Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2600-2614 --- 2nd November- 30th November 1999

Uploaded 28th December 2003
Updated & Finished 19th January 2004

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Individual Episode Synopsis

NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2600 2 November 1999

(Plus! Tue 16th Dec 2003)

Christ Tate publicity still from the mid/late 1990s handsigned by Peter Amory (slightly differnt than the one next to it Latest publicity still of Mandy Dingle Inspector Salding fan card, not necessarily fron his time in Emmerdale Paddy Kirk with preprinted signature circa 2000-2001

Zoe is convinced that she will never see Chris again. Her faith in the police investigation has reached an all time low and when D.I. Spalding visits her, he is furious to discover that she has been keeping back vital evidence.

Liam terrifies Chris when he tells him that he has served his purpose - a photograph is all he needs to prove Chris is still alive.

Alice is heartbroken to discover that Elsa's family is preparing to return to Australia. With her niece's future happiness at stake, Kathy is forced to make one of the hardest decisions of her life.

And Kelly can barely contain her jealousy when she sees how happy and contented Mandy and Paddy are in their new home.

Episode 2601 3 November 1999

(Plus! Wed 17th Dec 2003)

Alice says goodbye to Kathy as she leaves with Elsa

A new chapter is beginning in Kathy's life - but will Alice be a part of it? Her decision to put Alice's happiness before her own is bound to leave her heartbroken. Kathy asks Alice if she would like to go and live in Australia with Elsa. When Alice asks her if she wants her to go, Kathy is forced to fight against her feelings. As Elsa arrives to collect Alice, Kathy's emotions begin to bubble towards the surface, but will she change her mind before it is too late?

Bernice and Marlon's efforts at matchmaking are successful when Richie asks Tricia out for dinner. Bernice offers Tricia some words of advice and tells her that she should show Richie her hidden depths by making him laugh. But while Tricia reflects on how successful their evening was, Richie has a different view.

Chris comes to the conclusion that the relationship he has built with Liam will protect him from being hurt.

And Paddy tells Zoe that he has reservations about attending Kelly and Roy's dinner party as it is being held at their employer's holiday home.

Episode 2602 4 November 1999

(Plus! Thu 18th Dec 2003)

Liam Hammond

Liam decides to spend his birthday with family… Chris and Zoe!

First he shares a bottle of wine with his imprisoned half brother. Then he joins Zoe in the Woolpack for a celebratory drink. When Pollard launches a cheap shot against Chris, Liam jumps to his defence. But he begins to panic when Zoe points out that he is the only person who talks about Chris in the present tense!

Kelly and Roy's dinner party is a complete disaster. Roy suspicions are aroused when Kelly appears wearing some new jewellery, belonging to the owner of the holiday cottage.

Mandy and Paddy arrive making Kelly jealous of their lifestyle, and the party soon draws to a finish. The owner Mrs. Curtis arrives unannounced and is so shocked at the state of her cottage, she phones the police.

Graham tells Turner that Kathy needs some one to look after her. And Emily admits to Butch that she can not help worrying about her father.

Episode 2603 Monday 8 November 1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Fri 19th Dec 2003)

Zoe's suspicions are aroused when Liam arrives unexpectedly and asks for news on Chris. Zoe asks Terry his opinions on Liam and more alarm bells begin to ring when she discovers Sean told Liam about the police stakeout.

Roy prepares for court, with the threat of a prison sentence hanging over his head. Despite his innocence he tells Kelly he doesn't want her involved. His hopes are pinned on a lenient magistrate who he hopes will take into account his previous good character and the glowing character references his solicitor has organised. He pleads guilty to theft and criminal damage but can only listen in disbelief as the sentence is read out.

And Richie is forced to do some quick thinking when Tricia asks for another date.

Episode 2604 9 November 1999

(Plus! Mon 22nd Dec 2003)

Zoe is convinced she has discovered the identity of Chris's kidnapper, but with her faith in the police investigation at an all time low and with no real proof, she decides to keep her suspicions from them. She is determined to trap him even if it means working alone. She works out a plan and goes to Tate Haulage to switch around the driver's delivery destinations.

Roy is finding it difficult coping with the harsh realities of prison life, while Kelly is determined to blame everyone except the one person responsible for his plight - herself. She foolishly confronts Ms Curtis and accuses her of destroying her life. Overhearing the exchange Scott decides it is time to let Kelly know some home truths.

And Betty and Sarah are becoming increasingly concerned for Kathy while even Ashley and Graham are unable to persuade her to talk about her feelings.

Episode 2605 10 November 1999

(Plus! Tue 23rd Dec 2003)

Zoe believes she's got Liam out of the way on a haulage job to Portsmouth. But the kidnapper smells a rat and swaps the run with Pete. Zoe enlists the help of Terry and sets off to search Liam's house - but the two are in for a shock.

