Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2518-2529 --- 4 May - 28 May 1999

Uploaded 27th August 2003

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After 11 Years we say goodbye to Rachel Hughes/Tate this month
Rachel from her Emmerdale Farm days signed by Glenda MacKayRachel fan card circa 1990Rachel circa 1992-1994Rachel fan card circa 1995-1996Rachel circa 1997

NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

However I or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, may well add to them at some future date.

Episode 2518 4 May 1999

(Plus! Mon 25th Aug 2003)

Tricia reckons her bar manager Bernice is a measure short of a pint. She's convinced Bernice's boyfriend Gavin is a figment of her imagination. But when HER bedroom door is opened by mistake in the middle of the night - she very quickly changes her tune. Reverend Ashley is concerned when Kelly arrives to discuss her wedding without Roy. Later Scott tries to convince her she's making a mistake. Rachel worriedly ponders Graham's suggestion that they should move away from village. And her concerns about her overpowering boyfriend are further heightened when Pollard gives his opinions.

Episode 2519 5 May 1999 Emily Wylie/Dingle/Kirk's first episode

(Plus! Tue 26th Aug 2003)

Lyn cringes with embarrassment when Gavin introduces himself. For in earshot of him, she'd just spent the last few minutes telling people he didn't really exist. Graham talks Rachel out of phoning Miss Strickland and convinces her it would be better if he talked ot the headmistress himself about the suspension. In typical fashion, he has his own agenda and reports that he is resigning to start a new life with Rachel away from Emmerdale. Chris offers Roy and Kelly a honeymoon in Paris, but has his offer thrown back at him. And Viv's quest to find a shop assistant is successful when a mysterious girl named Emily arrives for an interview.

Episode 2520 6 May 1999

(Plus Wed 27th Aug 2003)

Rachel discovers the truth that Graham's been applying for new jobs away from the village. At home her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers a pile of application forms hidden in a drawer. Unawares Graham has gone to Pollards antique shop asking to look at engagement rings. When he arrives home, Rachel calmly asks if he has any plans she would like to share. Stella tells Pollard to employ Tate Haulage to transport her valuable antiques. But Chris is less than happy to see the man who took Home Farm away from him. Scott is furious to learn that Roy and Kelly will be moving to the Windsor household once they are married. Later, witnessed by Roy, Scott's ego takes a real knock when he's blown-out by a new girlfriend. But he hits back by revealing a dark secret, which threatens to tear Roy's world apart.

Episode 2521 Tuesday 11 May 1999 1 hour special

(Plus! Thu 28th Aug 2003)

Rachel's relationship with Graham has been an emotional rollercoaster. Since they started living together he's slowly, but surely, started to control every aspect of her life. And on the occasions she's tried to fight back, he's flown into terrible rages, storming out of the house to cool down.

He's redesigned her home and her image, but she's stuck by him, because deep down she believes he's the man for her.

Graham (KEVIN PALLISTER) and Rachel's (GLENDA McKAY) picnic turns into a nightmare.

Tonight Rachel sets her mind on telling Graham it's all over during a picnic at the local beauty spot. Graham as ever turn the tables and produces and engagement ring and before Rachel knows what is happening she's putty in his hands again. But when Graham starts talking about a wedding in the South, Rachel rounds on him saying she's no intention of moving away. As temperatures rise Rachel senses danger, but is she too late?

Rachel realises too late

Gavin works his charms on smitten Tricia while Bernice butters-up infirm Turner at the hospital. Meanwhile Seth is left in charge of the pub - pints all round, on the house!

Pollard works a number on Frankie claiming her erratic driving is responsible for a broken antique vase.

Scott finally snaps telling Roy he slept with Kelly. But the husband-to-be finds comforting word from Tricia who says its impossible because Scott is impotent. And she should know.

Rachel falls to her death

Episode 2522 12 May 1999

(Plus! Fri 29th Aug 2003)

Graham tries to cover his tracks, leaving a message on Rachel's answer phone claiming he is waiting for her at the car. He calls Chris and Kathy by they both reckon Rachel must have got lost. The later he approached the police who say they can't do anything until first light. When a search begins in the morning events take a dramatic turn. Devious Pollard tackles Chris and Sean and demands compensation for the broken base. Furious Chris approaches Frankie and demands an explanation - but the female trucker is left regretting her reply. Tempers flare when Roy reveals he has heard about Scott's little problem.

Episode 2523 13 May 1999

(Plus! Mon 1st Sep 2003)

Graham is a haunted man and pours his heart out to Kathy. Then he turns to Reverend Ashley, but even his words of wisdom, fail to appease the devils in Grahams head. Pollard is stunned to learn about Rachel and in a desperate attempt to find out what happened, turns to Paddy for answers. Roy faces Honeymoon hell when he is told that his holiday has been sold to someone else, and he's lost the deposit. Scott makes matters worse when he reveals he will be walking Kelly down the aisle on her wedding day. Tricia can hardly believe her granddad is planning to sell the Woolpack - and that he has told Bernice first.

