Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2557-2569 --- 3 August - 31 August 1999

Uploaded 16th October 2003
Updated and finished for now 19th October 2003

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Individual Episode Synopsis

NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

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Episode 2557 3 August 1999

(Plus! Fri 17th Oct 2003)

Kathy Glover Circa 1997-1999 Later Biff photo card with pre-printed signature Graham Clark circa 1999-2000

Kathy and Biff's big day is approaching, with one big issue to resolve…the ring Graham gave her. But Biff is relieved when Kathy agrees to return it. Kathy explains to Graham that their friendship has not been affected, but after she leaves he flies into a rage.

Turner is confident that Stella will agree to marry him.

While Bernice is genuinely happy for him, Tricia has her own agenda - becoming the new Lady of Home Farm. But Stella has Gavin on her mind. And it's not long before their passion gets the better of them.

Love is in the air for Butch and Emily. But Zak is concerned to find how strong Butch's feelings are.

Episode 2558 4 Augus1999

(Plus! Mon 20th Oct 2003)

Butch 2000 Tricia Stokes circa 1997-1999 Early Bernice photoccard with preprinted signature.

With her wedding only a day away, Kathy is having serious doubts about her future with Biff. Laura suggests that she may be making a terrible mistake by marrying Biff if she still has feelings for Graham, who secretly seems hell bent on destroying the wedding.

Graham tackles Kathy and confesses he is in love with her. His words strike a cord and the pair kiss - but will Kathy come to her senses before it's too late?

Stella asks Bernice how she can let Turner down lightly.

Sarah confesses to Angie that she is concerned about the state of her marriage to Jack.

And Emily's seduction techniques seem lost on Butch.

Episode 2559 5 Augus 1999

(Plus! Tue 21st Oct 2003)

Kathy and Biff's Wedding day arrives. But with so many secrets in the air, trouble is just around the corner. Graham confronts Biff and tells him that Kathy has feelings for him. And when Graham reveals that they have kissed, Biff explodes in fury.

Meanwhile, Kathy admits to Laura that last nights incident with Graham has convinced her that she should marry Biff. With the ceremony getting closer and closer, both Kathy and Biff become concerned about Graham's whereabouts - but for startlingly different reasons. And when he enters the church midway through the ceremony, those in attendance are unprepared for what happens.

Meanwhile, Biff was getting ready to leave the village. His best friend Marlon wondered if he would ever see him again.

Turner's attempt to find out if Stella has made a decision regarding his marriage proposal ends in failure when she claims she is feeling ill and leaves. Instead of going home Stella visits Gavin, and it is not long before they are in the throws of passion. But they are forced to do some quick thinking when Bernice arrives back unexpectedly.

Gavin Spent the afternoon with Stella upstairs in the Woolpack on what was to be Biff and Kathy's wedding day. She sneaked out without Bernice seeing her.

Episode 2560 10 August 1999

(Plus! Wed 22nd Oct 2003)

Laura Johnstone with preprint circa late 1999/2000 Stella Jones Betty Eagleton circa 1997-1999 Christ Tate publicity still from the mid/late 1990s handsigned by Peter Amory

Kathy has the world's problems upon her shoulders. Betty tries to console Kathy, but her heartbreak is evident when she reveals that she brought the nightmare of her wedding day upon herself.

With the whole of the village gossiping about the wedding debacle, Kathy turns to Laura for advice, but she is left down heartened.

When Chris arrives to offer his sympathy there is little she can do to control her emotions. But her real anger is aimed at one person - Graham. And when he approaches her, Kathy makes it clear who she really blames for Biff jilting her at the altar.

Butch and Emily are surprised when John discharges himself from hospital. And when he arrives home and demands that Butch should leave, the love struck Dingle is surprised by Emily's reaction.

Wheeler-dealer Scott, gets his comeuppance when he's sacked from his job for poaching clients.

Viv begins to panic when Kelly announces that she has found the house of her dreams and needs her deposit money.

