in tatters. Her brother is missing, and one of her business partners has been organising dodgy deals behind her back. And her day gets worse when Sean tries to apologise for his behaviour and Zoe fails to notice that Joseph has wandered off in front of a reversing truck.

Chris is forced to face some home truths when Liam reveals the reason for his abduction.

Angie's anger with Sean is beginning to take its toll on the Reynolds family.

Kathy's temper gets the better of her when Alice tells her of the wonderful weekend she spent with Elsa in London. She turns to Graham and reveals she will use any means necessary to keep hold of Alice. Meanwhile, Elsa is convinced that it is only a matter of time before Alice agrees to return to Australia with her.

With time running out, will Mandy be able to hand her passport in to the police in time?

And Pollard persuades Ashley to let him turn the village hall into a gym.

Episode 2595 20 October 1999

(Plus! Tue 9th Dec 2003)

Chris is becoming increasingly frustrated. His attempts to get a straight answer from Liam have ended in failure.

A mysterious letter arrives at the Woolpack addressed to Zoe from Chris's kidnapper - can she trust the police a second time?

Kathy's attempt to fight dirty backfires when Alice's welfare officer reveals that she already knows about Kathy's psychological problems. And her predicament gets worse when Alice overhears how strong Kathy's hatred is for Elsa.

Mandy is delighted when Paddy gives her a credit card to buy furniture for their house.

Kelly suggests to Roy that because their dream cottage is used as a weekend retreat, they could move in during the week.

The Dingles plot their revenge on Pollard for trying to wreck Mandy's wedding.

And Bernice reveals to Gavin that she wants to find Tricia the perfect partner.

Episode 2596 21 October 1999

(Plus! Wed 10th Dec 2003)

The police are at a loss as to who is responsible for Chris's disappearance and everything seems to be going to plan for Liam. Zoe follows his instructions to the letter and arrives at the phone box, but Liam is shocked when she refuses to do anything until she has proof that her brother is still alive.

Elsa and Kathy have torn up the rule book concerning Alice's custody case. After her meeting with the welfare officer, Elsa confronts Kathy and demands to know why she is causing trouble. A vicious argument erupts in front of Alice and unable to deal with the confrontation, the young girl turns to Turner for help.

Pollard's furious when Zak and Butch sabotage the official opening of his gym.

And Kelly becomes annoyed by Roy's refusal to move in to the cottage more permanently.

Episode 2597 26 October 1999

(Plus! Thu 11th Dec 2003)

Turner takes the bull by the horns and tells Kathy and Elsa they must stop thinking about themselves and start putting Alice first.

Jack asks Robert and Andy to help on the farm at half term causing another row with Sarah. He turns to Zak and Butch - but they say they're busy picketing Pollard's gym.

Bernice stands in for the youth club camping trip leaving Rev Ashley hot and bothered.

Mandy's spending spree sends Kelly into a fit of jealousy. She goes home and tells Roy in no uncertain terms they're moving into the cottage she cleans - whether he likes it or not.

And Zoe turns Liam down again when he asks her out for a drink.

Episode 2598 27 October 1999

(Plus! Fri 12th Dec 2003)

There's high jinx on the camping trip and Ashley and Bernice look like having their work cut out.

The kids - led by Ollie - are in a mischievous mood and deliberately soak Ashley's ground sheet, forcing him to share a tent with Bernice, much to his embarrassment.

Kelly and Roy share their first breakfast at the cottage.

Liam tries to coax Zoe out for a drink but again is turned down. When she explains why she doesn't fancy him, he rounds on her saying that his interest is purely friendly.

Later Liam rants at Chris that his sister is a spoilt bitch.

Episode 2599 28 October 1999

(Plus! Mon 15th Dec 2003)

Ashley flees the tent to make breakfast after waking to find Bernice's arm draped across him. Later Gavin gently winds Ashley up asking what he thinks about Bernice. After all they slept in the same tent.

Scott sounds the alert at the cottage after its owner Mrs Curtis calls to say she'll be around later that day.

Elsa and her husband need to return to Australia but she tells Kathy she isn't giving up her custody claims.

Liam gets tough with Chris telling him he's had everything on a plate, but is stunned when Chris retaliates with a few home truths about how life has really treated him.

And Sarah takes Robert to see Richie in the hope of getting some more work experience on computers.

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