Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2491-2504 --- 2 March - 31 March 1999

Uploaded 10th June 2003

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

However I or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, may well add to them at some future date.

Episode 2491 2 March 1999

(Plus! Thu 17th Jul 2003)

There's a real Dingle-wrangle in the offering when Zak finds out Lisa's gone against his wishes and booked a christening for Baby Belle. He wants a traditional naming ceremony and has invited Dingles from all over the country. What would they think if he breaks with tradition? Zak takes the bull by the horns and cancels Lisa's plans. But when she finds out she storms out and tells Rev Ashley, the ceremony will go ahead.

Home Farm estate manager, Pollard, has some quick thinking to do when Stella confronts him with Chris Tate's revelation that he paid £1 million over the odds for Home Farm.

Donna returns to school causing anxious moments for Andy and the Sugdens.

Kelly stuns Viv with an apology for the way she behaved towards her after Vic's death. It's clear her relationship with Roy is having a marked effect.

And Bernice winces when Tricia casually makes mention of 'plans' in a loud conversation with Mandy. She quickly realises the girls saw her 'life-plan' when she caught them in her room.

Episode 2492 3 March 1999

(Plus! Fri 18th Jul 2003)

Bernice takes the girls by surprise and calls a team meeting. And both Mandy and Tricia are left shame faced when she tells them of the heartbreak of a broken marriage and how her hopes of happiness were wrecked. She says they are both young and carefree, why mock her plans?

Zak has conceded to Lisa in the battle over the christening. But when she discusses godparents, Zak jumps the gun again. They ask Mandy to be godmother and Zak assumes Butch will be godfather - which provokes a withering look between Lisa and Mandy.

Later Lisa confesses to Mandy that she really wants Paddy to do the job.

Marlon nearly chokes on his pint when loves-young-dream Roy admits he's got something important to say to Kelly.

Meanwhile Scott is aghast when Mandy tells him Kelly has admitted she's in love with Roy.

And Viv takes decisive action over Donna and school.

Episode 2493 4 March 1999

(Plus! Mon 21st Jul 1999)

Roy takes Kelly to a night club with the bonus Lisa paid him. But he's got much more than dancing and drinking on his mind.

Chris give Laura a shock when he reveals he's leaving Home Farm, and invites her to his new home - the cottage once owned by Kim and Steve.

Seth gets a real boost when Stella turns up with a peace offering. But later he's crestfallen when Betty tells him she's found him a new job!

Zak flies off the handle when Lisa tells him she's spoken to Butch and he's happy to stand down as a godparent to Belle. Paddy has agreed to do the job. It's the last straw and Zak and Butch race off to make phone calls to stop the Dingle clan coming, but he's too late. The sound of an ice-cream van fills the air as cousins Ezra, Gwen and their children arrive. They've mistaken the date on the invitation.

Viv sinks to her lowest when she calls the social services and asks to speak to the caseworker responsible for Andy.

Episode 2494 9 March 1999

(Plus! Tue 22nd Jul 2003)

Zak finds himself in a real dilemma when his cousins make plans to profit from baby Belle's christening.

Vicious Viv twists the knife still further into the Sugdens and young Andy when she gives her version of events to social workers. She determined to get Andy removed from school. The Sugdens are appalled when they learn what's happening.

Kelly tells Roy he's jumping to the gun with his proposal and Mandy is less than impressed when she is let in on the secret.

Paddy carries out his duty as godparent to baby Belle but is fearful what might happen at the post christening party. Once the Dingles get drunk they'll surely want to kill him and Scott makes eyes at Tricia but is left deeply embarrassed.

Episode 2495 10 March 1999

(Plus! Wed 23rd Jul 2003)

Sean Reynolds makes his first appearance

Andy, who misunderstands what they were discussing, overhears Jack and Sarah's private chat about the social workers. And instead of going to school the youngster jumps on a bus and heads off to the city. Graham raises the alarm and after a fruitless search of the village, Jack is forced to involve the police.

Lisa is left distraught and furious when Rev Ashley informs her, the collection for the church roof vanished during the christening service. Zak gets it in the neck from his wife but tells her, while he was not involved, as a Dingle he was duty-bound to keep his mouth shut. Not surprisingly he's condemned to a night on the sofa.

Rival haulage firm boss Sean Reynolds calls on Tate Haulage under the guise of a prospective client. While Laura's back is turned he flicks through some papers and leaves. When a deal falls though Chris and Laura realise they have been conned.