Episode 2524 18 May 2003

(Plus! Tue 2nd Sep 2003)

Emotions run high on the day of Rachel's funeral. Rev Ashley has a run in with Kathy who is consumed with anger at a friend being snatched away so prematurely. She tells him she wants to make a speech, but he begs her not to go over the top. While Kathy is speaking in church, Graham almost gives away his guilty secret. At the back of the church Pollard watches with interest, growing more convinced his gut feelings about Graham are true. Mandy fronts up Roy about the honeymoon and he's forced to admit that he missed the deadline for payment and lost his deposit. So far he hasn't dared to tell Kelly. Turner is discharged to attend the funeral of leaves Bernice shocked when he calls a staff meeting later that day. He's decided not to sell the pub. And Zoe is annoyed to learn that Chris has fired Frankie over the broken vase episode.

Episode 2525 19 May 2003

(Plus! Wed 3rd Sep 2003)

Eric Pollard is a man on a mission. The amateur sleuth is convinced that Graham is responsible for Rachel's death, and is desperate to find someone who will believe his theory. Pollard reveals his thoughts to Stella but she doesn't believe him. And when he pushes it a second time her patience wears thin. Zoe tells Stella about Frankie's sacking over the broken vase - exposing Pollard's elaborate con. Mandy's shocked that Roy has turned down Chris Tate's offer to pay for a holiday. Ned turns up unannounced, but leaves Roy seething when he says he doesn't want the wedding to go ahead. Graham does some quick thinking when Kathy says that Rachel was desperate to talk to her the day she died - and she's sure it was about him. Bernice is the bearer of bad tidings when Mandy returns from an unauthorised holiday.

Episode 2526 20 May 2003

(Plus! Thu 4th Sep 2003)

Tricia loses patience with Bernice after weeks of servitude and locks her in the cellar. As the incident rumbles on Turner starts sacking his staff. Then with the pub up in arms he makes a drastic announcement - which silences everyone. Tempers flare when Ned wars Roy that marrying Kelly will be the biggest mistake of his life. Zoe and Stella demand Chris re-instate Frankie. Angie warns Pollard that his bogus insurance claim may lead to a police investigation. And Stella puts the icing on the cake by demanding he repay the £500 he conned out of Tate Haulage. Graham is finding it increasingly difficult to come to terms with his guilt over Rachel's death.

Episode 2527 Tuesday 25 May 1999

(Plus! Fri 5th Sep 2003)

It's a night of celebrations in the Village as Kelly and Roy enjoy their last night of freedom. But while Kelly's evening goes without a hitch, the same cannot be said of Roy's. For the groom-to-be have reservations about the wedding. And when Marlon reveals some home truths about Kelly, it is all Roy can do to contain his anger. The hapless teenager turns to Tricia and confesses that he is not sure if he's doing the right thing in marrying Kelly. Tricia attempts to calm his pre-wedding jitters, but will she succeed? Meanwhile, Scott persuades Butch, Marlon, Biff and Richie that they will have a better night by gate crashing the hen night. But, Richie is left regretting his decision when Viv attempts to drunkenly seduce him. And Roy's evening goes form bad to worse when Ned arrives at the Woolpack with the news that he is leaving the village - he's not prepared to see his son making the biggest mistake of his life. Tempers flare between Bernice and Tricia when they reveal their intention to buy the Woolpack. And Zoe's thoughts of romance hit a stumbling block when Frankie arrives with her partner Maggie.

26 May 1999 (probably no episode)

Episode 2528 Thursday 27th May 2003

(Plus! Mon 8th Sep 2003)

EMMERDALE Thursday 27 May at 7.00pm on ITV Network Best man Scott ( BEN FREEMAN ) and Kelly ( ADELE SILVA ) Roy ( NICKY EVANS ) at the alter.

The big day arrives for Kelly and Roy - but their wedding is bound to be anything but smooth. For although there are no pre-wedding jitters, there are a few mattes that need resolving. Mandy tackles Kelly and asks if she is sure about marrying Roy. The bride-to-be convinces her she is making the right decision, but Mandy is shocked to learn that Roy has kept their honeymoon a secret. Mandy goes in search of Roy and warns him that unless he reveals the truth, his marriage will be doomed from the start. A sheepish Roy visits Kelly and admits that their Wedding night is going to be spent at the Dingles and not abroad as she had thought. With twenty minutes to go before the wedding, Viv and Scott rush to the church with the news that there is going to be a slight delay - something which delights Ned, who has decided to attend the wedding after all. But will the unlikely couple tie the knot?

Lelly and Roy on their wedding day

Episode 2529 Friday
28 May 1999

(Plus! Tue 9th Sep 2003)

Kelly's happiness with married life is short lived. The new bride can hardly contain her disappointment at having to spend her honeymoon surrounded by Dingles. And when Zak asks the newlyweds to take Belle on a walk, Kelly breaks down and admits to Roy that she has nothing in her life to look forward to. In a desperate attempt to make his wife happy, Roy crawls back to Chris and asks him if his offer of a holiday in Paris is still on. Kathy volunteers to go with Graham to a tree planting ceremony for Rachel. But he occasion is marred when Graham flies into a rage after discovering that Miss Strickland will not be attending. Bernice and Gavin try to persuade Turner not to put the Woolpack on the market until they have secured a loan - much to Tricia's annoyance. And Sean is forced to rake up the past when Chris refuses to take on a new contract for Tate Haulage.

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