Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2615-2631 --- 1st December - 30th December 1999

Uploaded 28th December 2003
Finished 18th January 2004

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NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2615 1 Decembe 1999

(Plus! - Fri 9th Jan 2004)

Diane has Pollard and Turner in a spin when they both arrive expecting to spend an intimate candlelit dinner with her. Viv is furious when she discovers Tate Haulage has laid on a courtesy bus service to take villagers to the local supermarket. Zoe offers to sell her home to Paddy and Mandy. They need a lodger to make ends meet and invite Lyn to move in. Ashley is devastated when Bernice tells him how perfect he would be … for her mum! And Chris offers Kelly a few harsh words of advice when she asks if she and Roy can move into his cottage, now he's living at Home Farm again.

Episode 2616 2 December  1999

(Plus! - 12th Jan 2004)

Kelly is in a state and confides in Mandy that perhaps Chris was right - she'll never be happy with Roy. Zoe offers Terry extra money to look after Chris and keep him company. Paddy's cousin Jason turns up out of the blue saying he's fallen out with his parents after revealing he's gay. Tricia takes an immediate shine to him at the Woolpack and Diane overhears Gavin say to her that she used to look at him like that. As she leaves to go home Diane warns Gavin she'll not stand to see her Bernice hurt again. And Mandy gets a call to say her dad's been taken ill again. She rushes off telling Paddy she'll be back the following day.

Episode 2617 7 December 1999

(Plus! Tue 13th Jan 2004)

Bernice is making up for lost time. With her mother safely out of the way, she presses Gavin to name a date for their wedding. But like a seasoned politician he carefully avoids giving an answer. Bernice shares her concerns with Betty. And the village matriarch decides to take action. But will her pearls of wisdom strike a chord with the womanising charmer?

Roy is surprised by Kelly's reaction when he admits that he would like them to have children.

Terry is thrilled when Claudia agrees to go out with him for a drink. But his attempts at romance are ruined when Kathy asks to join them.

Richie is stuck between a rock and a hard place when tension grows between Jack and Sarah.

And the Dingles take a shine to Jason, much to Paddy's concern.

Episode 2618 8 December 1999

(Plus! Wed 14th Jan 2004)

Concern is growing for Kelly. When Zak comments about her looking unwell, Viv changes the subject, but it is clear that she is also worried.

Ashley is devastated to learn that Bernice is getting married. The love-struck vicar asks her if she's certain.

Meanwhile Tricia becomes uneasy when Bernice asks her to be her bridesmaid. And struck by guilt, she reveals all to Ashley about Gavin's womanising ways.

Viv accuses Turner of being a traitor to local shopkeepers by running his bus service to the new supermarket.

Terry's hopes of a romance with Claudia are dashed - she doesn't date work colleagues.

Paddy is concerned when Jason admits that he has asked Tricia out on a date.

And Graham persuades Ollie to write a Christmas Show for the Youth Club.

Episode 2619 9 December  1999

(Plus! Thu 15th Jan 2004)

Ashley is facing a dilemma, should he tell Bernice about Gavin's infidelities or should he keep quiet? Angie tells Sean that he is going to have to take responsibility for organising Christmas.

Kathy receives an official letter confirming that Elsa is Alice's legal guardian.

Bernice invites Kathy and Graham to dinner, making Pollard curious about the relationship.

Roy's attempt to find out what is troubling Kelly ends in failure, while she becomes jealous when she sees Scott talking to Lyn.

And Emily begins to worry about what her father will be doing over Christmas.

Episode 2620 14 December 1999

(Plus! Fri 16th Jan 2004)

Kelly's hopes of escaping her problems are dashed when Roy turns down an invitation to spend Christmas in Ibiza with his father. And her day gets worse when Paddy criticises her for making one mistake too many at the vets. Roy's temper cracks when Kelly mocks him about his plans for their future, and then turns to the bottle for comfort.

Preparations are underway for Bernice's wedding. But while Tricia is excited about being a bridesmaid, she becomes disappointed when Bernice reveals what she will be wearing.

Sarah can not believe Jack's attitude when he suggests that they should be spending their money on the farm rather than Christmas.

Butch asks Lisa's about reconciling Emily and her father. Emily persuades Zak to build Belle a nativity scene for her birthday.

Angie is furious with Sean when he breaks his promise to make tea for the kids. Viv decides to extend her shop's opening hours to compete with the supermarket. And Ollie and Marc keep their plans for the village pantomime secret from Ashley.

Episode 2621 15 December 1999

(Plus! Mon 19th Jan 2004)

All is not well in the Tate household. Chris's anger gets the better of him when Terry complains about being treated like a dogsbody. But Chris is heading for a fall. When the temperamental Tate tries to order Turner around, the Estate Manager points out that he only takes orders from Zoe. And Chris is stunned when Claudia gives him a piece of her mind.

