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#2544-2556 --- 1st July - 29th July 1999

Uploaded 2nd October 2003

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2544 1 July 1999

(Plus! Tue 30th Sep 2003)

Jack and Sarah's relationship reaches a new low.

Jack Sugden's official fan card late 1990s.  He is seen with a cow Sarah Sugden as played by Alyson Spiro late 1990s

Sarah is determined not to end up a traditional farmer's wife like Jack's mother Annie. And when he launches into her for time wasting she tells him she's going on strike. Until things change she's staying with her sister.

Betty and Seth take no chances with their potential prize-winning veg. With the Summer Fayre around the corner they place a lot under lock and key.

Seth Armstrong Signed with a dedication by Stan Richards - circa 1997-1999 Betty Eagleton circa 1997-1999 signed by Paula Tilbrook


Terry senses Tricia's had a breakthrough in her search for a backer to buy the Woolpack, but she refuses to tell him who it is.

Terry Woods late 1990s Tricia Stokes circa 1997-1999


Episode 2545 6 July 1999

(Plus! Wed 1st Oct 2003)

Poor Mandy is in deep water at the Summer Fayre as she tries to wipe the smug smile off Eric Pollard's face ... after he deliberately gets her in trouble with trading standards officers.

Mandy Dingle circa 1997-1999 with signature

And Mandy's attempts at retribution, Dingle style, go dramatically wrong and end with her being unceremoniously arrested for assault.

But while all around them seem to be losing their cool, Kathy has something very important to tell Biff - and uses the public address system to make sure he gets the message.

Later Biff photo card with pre-printed signature Kathy Glover Circa 1997-1999


Betty is mad when Marc wins first prize in the vegetable contest with some fine entries that look suspiciously like the ones pinched from Seth.

Original Marc Reynolds fan card signed by Anthony Lewis

Under pressure Jack tells the boys, now their exams are finished, they can stay off school and help him run the farm.

And Ashley tries to persuade Bernice to come clean with Gavin about her failure to secure a loan to buy the Woolpack.

Early Bernice photoccard with preprinted signature. Ashley Thomas early fan card signed by John Middleton

Episode 2546 7 July 1999

(Plus! Thu 2nd Oct 2003)

Angie Reynolds fan card circa 2000

Mandy appears in court charged with common assault and assaulting a police officer. But her big mouth gets her into even deeper bother with the magistrate when she interrupts her solicitor to explain that she didn't mean to hit Stella, she was aiming for Pollard, and that Sgt Reynolds shouldn't have interfered. When she foolishly asserts the judiciary is as bad as the police she's as good as signed up for a stretch inside!

Eric Pollard Circa 1997 or 1998 with a dedication by Chris Chittell Stella Jones Viv Windsor circa 1997-1998

Bernice finally admits to Gavin, she failed to get a loan. But he stops her from informing Turner, saying he has a plan. Later he begins to work his charms on Stella.

Emily's father John stuns Viv when he appears at the Post Office and demands she is home by a certain time. Jack tells the lads he's keeping them off school for a week to help him.

Original Emily fancard

And Graham tells Kathy now she's found Mr Right in Biff - and they're planning to wed - he can leave Emmerdale a happy man.

Episode 2547 8 July 1999

(Plus! Fri 3rd Oct 2003)

Butch makes a startling and upsetting discovery when he escorts Emily home. And his waif-like girlfriend begs him to leave before he makes matters worse with her father.

Butch Dingle circa 1997-1998

Kelly is astonished when she learns that Mandy has been sent to jail for three months for assault.

Kelly Windsor circa 1998-1999

Bernice twigs Gavin's plan when they are invited for tea to Home Farm. When they leave Bernice is furious that Gavin could think of getting Stella to back their bid.

Graham is set to leave Emmerdale and brings Kathy a going-away present - a photograph of the two of them with Rachel.

Graham Clark circa 1998-1999


Later an emotional Kathy breaks down as she studies the photograph and rushes off to persuade Graham not to leave - exactly what he hoped would happen.

Episode 2548 13 July 1999

(Plus! Mon 6th Oct 2003)

Butch has the problems of the world upon his shoulders. The hapless Dingle, sickened by the abuse Emily has been suffering at the hands of her violent father, turns to Seth for advice. But the ex-gamekeeper gets hold of the wrong end of the stick and becomes concerned by Butch's questioning.

Alarm bells sound for Graham when Kathy discovers a photo of his first wife. The murderous school teacher decides to tell her the 'official' version of how she died - suicide, but will she be fooled like Rachel?

Alan Turner circa late 90s

Bernice tells Gavin that she can not carry on lying to Turner about her failure to secure a bank loan. Gavin suggests they could ask Stella for a loan, but she flatly refuses.

Guilt ridden Bernice confesses all to Turner, much to Tricia's delight.

Marlon Dingle circa 1997-1999 - signed

Marlon is left looking for a new housemate when Jack tells him that he is going to put up the rent on Annie's cottage. And Pollard offers Stella a business proposition - to transform Home Farm into a Health and Beauty Spa.

Episode 2549 14 July 1999

(Plus! Tue 7th Oct 2003)

Butch is concerned when Emily fails to turn up for work. The love struck Dingle buys some flowers and sets out to see her. When he arrives at her house, he is shocked to discover that she is covered in bruises. And to make matters worse, she reveals that her father has made her promise that she will not see him again.

Later, Emily returns to work. But when John arrives to collect her, Butch confronts him and demands to know where Emily's bruises have come from.

Roy Glover Circa 1999-2000

Graham has convinced the village that he has managed to get his life back in order since Rachel's death. But, behind closed doors, his behaviour is as worrying as ever.

