Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2467-2478 --- 5 January - 28 January 1999

Uploaded 10 June 2003 & Finished 18th June 2003

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

However I or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, may well add to them at some future date.

Episode 2467 Tuesday 5th January 2003

(Plus! Thu 12th Jun 2003)

Kelly WindsorZak DingleTerry Woods

Viv sends Kelly into a rage when she asks Terry to come and help re-open the Post Office. Kelly can hardly believe what her step-mum is doing with Vic barely in his grave. And Viv's ill-advised offer causes friction between Scott and Kelly too raking -up guilty thoughts from Christmas Day.

Laura lays her cards on the table with Zoe. She fancies Chris but Kathy is standing in her way. Zoe suggests she tries the direct approach.

And Zak tells a family gathering that Lisa will go back to work and he will become a full time house-husband looking after baby Belle.

Episode 2468 Wednesday 6th January 2003

(Plus! Fri 13th Jun 2003)

Laura JohnstoneKathy GloverViv Windsor

Laura is determined to get Chris to set up and take notice of her. She's invited him round for a swish meal, and set the scene with low lights and romantic music. But Chris doesn't get the game and leaves his host deflated when all he wants to talk about is Kim's impending trial. Then to rub salt into Laura's dented ego he casually informs her that he's taking Kathy to the pictures later that evening.

Terry gets a real earful from Kelly and decides to turn down Viv's offer to move in at the Post Office. And Scott tells Kelly to lay-off his mother after everything she's been through.

Episode 2469 Thursday 7th January 2003

(Plus! Mon 16th Jun 2003)

Lisa DingleButch DingleSarah Sugden

Life is a big gamble - especially if you're called Zak Dingle. For unknown to his wife he takes hi new-born on an important errand to Hotten - to the bookies. But in the excitement of winning an all or nothing bet the dozy dad, and his son Butch set off home - without the baby Belle. And there's only one sure bet in this story - if Lisa finds out he's going to be in a load of trouble. Can Zak get out of his latest scrape?

Kelly tears into Sarah when she visits the Post Office to offer words of comfort to Viv.

Graham throws a paddy with Rachel when he learns she visited Steve at the remand centre.

And Kim is panicked when Kathy informs her she may vary her story when she takes the witness stand at the forthcoming trial.

Episode 2470 Tuesday 12th January 2003

(Plus! Tue 17th Jun 2003)

Kim MarchantSteve MarchantMarlon Dingle

Kim and Steve Marchant have been though so much together. But tonight they sit in the dock, very much enemies, and both facing possible prison sentences. Kim pleads not guilty to the theft of Orsino, a £300,000 thoroughbred and not guilty to obtaining money by deception from an insurance company. Steve pleads guilty to the two charges but denies he attempted to murder Kathy Glover by driving his vehicle at her.

It's only the first day but when Kathy Glover takes the stand and reveals she did see Steve before impact, and that the vehicle was directed at her, Kim looks to have won the first round.

Marlon tries to make peace with Lyn, who is temping at the vet surgery. But after he let he down at Christmas, dining with Dingles instead of with her family, she is in an unforgiving mood. The expensive necklace he's bought her is pushed back into his hand unopened.

Rachel takes lunch with her schoolmaster boyfriend Graham and tells him she'd love him to move in with her. He seems hesitant but later agrees. Rachel is the picture of happiness.

Episode 2471 Wednesday 13th January 2003

(Plus! Wed 18th Jun 2003)

Lyn HutchinsonChris Tate

Chris Tate has been dreaming of the day his former step mother was brought to book. He blames her for the death of his father and has worked tirelessly to help build up evidence of her involvement in the stud farm theft. But when Kim gives evidence, she maliciously touches a raw nerve. She claims he could never accept her as his father's wife and that while Chris idolised Frank as a self made man, the feeling was not mutual. She says Frank never thought Chris was up to it and in fact told her he despised him. It's too much for Chris to hand and in a fit of rage he is expelled from court.

Graham opens up about his wife and explains how she committed suicide with an overdose of anti-depressants. He had sworn to himself that from that day he would remain a single man.

And despite an early call from the following morning at the Sugdens and the worries of Lyn, Paddy decides to go clubbing with Tricia.

With Zoe embroiled in the court proceedings and Paddy out ot have a good time, things are not looking good for the business.

Episode 2472 Thursday 14th January 2003

(Plus! Thu 19th Jun 2003)

Seth ArmstrongJack SugdenPaddy Kirk

Seth has been running an unofficial book on Kim's changes of being acquitted. It's ranged from three-to-one at the stat of the trial to twenty-to-one following Kathy's testimony. But events tonight will send those odds tumbling. Kim appears to be sitting pretty until suddenly Kathy has second thoughts and asks to be allowed to give evidence again. Kim's counsel Derbyshire looks grim-faced as the judge agrees to her request. And she puts the cat among the pigeons when she says that contrary to her initial evidence she is concerned that her recollections of the night of the crash were placed in her mind when Kim visited her in hospital - before the police had a chance to interview her. She admits she is now unsure whether she trusts Kim. Derbyshire tries his best to rubbish this new evidence raking up Kathy's psychological problems since the crash - but it's clear the damage has been done. Kim sits ashen-faced with a look of resignation - Steve by contrast wears a wide smile. The judge concludes his summing up and tells the jury that they must spend the night in a hotel before delivering their verdict.

That night Kim has some decision to make and with her world caving in around her is about to experience one more devastating blow. For Chris has been hard at work too.

Dishevelled Paddy angers Jack when he turns up for his appointment late and without his equipment. And we see a darker side to Graham when Rachel gently teases him in the pub about getting the name of an actor in a film wrong.

