Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2479-2490 --- 2 February - 25 February 1999

Uploaded 20th June 2003

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Stella JonesRoy GloverEric PollardAlice BatesKelly WindsorZak Dingle
Laura JohnstoneKathy Glover Lisa DingleButch DingleSarah Sugden Marlon Dingle
Lyn HutchinsonChris TateSeth ArmstrongJack SugdenPaddy KirkScott Windsor
Tricia StokesZoe TateGraham ClarkRachel Hughes TateAlan Turner - Landlord of the WoolpackBernice Blackstock

NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

However I or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, may well add to them at some future date.

Episode 2479 Tuesday 2 February 2003

(Plus! Mon 30th Jun 2003)

Mandy and Tricia have been at each others throats since Turner announced he's looking for a new bar manager. But when Betty instigates a role playing exercise for the two girls, the whole situation turn to farce.

Later Mandy and Tricia continue to make snide comments to each other until Tricia takes it one step too far. Mandy drags her outside and the two girls role around fighting, egged on by some of the pub regulars. But Turner's not far behind - and he's far from happy.

Life at the Windsor's gets no better. Terry has agreed to help out while Scott is away, but Kelly convinced her stepmother is trying to start up their affair again.

Zak takes to begging but is spotted by Sarah Sugden. Feeling sorry for the Dingles she calls on Lisa and gives her a box of blankets and food. Lisa is puzzled but accepts them not knowing the background. Zak will really be in for it if his secret gets out. And Rachel gives Zoe the moral support to go to a gay club.

Episode 2480 Wednesday 3 February 1999

(Plus! Tue 1st Jul 2003)

Mandy and Tricia are crestfallen when Turner announces neither of them will be the new manger - he's hiring Bernice.

Zoe meets up with Denise again and invites her back home for the night.

Laura upsets one of the haulage firm drivers who immediately quits. But when the driver comes back to officially hand in his notice, Kathy follows him out and persuades him to stay. Chris is delighted much to Laura's annoyance.

Scott arrives home and tells Kelly secretly, it's because of her. She says she wants to put the illicit Christmas kiss behind them and never speak of it again. Scott agrees, but there is clearly something between them.

And Sarah tells Butch of Zak's begging. He's horrified and tracks his dad down in Hotten to give him a roasting. Zak's had a good day with Belle, playing on the sympathy of passing shoppers. He's made £15, but Butch forces him to hand it over to a real beggar. Later Zak begs Butch not to tell Lisa - or he'll be in for it.

Episode 2481 Thursday 4 February 1999

(Plus! Wed 2nd Jul 2003)

Zoe feels a complete failure after her date tells her it was just a one-night stand. She turns to Chris for comfort and meets him for a drink at the Woolpack. But after one too many she leaves him deeply embarrassed by revealing hidden desires for Kathy - In front of her.

Bernice makes a grand entrance tot the pub and immediately puts the girls' backs up. Mandy is reproached for being late and Tricia finds herself moved into a smaller bedroom to accommodate the new bar manager.

Kelly is desperate for someone to talk to about her father's death and turns to Roy. Kelly comes on strong to him, but Roy says he's loved her for so long they should wait before taking their relationship any further. Kelly is moved by his words and kisses him.

Zak spots some copper wire on a building site and decides to steal it. But when a security guard looms, Belle whimpers and Zak is able to get away undetected with his booty. He reckons his daughter has all the hallmarks of a true Dingle.

Episode 2482 Tuesday 9 February 1999

(Plus! Fri 4th Jul 2003)

The Vet's practice is in turmoil when Zoe fails to turn up, nursing a giant hangover. Paddy is trying to hold things together but when Jack Sugden phones to say he's an emergency on his hands, he finds himself stretched. He tells Lyn to get out there with the equipment. The sheep is getting worse and Lyn has seen Paddy do the procedure before. So she decides to administer the injection. She's just finished as Jack walks into the barn. Seconds later the sheep dies leaving Jack consumed with rage.

Kathy tackles Chris about Zoe's drunken revelation but tells him there's no way they will get back together. Later Chris reveals this to Laura and is shocked by he reaction.

Roy turned down the chance to sleep with Kelly and is deeply upset when she tells him how right he was not to take advantage of her. They're great mates and that's the way they should stay.

And for the first time in weeks Mandy and Tricia appear to be united again. They now have a common enemy, their overbearing boss Bernice.

Episode 2483 Wednesday 10 February 1999

(Plus! Mon 7th Jul 2003)

Zoe appears to have lost her sense of judgement following the episode with Kim. She fires poor Lyn, who receives a second blow when she receives her mock A' level results. Then she clumsily tries to smooth things over with Jack Sugden causing another furious row, and the irate farmer to withdraw his business from her. Even partner Paddy can't seem to get through - although at least Jack will allow him a few words.

Kelly asks Roy to teach her to drive - much to Scott's annoyance.

And Kathy ponders reconciliation with Chris. In a phone conversation he admits he does love her, but she begs for a little more time to consider her own feelings.

Meanwhile Laura waits in the wings, unaware that Chris is playing the odds.

Episode 2484 Thursday 11 February 1999

(Plus! Tue 8th Jul 2003)

Kathy leaves Chris heartbroken when she says they cannot get back together again. But Zoe gives him pause for thought when she says that the fact it took Kathy three days to make up her mind means she's not sure.

Zoe staggers Paddy by saying they'll give Jack £1000 compensation. Paddy reckons this will be construed as bribery by a man of principles, such as Jack. Zoe is immovable.