Scott is less than impressed when Kelly tells him of Roy's proposal - and that she is seriously considering it.

Episode 2496 11 March 1999

(Plus! Thu 24th Jul 2003)

The Sugden's are living on their nerves, as a full-scale search is underway to find Andy. Donna, who blames herself partly for Andy running away, secretly conducts her own search. She is certain she knows where he is. Andy has been slumming it in a derelict flat that belonged to his grandmother. Donna finds Andy and with some gentle coaxing persuades him to come home to the relief of everyone concerned.

Zak decides to go back to his old ways and outlines a plan to Butch that will bring in a stack of cash. The only hitch is that it will involve Home Farm, which leaves Butch fearing for his job.

Lisa gets a huge tax bill for arrears and unsympathetic Zak tells her that's the cost of her going legitimate.

Chris and Laura believe the mystery caller must have been working for their rivals Reynolds Haulage, so Chris decides to pay them a visit.

Episode 2497 16 March 1999

(Plus! Fri 25th Jul 2003)

Zak has masterminded a brilliant Dingle plan to bring I revenue - and get Lisa off his back. With Stella and Pollard away he has persuaded a mate to bring a coach load of American tourists to Home Farm. Posing as tour guides, Zak and Butch tell the tourists they are at Bostwick Manor, a part of the 'Hidden Dales Experience', and relieve them of their cash as entrance fee. But when the tourists insist they were promised an audience with the Lady of the Manor - it looks like the well-rehearsed scam will come off track. Can Mandy save the day?

A social worker assesses Andy's case, visiting both the Sugdens and the Windsors.

Marlon teases Biff about his true feelings for Kathy. But with an embarrassed look, Biff tries to deny it all.

And the battle between Sean and Chris hots-up as Reynolds Haulage poaches three more drivers on the promise of higher wages and bigger bonuses.

Episode 2498 17 March 1999

(Plus! Mon 28th Jul 2003)

Young Andy is overjoyed when social workers decide he can stay with the Sugdens. But there's one even bigger surprise for the troubled lad when Jack and Sarah announce they want to formerly adopt him. As the family celebrates later at Kathy's diner, the occasion is overshadowed by Viv's sudden arrival. But as she launches into another vicious verbal attack, she is stopped in full flight by a revelation form her own daughter Donna.

Bernice puts Tricia's nose out of joint when she hijacks Paddy's invite to the Vets Ball.

Zak presents Lisa with money form the tourist scam to cover that taken from the church at Belle's christening.

And Jack and Zoe clash again over the business of the dead sheep.

Episode 2499 18 March 1999

(Plus! Tue 29th Jul 2003)

Chris revels in his business dealings, which he believes will be the start of the end for rivals, Reynolds Haulage. He's undercut them to win back a two-year deal from a big company. But Laura questions Chris's actions saying their first bid was at a rock-bottom price. Chris tells her he's prepared to lose money to get his way.

It's the morning after Donna's revelation that she too knew Billy Hopwood was in the village before her father died. She's up early to avoid her mum, but when Viv appears she's calmness personified. She announces they are all going to the fair, as a family and that now is the time to move on and forget the past.

Roy tells Scott that Kelly has told him to ask her again in a year about marriage. Scott secretly scoffs - this is exactly what he wanted.

New vet Daniel is busy visiting farmers who've taken their business away from Zoe and Paddy practice. When he calls in the Woolpack for a pint, Turner grabs his chance to put a smile back on Tricia's face.

Meanwhile Paddy and Zoe have a full-scale row about the future of their business that spill over into personal insults.

Episode 2500 23 March 1999 (1 hour special epiosde)

(Plus! Wed 30th Jul 2003)

Emmerdale celebrates its 2500 edition with two big announcements and a punch on the nose for the biggest rat in the village.

Poor Mandy is left at the pub like Cinderella while Tricia and Bernice swan off to the Vets Ball with Paddy and overbearing Daniel. But Zoe appears like a fairy godmother at the last minute to whish Mandy to the ball and try to bring her together with Paddy again.

When she arrives at the do she overhears one of Paddy's clients remarking what a change his partner makes from the person he brought last year. Mandy, flushed with tears, storms out, but in her haste leaves a tell tale sign that she's been there. As Paddy leaves he realises Mandy must have been there and goes in search of her with something very special to say.