John Wylie

Episode 2561 & 2562 11 August 1999

(Plus! Thu 23rd Oct 2003)

Ashley Thomas early fan card signed by John Middleton Eric Pollard Circa 1997 or 1998 with a dedication by Chris Chittell Original Ollie fan card Zoe late 90s The first Lisa Dingle fan card circa 1998-1999

One Hour Special. Emily faces an uphill struggle with her father John, when she tries to persuade him that Butch's intentions are honourable.

Meanwhile, fed up Butch can't believe that Emily doesn't want to see him anymore. Lisa visits John and tries to win him over, but her efforts are in vain. But will Butch give up so easily?

Bernice is disappointed to learn that Ploughman's Pubs will be buying the Woolpack. But Gavin has his own plans, and they involve Stella.

Pollard offers Zak a job - collecting gym equipment. But the pair are incensed when a mischievous Ollie interferes.

Kathy's temper gets the better of her when Marlon suggests he should be made manager of the Diner.

And Viv is outraged to discover that Scott is unable to repay Kelly's deposit money.

Stella discovers that money doesn't necessarily bring happiness. When she finds Tricia looking around the stables at Home Farm, Gavin tells her the young barmaid is convinced she will be moving to Home Farm when Stella accepts Turner's proposal. Stella's mood is not improved when Viv arrives and asks her for a loan to cover Kelly's deposit on a house. She turns to Reverend Ashley for advice but is left exasperated when he suggests she should share her good fortune by making a donation to the church roof fund. And when Stella gives Turner her answer to his proposal of marriage, she is left speechless by his response.

Sarah's night of romance with Jack doesn't go to plan. When an argument erupts, Sarah is left with only a bottle of wine for company. And when Jack returns to find her drunkenly dancing with Pete, he can hardly contain his fury.

Kelly and Roy visit a mortgage advisor - much to Viv's concern.

Scheming Zoe talks Chris into sending Frankie on a three week trip to Eastern Europe in an attempt to break up her relationship with Maggie.

Episode 2563 12 August 1999

(Plus! Fri 24th Oct 2003)

Sarah Sugden circa 1999- 2000 Angie Reynolds fan card circa 2000 Jack Sugden Original Marc Reynolds fan card signed by Anthony Lewis

Sarah tells Angie of the previous night's activities and her troubles with Jack. Angie points out that the marriage needs spicing up and the two agree to meet later for drink.

Later in the Woolpack Angie tells Sarah she needs to keep Jack on his toes - and should show more interest in other men, namely Pete.

John warns Emily to stay away from Butch and she agrees. Butch explains to Stella that he has been helping out at the farm because Emily cannot manage, but that he is keeping up with his duties at Home Farm as well. Stella notices that he has hurt his face and Butch explains that Pollard gave Zak a free sun bed and he got himself burnt.

Butch arrives at the farm hiding his face from Emily who tells him she'll get some cream to help it heal. Butch is concerned to hear that John may soon be out of bed and Emily tells him to keep away from the windows in case he gets spotted. Butch is working in the barn when he hears John approaching outside, he has heard some noise and thinks he has burglars - he is brandishing a shot gun. Before he spots Butch, Emily appears at another entrance and tells him he was mistaken - the noise was just her working.

Kelly asks Viv for the money for her and Roy's deposit. Viv explains hastily that she is waiting for it to clear and then she can write Kelly a cheque. She later approaches Stella who tells her she will let her know in a couple of days.

A representative from Ploughman's pubs arrives at the Woolpack and tells a disgruntled Bernice to ensure the current staff know that none of them will be needed. However, he later gives Tricia his card to apply for a job.

Bernice feels she has let Gavin down by being unable to secure a deal for the Woolpack. Gavin rushes out to see Stella but is dismayed to find out she has been endlessly hassled for loans from various people all day long. He changes tactics and tells Stella that he is considering leaving Bernice and uses Stella's guilt to get her to offer to lend him the money to give to Bernice for the pub. Stella wakes up to his devious plan but plays along with it. After he leaves she breaks down in tears. Marc has some business ideas for the diner; Marlon agrees to mention it to Kathy but is not overly interested.