Ashley is horrified to discover that Ollie's Pantomime ridicules the entire village, and promptly cancels it. Angie is furious when the mild mannered Reverend suggests that Ollie's attention seeking may be caused by problems at home.

Butch tries to repair Emily's relationship with her father, by inviting John to the Dingles for Christmas Day. But will he accept?

Ashley admits to Zak that he is envious of not having a family at Christmas.

Tricia uses her charms on Jason. But will she succeed?

Roy shares his concerns for Kelly with Lisa.

And Marlon tries to persuade Bernice to hold an Aladdin theme night in the Woolpack.

Episode 2622 16 December  1999

(Plus! Tue 20th Jan 2004)

It's the day of the Emmerdale Christmas Show, and Ashley is in a panic. With no star turn, the Reverend desperately tries to find someone to fit the bill. The Show begins, but with no sign of the star act, the pressure begins to get to him. With the minutes ticking by, Ashley can only hope for a miracle - but his prayers are answered when Witty Willy arrives. Betty is left speechless when she realises that a face from her past has resurfaced.

Zak's latest business venture - selling Christmas holly, suffers a setback when Bernice throws him out of the Woolpack.

Marlon's persistence pays off when Bernice agrees to let him hold an Aladdin theme night in the Woolpack.

Richie becomes annoyed when Scott organises the Daletec Christmas Party without consulting him.

And Sean and Angie's plans for a family Christmas take a knock when Marc reveals that he has got a job working in the Woolpack on Christmas Day.

Episode 2623 20 December 1999 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Wed 21st Jan 2004)

Chris tries to put his recent problems behind him by returning to work. While he is relieved to be back behind the driving seat at Tate Haulage, his partner Sean doesn't quite see it the same.

Ashley admits to Gavin that he knows about his womanising ways. But will the mild mannered reverend reveal his discovery to Bernice?

Betty's past returns to haunt her when Reggie surprises her at the Diner and invites her to lunch. Over their meal it becomes clear that she has a few secrets that would shock the village.

Richie becomes concerned by how much money Scott is spending at Daletech's Christmas Party.

Marlon sees the opportunity to get revenge on Scott when Bernice lets the young businessman open a tab at the Woolpack.

Pollard tries to drum up business at the Daletech party much to Scott's annoyance. A drunken Kelly criticises Roy for his lack of ambition. When the young girl returns to work Zoe realises she has been drinking and tries to persuade her to talk about her problems.

And Lyn invites Scott to her College Ball.

Episode 2624 21 December 1999

(Plus! Thu 22nd Jan 2004)

Eastern Promise fills Emmerdale when Marlon holds an 'Aladdin' night in the Woolpack. Dressed as the Genie of the Lamp, the excited Dingle offers to make everyone's dreams come true. But unlike a fairy tale, the night is destined to end in heartbreak for Bernice.

When Gavin disappears from the bar, Bernice goes in search of him. But she is unprepared for the sight that awaits her.

Kelly's attempt to speak to Scott about her secret fails when Lyn arrives to take him to her College Ball.

Betty surprises Seth when she arrives home with a new haircut. But little does he know that her make over is not for his benefit.

Emily's hopes of earning extra money for Christmas are destroyed when Viv tells her that she is going to have to let her go.

Viv confronts Turner and accuses him of destroying her business.

Episode 2625 Monday 22 December 1999

(Plus! Fri 23rd Jan 2004)

Bernice's hopes of a blissful future with Gavin are in tatters. Having witnessed his betrayal, the heartbroken girl refuses to listen to his explanation and throws him out of the house. When Tricia tries to talk to her, Bernice refuses to discuss the matter. But behind closed doors the discovery takes it's toll and she breaks down in tears.

Betty is surprised when Bernice turns up on her doorstep looking for a shoulder to cry on.

Lyn invites Scott to spend Christmas lunch with her.

Viv's plans for a family Christmas at her sisters take a knock when Kelly and Scott refuse to go.

Roy becomes increasingly worried by Kelly's odd behaviour.

Donna's concerns for her sister deepen when she discovers a bottle of vodka in her bag.

And Betty pleads with Reggie not to drag up their past.

Episode 2626 23 December 1999

(Plus! Mon 26th Jan 2004)

Ashley is a man on a mission - he is determined to find out the truth behind Gavin's sudden disappearance - and nothing will get in his way. Turner puts him off the scent when he tells him that Gavin is visiting his parents. But his suspicions go back into overdrive when Bernice's mask begins to slip.

