Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2530-2543 --- 1st June - 30th June 1999

Uploaded 7th September 2003
Updated and Finished 27th September 2003

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Richie Carter arrived in MayOllie Reynolds arrives in Emmerdale on 10th June 1999Marc Reynolds arrives in Emmerdale in June

Episode 2530 1 June 1999

(Plus! Wed 10th Sep 2003)

Loves young dreams Roy and Kelly order room service for one last time as their honeymoon in Paris nears and end. Bernice has an appointment at the hairdressers and then the bank where she hopes to secure a loan to buy the Woolpack. Tricia is secretly attempting to form a village co-operative for a rival bid. The haulage yard business is in a mess and Chris and Sean are desperate to find a way out of a loss-making deal they signed. Murderer Graham is still keeping up his façade after Rachel's death and increasingly, Kathy is taking more pity on him. His face tells a far different story to what really happened and suspicious Pollard uses every opportunity to remind him of that fateful day.

Episode 2531 2 June 1999

(Plus! Thu 11th Sep 2003)

Roy is staggered when he comes to sign the hotel bill for the honeymoon. Poor Chris, whose business is struggling, may regret agreeing for the couple to travel at his expense when he knows how much they've blown. Laura visits Chris and tells him there's no way out of the deal with Darrow's. She warned him at the time that the profit margin was too low and now he's stuck with it. Chris fears the business may only have a few more months before it goes under. Tricia, Zak and Seth scratch their heads to come up with a business plan to satisfy the bank, for the take-over of the pub. It could be a long meeting! Butch is determined to get Emily to go out with him and turns to Mandy for advice. Scott and Richie recce premises to open their computer business and reckon Mandy's clothes shop would be ideal

Episode 2532

(Plus! Fri 12th Sep 2003) 3 June 1999

Terry gives lovelorn Butch the benefit of his experience with women as he tries to woo Emily. But the genial Dingle is left with a heavy heart when she breaks a date in the Woolpack. Pollard leaves Mandy smarting when he boots her out of the Barn for not keeping up with her rent then invites Scott and Richie to move their computer business in. Bernice is busy filling forms for a bank loan as Tricia breezed by and tells her, mockingly, she's wasting he time. Bernice wonders what Tricia is up to. And Zoe impresses Frankie when she receives and emergency call form the Sugdens for help with a cow about to calf.

Episode 2533 - 8th June 1999

(Plus! Mon 15th Sep 2003)

Amateur sleuth Eric Pollard is determined to learn the truth behind Rachel's death. He attends Rachel's inquest and watches with interest as Graham takes the stand to give evidence. But, it is all he can do to sit still, when Graham begins to tell his 'version' of events. When the coroner records a verdict of accidental death, Pollard leaves convinced that Graham has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. And in the quest to see that justice is done, Pollard turns to the one person who might be able to help - Police Sergeant Angie Reynolds, but will she believe his story? Devious barmaid Tricia has a plan up her sleeve. She is convinced she can persuade Chris to back her bid to buy the Woolpack by using her feminine charms. Tate haulage is close financial ruin and Chris turns to Zoe for help. Kelly is dreading moving back to the Windsor's after a week alone, before Roy comes up with an idea which could solve their problems.

Episode 2534 - 9th June 1999

(Plus! Tue 16th Sep 2003)

Bernice charms Turner into letting her hold a 'Camelot' theme night. Tricia warns Gavin that unless he helps her to persuade Turner to let her hold her own theme night - she will tell Bernice of their afternoon of passion. Chris feels like the cat that's got the cream when Zoe tells him that she is considering investing in Tate Haulage. Pollard tells Angie his suspicions about Graham's involvement in Rachel's death. Betty's efforts at matchmaking end in failure when Viv interrupts Butch and Emily's lunch date. And Biff becomes increasing frustrated by Graham's interference in his relationship with Kathy.

Episode 2535 - 10th June 1999

(Plus! Wed 17th Sep 2003)

Chris is on cloud nine when Zoe says she will invest in Tate Haulage. But his happiness is short lived when his sister insists that Chris's ex-girlfriend Laura will be her representative on the board. Tricia and Terry's attempt to find investors to buy the Woolpack hit a major snag. Butch surprises Emily after she tells him that she can't visit his home to see his pet pigs. The love struck Dingle decides to bring a piglet to the village much to Viv's horror. Graham seems to have got away with murder. But his guilt and grief are ever present. When Kathy turns down his invitation for a night out, Graham is forced to face his demons alone.

Episode 2536 15 June 1999

(Plus! Thu 18th Sep 2003)

Ye Days of Olde return to Emmerdale when Bernice holds a 'Camelot' Theme Night in the Woolpack. While she looks resplendent as Guinevere, and Gavin as a dashing Lancelot, Tricia is the laughing stock of the village when the costume her boss has ordered arrives - a court jester. Vengeful Tricia decides to get her own back and steals Bernice's life plan intent on causing as much pain as possible. Life is looking less than rosy for Kelly and Roy, when they end up arguing with Biff and Marlon over how much rent they should pay. The newlyweds decide to move back to Viv's, until they can afford to buy their own place. But unbeknown to them, Viv has agreed to lend Kelly's deposit to Scott. Graham admits to Reverend Ashley that he is finding it difficult coming to terms with Rachel's death. And when Kathy visits Graham to see how he is coping, she is stunned by his behaviour. Biff confides in Marlon that Graham is interfering in his relationship with Kathy.