Mandy and Tricia have a laugh at Bernice's expense. They reckon her boyfriend Gavin, an oil rig worker, must be made to put up with her.

Roy gives Kelly a driving lesson that ends in disaster, as she gets the car stuck in mud. Both end up covered in the stuff and if fits of giggles.

Kelly tells Roy to come back to her place to clean off as there's no hot water at his cottage. But when Scott comes in an sees them both he gets totally the wrong end of the stick.

And Marlon's plan to woo back Lyn misfires after he gets her a job at the diner. She gives him a peck on the cheek for his thoughtfulness. He goes for a real smacker and gets a real brush-off.

Episode 2485 Tuesday 16 February 1999

(Plus! Wed 9th Jul 2003)

Chris proves he can be just as manipulative in love as he can in business. He's still working on getting back with Kathy and visits Alice's birthday party to make his latest play. He tells Kathy that he's got a date with Laura, a move calculated to make her jealous.

When he arrives for a drink with Laura he says it's her he really wants to be with. He hadn't realised how strong his feelings for her were. The couple fall into an embrace.

Paddy smoothes things over with Jack unawares that Zoe plans to visit him later that day to offer him the compensation money. When she makes her offer Jack goes ballistic and accuses her of trying to bribe him.

Stella moves into Home Farm with Pollard fawning round her. But he's soon put in his place when she invites Seth and Butch in for a spot of dinner.

Episode 2486 Wednesday 17 February 1999

(Plus! Thu 10th Jul 2003)

Lyn has Marlon wrapped around her little finger. She knows he's desperate to get back with her and sets him some tasks to prove he really does care for her. First she tells him to phone into work sick, then order him to sit out in the freezing cold until she tells him he can leave. And having passed that test, she then says he'll have to dye Pollard's moustache pink. Poor Marlon hardly knows where to turn.

Stella upsets Pollard when she invites the village to a getting-to-know-you party. He'd envisaged a more up-market gathering.

Roy is late for his driving lesson with Kelly, so Scott nips in first. But after scaring her with his high-speed driving, she's less than impressed. When he pulls in she gives him a real earful. But when he makes a pass at her, she starts to respond momentarily

And Bernice heaps more misery on the two girls when she insists they smile more behind the bar. It leads to hilarious scenes as both serve customers with a permanent grin on their faces.

Episode 2487 Thursday 18 February 1999

(Plus! Fri 11th Jul 2003)

Scott is determined to get Kelly to admit she is attracted to him. And he's equally determined to nip any possible chance of a relationship between his half-sister and Roy in the bud. Kelly is desperately resisting him, but the strain is beginning to cause he sleepless nights. Will he ever drop the subject?

Marlon astounds Lyn, and causes much mirth in the village by sneaking into Pollard's bedroom and dabbing his moustache with cochineal. Poor Pollard doesn't realise and tries to conduct a serious business meeting with an upmarket client. When he realises what's happened he goes mad - but nobody knows, apart from Lyn and Tricia that Marlon was behind it. But Lyn has one final task for Marlon, which he is definitely not going to like. She tells him he must do a Full Monty at the bash being thrown by Stella at Home Farm.

It's not Pollard's day. He gets a rocket and is shown the door by Stella for trying to control her life.

Chris and Laura invite Kathy to dine with them. She clearly wishes she were somewhere else.

And Mandy is furious, yet powerless to act when Bernice tells her she wants her to work in the kitchen making snacks in the future.

Episode 2488 Tuesday 23 February 1999

(Plus! Mon 14th Jul 2003)

Stella's party at Home Farm turns into a riotous romp as Marlon carries out Lyn's orders and does a 'Full Monty'. Scott and Kelly find themselves alone in the bedroom that once belonged to Kim. After their Christmas kiss will the stepbrother and sister be able to keep their hands to themselves?

Pollard is appalled that the whole village has been invited to the party and cooks up a devious plan to show Stella the error of her ways - and how much she needs him.

Lyn realises Marlon - down to his underpants and vest - really would do anything for her and as the revellers cheer the couple embrace.

Episode 2489 Wednesday 24 February 1999

(Plus! Tue 15th Jul 2003)

Pollard's little plan - to damage Stella's car and blame the rowdy villagers - worked a treat. She tell shim she wants him as her estate manager.

Chris needs a service contract for his haulage business. Stella suggests he use Lisa Dingle. But when Laura arrives at her workshop she discovers Lisa's business is not registered. Laura offers her help with paperwork and Lisa decides to go legitimate. Zak will not be pleased - neither will be to happy when he discovers Lisa intends to have baby Belle christened in church, rather than go through the usual Dingle naming ceremony.

And Kelly turns on all her womanly charms to seduce Roy after one of their driving lessons. Could this be to mask her hidden feelings for her stepbrother Scott?

Episode 2490 Thursday 25 February 1999

(Plus! Wed 16th Jul 2003)

Mandy and Tricia have had enough of bullying Bernice and decide to take a peek in her room to find the little book she keeps writing notes in. They find the book under the mattress and are in hysterics at its contents - a fully mapped-out life-plan. But the smiles are wiped from their faces when Bernice returns early.

Scott is beside himself when he discovers Kelly spent he nigh with Roy. He talks to both of them individually trying t find out what happened.

Pollard signs on the dotted line and immediately exercises his new authority as estate manger by sacking Seth.

And Lisa remains on a collision course with Zak over her desires to make her business legitimate and have Belle properly christened.

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