Episode 2564 17 August 1999

(Plus! Mon 27th Oct 2003)

Marlon Seth Armstrong! Signed with a dedication by Stan Richards - circa 1997 Roy circa 1999-2000 Zak Dingle circa 1997-1999

Zak decides to help Butch with his complicated love life, and ignoring his pleas not to interfere, confronts John. But for once the tempestuous Dingle uses a diplomatic approach rather than his fists. And his words of wisdom seem to strike a chord. But Emily's hopes of a reconciliation are shattered when her father tells her that it's his responsibility to protect her from a troublemaker like Butch.

Seth is intrigued when he hitches a lift with Stella and discovers that she is going to visit her business advisor.

Bernice is worried about having to move once the Woolpack has been sold. But little does she know of Gavin's plans.

And Betty offers Kelly some words of advice regarding her relationship with Roy.

Episode 2565 18 August 1999

(Plus! Tue 28th Oct 2003)

Kelly Windsor circa 1998-1999

Intrigue is rife when Pollard, Viv, Turner, Ashley, Bernice and Butch receive a letter from Stella inviting them to a meeting at Home Farm. Viv thinks Stella is going to lend her money for Kelly's house deposit. And Turner believes she must have decided to accept his marriage proposal.

On their arrival it becomes clear that this is to be no ordinary meeting - they are here to watch a video, which marks the end of the lottery winner's connections with the village.

Bernice is left flabbergasted when Stella tells her that because she was her only true friend, she is giving her the money to buy the Woolpack.

Butch is thrilled to learn that he is now the caretaker of Home Farm.

But there's deep upset and some harsh truths for Viv, Turner, Ashley and Pollard.

Episode 2566 19 August 1999

(Plus! Wed 29th Oct 2003)

Original Emily fancard

Life is looking rosy for Bernice. With the deposit money for the Woolpack in her bank account, her life plan finally seems to be in order. Tricia warns Gavin that unless he lets Turner and her continue living at the Woolpack - she will tell Bernice of their afternoon of passion. And when she twigs that Gavin slept with Stella, the two-timing rat is forced to concede.

Kelly can barely contain her anger at Viv and Scott. With her deposit money a distant memory, Kelly visits the Post Office to collect the last of her belongings. Viv tries to apologise, but her efforts make matters worse. Suddenly Kelly grabs Scott's car keys and dashes out.

Emily tricks John into letting her go to the Emmerdale Cricket match. But he's furious when he discovers that she's still seeing Butch. And Marlon is thrilled to learn that Kathy is going on holiday for a few weeks and is leaving him in charge.

Episode 2567 24 August 1999

(Plus! Thu 30th Oct 2003)

Butch has a violent confrontation with John.

Scott comes to blows with Roy over his stolen car.

Emily saves the day at the cricket match.

25 August 1999 (no episode)

Episode 2568 26 August 1999

(Plus! Fri 31st Oct 2003)

Butch persuades Emily to leave her father.

Kelly gives Scott his car - and a nasty surprise.

Maggie finds out about Frankie's night with Zoe.

Episode 2569 31 August 1999

(Plus! Mon 3rd Nov 2003)

Donna Windsor late 90s Scott Windsor circa 1998 Viv Windsor circa 1997-1998

Loves young dreams Butch and Emily appear to be heading for a fall. For when Emily visits Viv to apologise for her absence from work, father is watching her every move. John follows Emily to Home Farm, and forces his way in to the house, intent on persuading her to come home. When Butch walks in, John erupts in fury and goes to strike Emily. But Butch intervenes and gives John a taste of his own medicine.

Kelly confesses to Roy that she is sick of the cramped living conditions at Annie's Cottage.

Viv admits to Scott and Donna that there is little chance of finding Kelly's deposit money as she has spent her savings on refitting the shop.

Marlon puts the first piece of his master plan to improve the Diner into action - much to Betty's angst.

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