Scott is amused to learn that Roy and Kelly have been house hunting and are intending to use Vic's insurance money to buy a home.

Scott Windsor circa 1998

Pollard is increasingly frustrated in his attempts to persuade Stella to invest in his Health and Beauty Spa venture. And Marlon is appalled to find that Jack has offered Terry a room in Annie's cottage.

Episode 2550 15 July 1999

(Plus! Wed 8th Oct 2003)

The course of true love is running anything but smooth for Butch. The young lad turns to Betty for advice about Emily, but their conversation leaves her confused. And when Viv tells her that Emily is terrified of Butch, Betty is left speechless. Betty then confronts Emily and questions her about her bruises, but her reluctance to answer only leads to one conclusion - Butch is responsible.

Kathy and Biff's wedding preparations hit a snag because Roy and Marlon are convinced they will be his best man. Before Biff can let Roy down gently, Graham's advice persuades the lad to reject the role.

Stella offers Bernice the money to buy the Woolpack. But she is surprised when her offer is refused. But the glamorous barmaid begins to regret her noble stance when Turner reveals that Ploughman's Theme Pubs are interested in buying the Woolpack.

Christopher Smith signed

And Jack rents out a room in his house to Pete, much to Robert's annoyance.

Episode 2551 - 20th July 1999

(Plus! Thu 9th Oct 2003)

Tragedy strikes when Butch confronts John and accuses him of acting violently towards his daughter, Emily. John flees the scene accompanied by Emily.

Convinced he can force a confession, Butch pursues their Land Rover at speed. Clouded by his fury, John loses control and crashes. With smoke billowing from the Land Rover, Butch is forced to do some quick thinking. But will he be able to save them in time?

Alice Bates

Biff reveals to Marlon and Graham that he is facing a dilemma - he has been unable to book a honeymoon for himself, Kathy and her niece Alice.

Conniving Graham suggests that Alice wouldn't mind Biff and Kathy going on honeymoon alone - aware this is the last thing she would want. When Biff reveals his plans to the two ladies in his life, little is he prepared for their reaction. Later, Graham tells Kathy that he warned Biff to take Alice's feelings into consideration.

Episode 2552 - 21st July 1999

(Plus! Fri 10th Oct 2003)

Butch keeps a vigil over Emily's hospital bedside. Learning that her father is in a coma and that she is being discharged, Emily confesses to Butch that she has never been on her own before, but he promises to look after her.

Graham's intentions are anything but honourable when he helps Kathy look for a wedding dress. Later he goes in search of Pollard and asks him to buy back Rachel's engagement ring.

On her return home, Sarah explodes in fury when she discovers that Jack has made some drastic changes without consulting her. Viv suggests to Stella that her relationship with Turner seems to be developing, and that he might be after her money.

Episode 2553 - 22nd July 1999

(Plus! Mon 13th Oct 2003)

Kathy's wedding preparations hit a snag. With the big day just around the corner the bride to be is overwhelmed with things to do. Graham offers to help Kathy find a photographer. Later, she is taken aback when Graham asks her to wear Rachel's engagement ring on a necklace - as a symbol of the friendship between them.

Laura Johnstone with preprint circa late 1999/2000

Kathy visits Laura and shows her Rachel's engagement ring, and the legal eagle suggests that Graham may be developing romantic feelings for her.

Zak Dingle circa 1997-1999 Lisa with preprinted signature circa 1998-1999

Zak and Lisa are stunned by the events which have occurred while they were away. He confronts Police Sergeant Angie Reynolds and tells her that he won't forget how she has treated his family, but Angie responds with her own warning.

Jack's apologises to Sarah for the changes he made while she was away, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Episode 2554 - 27th July 1999

(Plus! Tue 14th Oct 2003)

With her wedding to Biff around the corner Kathy is beginning to have niggling doubts about her feelings for Graham. Biff is unaware of the gift Graham gave her and goes up the wall when he finds out. She must tell Graham she is not interested!

Bernice's dreams of owning the Woolpack look shattered when the area manager for a pub franchise agrees to meet Turner's asking price and swap contracts the following week. But Gavin reckons there is still a way to get ownership.

Sean Reynolds circa 1999,  with dedication by Steve McGann

Marlon's attempt to write a best man's speech is branded libellous and obscene by Bernice.

And Sean warns Lisa to keep Zak out of Angie's way or there'll be trouble.

Episode 2555 - 28th July 1999

(Plus! Wed 15th Oct 2003)

Fury erupts between Biff and Graham in a confrontation over the gift to Kathy. Could this spell the end of their wedding plans?

Conniving Gavin spends a day at a health club with Stella - unbeknown to Bernice. He's got his eyes set on the Woolpack and sees the gullible millionairess as his ticket to being a landlord. But just how far is he prepared to go? He's not the only one with designs on Stella. Turner is growing attracted to the lady of the manor too, much to Pollard's annoyance. Tricia tells him to make a move - harbouring secret desires of living in luxury.

And Butch woos Emily with flowers and suggests a day out to Leeds. She later tells her hospital-bound father that she has a boyfriend - the man who saved their lives.

Episode 2556 - 29th July 1999

(Plus! - Thur 16th Oct 2003)

Biff takes off his and Linda's wedding rings in a symbolic gesture to Kathy. And he offers his hand and sincere apologies to Graham for punching him. The couple announces to the Diner that the wedding is back on.

Butch and Emily go shopping in Leeds and over dinner she tenderly leans over to kiss him.

Turner takes the bull by the horns and asks Stella to marry him. She's polite but says she'll need time to think. Gavin eyes the development with a wry smile.

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