Kelly is guilt-ridden over Roy's prison sentence and pours her heart out to her step-brother Scott. She'd feel even worse if she knew the hard time her husband was having with other inmates.

Episode 2606 11 November 1999

(Plus! Wed 24th Dec 2003)

Zoe Tate with preprinted signature

Zoe's decision not to tell the police her suspicions lands her and Terry in a dangerous situation. Liam has caught them at his house and the hostage drama is set for a dramatic conclusion.

Roy recovers from a beating at the hands of another inmate. The prison doctor tells him a message has been sent to his wife. But what will her reactions be?

Zoe shoots Liam

Episode 2607 Friday 12 November  1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! -Mon 29th Dec 2003)

Spalding and his officers race to Liam's home. He's is seething with anger that Zoe decided to withhold information from him. But as he arrives on the scene more pressing questions fill his mind like - Is Chris still alive? What's happened to Zoe and Terry? And could the kidnapper have escaped, thanks to Zoe's DIY detective work? Meanwhile Pollard shows his caring nature when he enquires of Sarah how Kathy is facing up to losing Alice.

Episode 2608 Monday 16 November 1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! -Tue 30th Dec 2003)

The police try to get to the bottom of the kidnap drama and its shocking outcome. Spalding still can't believe Zoe chose to withhold information placing her life and Terry's in such danger. Kelly is full of guilt and remorse over Scott and tells Roy, during a prison visit that things will be different when he comes out. Tricia, with a little help from Bernice, tries to impress Richie with her literary knowledge and a little home cooking. But an unexpected visitor spoils her moment.

Episode 260917 November 1999

(Plus! - Wed 31st Dec 2004)

The village rallies round in the aftermath of the kidnap and Viv stokes up the rumour mill. Spalding is still digging to find out exactly what did happen and is unconvinced about the story he's been told. Scott comes close to confessing to Roy about his relationship with Kelly - but stops at the last minute. Pete stays over at Marlon's to escape the tense atmosphere between Jack and Sarah.

18 November 1999

No episode

Episode 2610 19 November  1999

(Plus! - Fri 2nd Jan 2004)

Kelly and Scott begin to plan a surprise party for Roy on his release from jail. Tricia turns on all her charm to seduce Richie, but is hurt by his reaction. Kathy remains deeply upset about losing Alice as she composes a letter to the court saying she is prepared to give up custody for good. And she shocks Pollard later when she tells him she needs a change. If he can come up with the right money he can buy the Diner. Bernice tells Gavin her mum's coming to stay and can't wait to meet him. And Sean has a short answer for Pete when he's told one of their main haulage routes is being closed for repairs - the lorries will have to drive through the village.

Episode 2611 23 November 1999 (1 hour long special)

(Plus! - Mon 5th Jan 2004)

Roy is released from prison but his coming-home party is a wash-out when he leaves early. Bernice's mum Diane arrives and immediately catches Turner's eye. Pollard tells Kathy he doesn't want to buy the Diner but would consider becoming partners with her again. Richie considers swapping lodgings with Pete, who is sick of the Sugdens' bickering. And Ashley asks Sean to have a word with his wayward daughter Ollie before she joins the newly formed youth club.

Episode 2612 - 24 November 1999

(Plus! - Tue 6th Jan 2004)

Ashley is given the run-around at the opening of the youth club. He's horrified when the children start playing truth or dare and finally cracks when he returns from an errand to find Ollie playing an 18-certificate video. He sends her home in disgrace, but Sean and Angie seem too wrapped up in their own domestic situation to take much notice. Roy begs Lisa to let him start back at work. Pete tries to explain to Jack why he wants to move without causing offence. Viv complains to Angie about Tate Haulage trucks driving through the village. And Betty forms an immediate friendship with Diane.

Episode 2613 25 November 1999

(Plus! - Wed 7th Jan 2004)

Richie settles into the Sugdens and makes an immediate impact rustling up a first-rate lasagne. Emily confides in Butch that she is worried about her father spending Christmas alone. Ashley admits kids like night clubs not youth clubs, after the previous episode's troubles. Bernice tells him to try running a disco. Ashley visits Sean and Angie to say Ollie is welcome back so long as she's made to realise he will stand no more of her bad behaviour. And Spalding discovers new evidence he believes might help him unravel exactly what did happen at the end of the hostage drama.

Episode 2614 - 30 November 1999

(Plus! - Thu 8th Jan 2004)

Chris infuriates Zoe when he tells her he's paid for Liam's funeral and insists on attending. Zoe goes along to keep her eye on Chris but plays straight into watchful Spalding's hands. He tells Zoe that despite her story he will find the truth in the end, and hopes she can live with herself. Richie is furious with Scott for selling a computer to Lyn at cost price. Diane flirts endlessly with Turner during an organised ramble and invites him to have dinner with her the following night. He won't be quite so delighted when he finds she's asked Pollard too! And Roy is furious when Angie protests about his DJ job at the youth club and Ashley decides to take his name from the posters.

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