Episode 2473
Tuesday 19th January 2003

(Plus! Fri 20th Jun 2003)

Rachel Hughes TateAlan Turner - Landlord of the Woolpack

Kim pays an unexpected visit to her former stepson Chris to demand that he hand over the proceeds of the horse theft scam, which he has discovered. The two finally lay bare what they think of one another as Kim tries every trick I the book to uncover where he's hidden the money. She pleads that he has always wanted her out of his life and now is the perfect opportunity. But will Chris succumb or will he play this game out to its bitter conclusion and see his life's tormentor sentenced to a lengthy spell in jail?

Rachel sees a darker side of her lover Graham, after correcting him about the name of an actor in a film, in front of regulars at the Woolpack. He becomes totally unreasonable and storms off into the night in a fit of anger.

Episode 2474 Wednesday 20th January 2003

(Plus! - Mon 23rd Jun 2003)

Graham ClarkNed Glover

Graham is full of remorse fo his angry outburst against Rachel and confesses that he loves her. He agrees once and for all that living together would be a great idea and even suggests moving his things in straight away. Graham explains that his first wife was always putting him down in front of other people and felt that Rachel was doing the same. But he now realises that he over-reacted and they have a solid future in front of them.

Ned goes on a shopping errand with Sarah and bumps into old flame Dawn. She reveals that she's been widowed and the two clearly get on like a house on fire.

The village gears itself up for the verdicts in the Kim and Steve trial. And Seth and his dog Charlie make a startling discovery.

Episode 2475 Thursday 21st January 1999

(Plus! - Tue 24th Jun 2003)

Stella JonesScott Windsor

Scott Windsor shows little or no consideration for his mum Viv when he ups and leaves - to get his head together.

With the shock of Vic's death still weighing heavily on her mind Viv needs to re-open her business. But her offer to Terry to help out is met angrily by Kelly who believes the two of them may want to rekindle their one-time affair.

Graham moves in to Rachel's and immediately stamps his impression on the place. Rachel comes home to find her CD's stacked in alphabetical order and dinner cooking on the stove.

Kathy approached Stella to ask if it's possible for Chris to stay at Home Farm a little longer. Pollard is furious and tries to speak of her, but Stella says she'll consider the request, given the circumstances.

Both Laura and Kathy are fussing round Chris while his sister Zoe has a few harsh words for him following the whole affair with Kim.

Episode 2476 Tuesday 26th January 1999

(Plus! -Wed 25th Jun 2003)

Will CairnsBiff Fowler

Will receives bad news that his father has been injured in a climbing accident in Germany - and makes plans to fly out there immediately. But the Farewell bash his mates throw in the Woolpack turns into a fiasco as Will gets drunk and one by one propositions each of their girlfriends. And to compound the situation he unknowingly insults Pollard, tells Biff he was mad to let Tara go and says that Paddy was never the right person for Mandy.

Suddenly the lads' pounce, and to a chorus of laughter from the pub, Will is carried, bodily, outside to sober up.

Stella makes Biff and Kathy laugh when she extols the virtues of Pollards business acumen. Dawn asks Ned to go with her to Ibiza, where she's bought a bar. When he breaks the news to the Sugdens, they're delighted. But Ned says he has no money, so won't be going.

Chris patches things up with Zoe

and Graham continues to amaze Rachel with his cooking and cleaning.

Episode 2477 Wednesday 27th January 1999

(Plus! - Thu 26th Jun 2003)

Zoe TateRoy Glover

Employment problems dominate the lives of the villagers. Lisa wants to take on Roy at the garage but when she suggest it must be above board - National Insurance and all - Zak nearly has kittens about it.

Chris is joined by Kathy and Laura, for the grand opening of the new Tate Haulage company, only to discover that they lead vehicle in the convoy has had its petrol tank spiked with sugar.

And Tricia gets the wrong end of the stick when Turner tells her he wants to employ a bar manager. She believes the job's hers and wastes not time telling an incredulous Mandy. But there's disappointment for both girls when Turner says he's going to advertise.

Will takes an early morning taxi to the airport while the rest of the lads sleep off their hangovers. Terry is the only one up and about. He wishes him well and gives him and video of his rugby trial as a memento.

Ned is moping around having decided not to go to Ibiza with Dawn. Sarah finally loses her temper with him and tells him a few home truths.

And Zoe decides to get out and have a good time. But after driving to a gay club in Leeds, hesitates when she reaches the door.

Episode 2478 Thursday 28th January 1999

(Plus! - Fri 27th Jun 2003)

Tricia StokesEric Pollard

The day has finally arrived when devious Pollard can realise the worth of the Steiff teddy bear he swindled from Ned. Ned's far from happy man having had an earful from Sarah Sugden the night before about his over-extended stay at the farm - and the loss of Dawn who flies out to Ibiza later that day. He's collected his things together to leave the farm but can't find the bear that belonged to his dead daughter Linda. He sets off to try and find it and a series of clues lead him to Pollard and the auction. Bidding for the bear reaches £13,000 just as Ned enters the auction room. Pollard is helpless to argue over the destiny of the money with Stella at his side - and Ned takes the cash with glee. Now he has the money to go to Ibiza with Dawn, but with time running out it will take a miracle for him to catch the flight.

Roy and Biff try their best to get him there. Will he make it?

Catty Tricia has the perfect answer when Mandy presents her application for the manager's job. With the war between them hotting up, Tricia vindictively knocks a drink over Mandy's professionally written CV, much to her anger.


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