Tricia tries to stop him interfering, but Ashley is not prepared to take no for an answer.

Bernice's mum Diane returns to the village, unaware of her daughter's heartbreak.

Chris's Christmas Party turns into a shambles when he catches Sean chatting up Claudia. The drunken Tate considers himself a better catch and makes a pass at her - much to Claudia's horror. Unable to put up with her boss's sleazy ways, the nanny immediately resigns.

Zoe tries to make Claudia reconsider, but will she be able to change her mind? And Paddy invites Jason to spend Christmas Day at the Dingles.

Episode 2627 24 December  1999

(Plus! Tue 27th Jan 2004)

Christmas is a painful time for Andy. Overcome by guilt, the young lad visits the Windsor's and tries to apologise for the tragedy, which resulted in Vic's death. Viv refuses to listen and orders him out of her shop. But his mind is put to rest when Kelly tells him that she doesn't blame him for what happened.

Diane persuades Bernice to spend Christmas with her in Harrogate. She is forced to do some quick thinking when Ashley asks them where they are going.

Viv takes Donna to spend Christmas with her sister. With his mother in law out the way, Roy comes up with an ingenious way of increasing custom at the village shop.

Angie's hopes of a family Christmas are dashed when she learns that she is going to have to work on Christmas day.

And Paddy grows tired of Kelly's behaviour at work.

Episode 2628 SATURDAY 25 DECEMBER 1999

(Plus! Wed 28th Jan 2004)

One Hour Special - Emily's face is a picture when she gets the Christmas present she prayed for - a visit from her dad. John makes the Dingle party complete as he joins them for Christmas dinner. And for the first time John recognises how much his daughter cares for Butch.

Jack is angry when the kids open their presents and realises Sarah has gone behind his back to buy them computer games. Kathy spends the day with Graham delivering presents around the village and later after eating Christmas dinner together they embrace under the mistletoe.

Kelly is haunted by the painful memories of her father's death and the secret she is hiding from both Scott and Roy. She excuses herself from the Dingle party and stands alone at her father's grave.

Zak has a close escape when Ashley calls and only just manages to get the vicar out of the way before he sees the nativity scene he pinched from the church.

Claudia's suspicions are aroused when she overhears Chris and Zoe arguing bitterly over Liam's death. And the Reynolds dreams of a happy Christmas are shattered when Ollie deliberately burns the turkey and they are forced to eat at the Woolpack, much to Marc's horror.

Episode 2629 - 28 December 1999

(Plus! -Thu 29th Jan 2004)

Bernice arrives back at the pub with Gavin's cheating ways still weighing heavily on her mind. Later Turner catches her furiously ripping up her cheating boyfriend's clothes.

Christmas seems to have mellowed the troubled Sugdens and Jack and Sarah resolve to try harder to make their marriage work.

Scott's slick sales patter cuts no ice with Chris when he tries to sell him computer equipment for the Haulage yard. Later he tells Zoe that he's convinced Sean is up to no good at the yard and he intends to return to work. Zoe tells him she'll have him voted off the board if he does.

Episode 2630 29 December 1999

(Plus! - Fri 30th Jan 2004)

Viv arrives home from her break and tells Roy and Kelly she's been over the books and the shop is faring worse than even she thought. She tells Emily she's thinking of selling up, but is shocked when Emily says she'll work for nothing to get the business going again.

Bernice's birthday celebrations are upset when she receives a card from Gavin.

Later surrounded by her closest friends Bernice lets her hair down and at the end of a boozy evening ceremonially burns her "life plan" on a barbecue.

Episode 2631 30 December  1999

(Plus! - Mon 2nd Feb 2004)

Bernice tells Kathy that she has chosen a neutral venue - the vicarage for her meeting with Gavin. When Kathy asks her if she if she is ready to see her fiancee, Bernice's emotions bubble to the surface. Gavin unexpectedly walks into the Woolpack, and the regulars make it clear how they feel about his sudden arrival. But even they are shocked when Ashley erupts in fury.

While Bernice wants to talk about business Gavin has other matters on his mind, and it's not long before they are discussing their relationship. But will she forgive him?

Chris is put firmly in his place when Turner tells him that Zoe is his employer, but he is prepared to tolerate a certain amount of his irrational behaviour.

Betty tells Viv of Gavin's escapades and asks her to keep it under her hat. But with such a juicy story, it is only a matter of time before the village gossip is spreading the tale.

Jack is flabbergasted to discover how much it will cost to fix Sarah's car. But he begins to cheer up when Lisa tells him that she is sure she could sell it for him.

Richie is annoyed to learn that Scott's sales patter destroyed their chance of securing a contract with Chris.

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