Episode 2537 16 June 1999

(Plus! Fri 19th Sep 2003)

Kathy is concerned by Graham's failure to come to terms with Rachel's death. She visits the grieving teacher's house, and when there is no response uses her own key to enter the property. Inside, her concerns turn to panic when she discovers a suicide note. But will she be able to stop him in time? Emily desperately tries to find and excuse when Viv asks her to help with stock taking after work. When the young shop assistant misses her bus, help is on hand when Butch offers her a lift home. Scott has an ulterior motive when he takes an expensive car for a test drive - it's the ideal way to impress a potential client. When the salesman jibes Scott about being a time waster, his pride gets the better of him and he puts down a deposit - a decision he may learn to regret.

Episode 2538 17 June 1999

(Plus! Mon 22nd Sep 2003)

Biff is surprised to find Kathy has spent the night playing nurse-maid to Graham. And he is taken aback when he learns of Graham's suicide attempt. Fearing for his safety, Kathy suggests that Graham should stay with her for a while. Biff decides to strike while the iron is hot, and over a romantic meal summons up the courage to ask Kathy to marry him. But the moment is shattered when Graham enters, intent on taking up Kathy's offer. Sean is annoyed when Angie puts an offer in on a house behind his back. And his mood is not improved when his wife threatens him - he's to meet her at the solicitors or else! There is uproar at Tate Haulage when Laura gives Chris and Sean and ultimatums - either reduce wages or sack half the work force. And Chris and Sean are left seething when Laura tells Frankie that the board is also going to take a pay cut. Tricia is over the moon when Turner agrees that she can hold a 'Hollywood' theme night. But the tempestuous barmaid takes offence when Bernice offers to help. Butch becomes concerned when he learns that Emily is off work due to illness.

Episode 2539 - 22nd June 1999

(Plus! Tue 23rd Sep 2003)

The course of true love is running anything but smooth for Biff. With Graham's constant presence ruining his relationship with Kathy, Biff invites her out for the evening, intent on spending time alone with her. But he is annoyed to find that she already has plans - wit Graham. When Kathy returns home, she is surprised to find Graham has cooked a meal for her and Biff. Over dinner, Biff summons up the courage to ask Kathy to marry him. But once again, the moment is shattered when Graham enters. There is tension at Tate Haulage as the board prepares to vote on whether they should take a pay cut. Chris is convinced that Sean will vote alongside him and supper Laura and Zoe's plans. But he is mortified when Sean votes in favour of a pay cut. Tricia reveals to Mandy that she has come up with a plan to impress Turner at the Hollywood theme night. And Butch is left perplexed by Emily's behaviour when he invites her out to lunch.

Episode 2540 - 23rd June 1999

(Plus! Wed 24th Sep 2003)

The glitz and glamour of the 'Tinsletown' envelopes Emmerdale when Tricia holds a 'Hollywood' theme night in the Woolpack. The pub quickly fills with the stars of the sliver screen, and Tricia basks in the glory dressed as sex bomb Emma Peel. But, just as Tricia begins to celebrate the success of the evening, trouble strikes, when she realises that she has booked a Marilyn Monroe drag act rather than a look alike. Will Turner see the funny side? As chaos descends in the Woolpack, Biff decides it's the moment to strike and proposes to Kathy. But he is unprepared for her reaction. Angie uses underhanded means to persuade Sean to sign the contract on a new house. And Chris learns hell has no fury, when he takes Laura out to dinner.

Episode 2541- 24th June 1999

(Plus! Thu 25th Sep 2003)

Biff is heartbroken by Kathy's reaction to his proposal. Graham offers Kathy support, and suggests that she should go and see Biff to repair to the damage. But will she take heed of his advice? Bernice's dream of buying the Woolpack, is boosted when Turner announces that he will sell the pub to her. But she receives a massive blow when her bank manager refuses her a loan due to her former husband Tony's bad credit history. Zak cooks up his latest scam - electricity theft. But the crooked Dingle is left looking for excuses when Ollie and Marc discover him in their new house. Zak tackles Butch about his relationship with Emily - and leaves him panic stricken when he decides to talk to her himself.

Episode 2542 29 June 1999

(Plus! Fri 26th Sep 2003)

Dozy Dingles Zak and Butch welcome their new neighbours in a traditional style - by pinching some boxes of goods when the removal van arrives. But they're left in a right sweat when they twig who the crates belong to - police woman Angie Reynolds' family. Fallen licensee Pollard has a proposition to offer Tricia, who's trying to fund a bid to buy the Woolpack. While Bernice is forced to lie to Gavin about her attempts to borrow money for a rival take-over. Betty and Marlon feel the sharp end of Biff's tongue after persuading him to make a public proposal to Kathy. And with money troubles on his mind - Jack is furious with Sarah when she agrees to let the boys go on a school trip to France.

Episode 2543 30 June 1999

(Plus! - Mon 29th Sep 2003)

Zak plays the thief with a conscience when he tries to return the Reynolds' stolen goods. But he's caught by Angie and his story that he found a crate the thieves must have dropped is hardly plausible - especially to a policewoman. Zak knows he's in trouble and decides to take an unplanned holiday with furious Lisa and Bell while the heat dies. Jack and Sarah have a furious row and the boys face a big disappointment. Stella agrees to underwrite the cost of the Summer Fayre while Tricia and Bernice are at loggerheads again over running the drinks marquee.

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