Marlon's bash ends in tears when sulky Scott reveals that he has slept with Lyn and is force to beat a hasty retreat when the birthday boy attacks him. Lyn is full of remorse after all Marlon has done to win her back, but he is adamant they are finished.

Kelly chases after Scott but ends up slapping him too when he tries to rake up the past. With her mind made up, Kelly goes in search of Roy with something important to tell him.

Laura is shocked when she confronts a burglar in a late night visit to the office of the haulage firm. But the masked raider flees without her being able to recognise him. Chris arrives with police after a frantic phone call.

Episode 2501 24 March 1999

(Plus! Thu 31st Jul 2003)

Kelly and Mandy are astonished when they realise both accepted proposals of marriage the pervious evening. Both realise independently the path to true happiness will not be smooth. Mandy will somehow have to get Butch to end their sham of a marriage, and Kelly knows she will have Scott to contend with once he hears the news.

Zoe is delighted when Paddy confides what happened and there is even better news when their efforts at the Vets Ball appear to have brought back some disaffected clients to their business.

Chris is certain Sean Reynolds was behind the break in an tells the police so. But without evidence they say there is little they can do except have a word with him. Chris and Laura are shocked when Sean turns up at their yard to 'express his upset' at what's happened. But his tone reveals he knows exactly who was behind it.

Lyn tells Marlon that he worked so hard to get her back and wouldn't take no for an answer - now she will do what it takes to prove to him her fling wit Scott was wrong and meant nothing. Can he really believe her?

Episode 2502 25 March 1999

(Plus! Fri 1st Aug 2003)

Rev. Ashley Thomas circa 1998

Rev Ashley is a wanted man - at least as far as Mandy and Kelly are concerned. First Mandy tells him she wants to end her marriage to Butch, then Kelly arrives to fix a date for her wedding to Roy.

Chris goes off at the deep end in trying to exact revenge on Sean. He turns up unannounced at Reynolds Haulage and when Sean finds him he's coolly looking through files in his office. Sean calls the police and Chris insists they take him in for questioning. At least that way he'll be allowed to tell the full story and his suspicions. But Chris is in for a nasty surprise.

On Rev Ashley's advice Mandy has got a marriage annulment form for Butch to sign. But just when it looks like she's convinced him this the right thing to do he suddenly realises what she's got planned. He will not sign the form to help her get back with Paddy - end of story!

Viv takes the Windsor clan to the Woolpack to celebrate Kelly's engagement to Roy and Chris takes on Terry to be a security officer at his firm.

Episode 2503 30 March 1999

(Plus! Mon 4th Aug 2003)

Chris decides to play Sean at his own dirty game, and ropes in Terry for a it of a industrial espionage. Posing as a prospective customer, Terry steals a number of computer discs, while Sean's back is turned. And Chris is overjoyed to learn that Reynolds Haulage is experiencing serious financial difficulties.

Mandy and Lisa find Butch a tough nut to crack when it comes to signing the marriage annulment form and there are sparks when Butch guesses Mandy's real motives and informs Zak. When Mandy returns home Zak uses unorthodox mans to make her see sense.

Rachel holds and impromptu girls party, little realising what a revealing night it might be. The party is in full swing when Stella suddenly reveals the mystery behind her millions.

Scott tries to persuade Kelly not to marry Roy. But his efforts are in vain, and when he tries to work his charms on her, he is rewarded with a slap across the face. And when Viv intervenes, Scott threatens to reveal all about his liaison with Kelly much to her horror.

Episode 2504 31 March 1999

(Plus! Tue 5th Aug 2003)

Mandy wakes up to find that she is a prisoner in her own home. And even her pleas to Butch fall on deaf ears. In a fit of anger, Mandy changes tact and attacks him, brandishing him a coward, who will never find love if he can't decide for himself what is right. Her outburst touches a nerve and Butch goes off in search of Reverend Ashley for advice. The mild mannered vicar finds it hard to comprehend Zak's actions and on his advice Butch finally releases the prisoner from her room. But will he now release her from their marriage?

Tempers flare when Graham tears into Rachel about the party. And he erupts in fury when she ignores him, toppling over a CD rack.

Scott plans a secret egagemtn party for Kelly and Roy. But his invites to Marlon and Biff immediately has them questioning his motives.

And Pollard is left a laughing stock when he realises everyone, except him, knows where Stella's wealth has come from.

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