Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 1999
#2505-2517 --- 1 April - 30 April 1999

Uploaded 7th August 2003

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Angie Reynolds joins the Emmerdale action this monthSean Reynolds makes his first appearanceLaura Johnstone

NOTE: these episodes are based on the officially released synopsis. © 1999 Yorkshire Television.

However I or anyone else who wishes to offer their services, may well add to them at some future date.

Episode 2505 1 April 1999

(Plus! Wed 6th Aug 2003)

Angie steps into the ring with Sean and Chris to try and bring some sense to the battle between their companies. But her visit to Chris is in vain when he says there is no chance of an agreement. Later, Laura goes to Sean to see if he is any more willing to try and find some way of resolving the dispute. But she is taken aback when, he steers the conversation away from business and focuses on her.

Emotions run high when Paddy visits the Dingles to patch up the rift in the family. But his role as peacemaker hits a snag in the shape of Zak.

Kelly and Roy are treated to a surprise engagement party. But while Roy basks in the attention, Kelly realises that Scott has used the occasion to try to destroy her relationship.

Biff has an ulterior motive when he takes Kathy shopping - he wants to tell her how strong his feelings are for her. But, as he summons up the courage, the moment is broken when they bump into Graham and Rachel.

Episode 2506 6 April 1999

(Plus! Thu 7th Aug 2003)

Chris faces some important decisions over the survival of Tate Haulage. The devious businessman informs his clients that he will undercut any offer made by Reynolds Haulage.

On hearing this news Sean bites the bullet and approaches Chris to suggest a partnership, but his efforts are futile. In this tit for tat war Sean soon hits back when he puts in a deliberately low figure for a contract, forcing him to undercut still further and operate at a loss.

Rachel arrives home to find Graham has packed away her clothes to give to charity. He says he's going to buy her a new wardrobe, but she is not amused. Graham is furious and rushes outside to his car followed closely by Rachel. But when he sets off at speed she wishes she had left him alone.

Scott charms his way to an interview at a computer firm. And before the day is through the teenager has managed to secure a two week trial as a sales executive.

Kelly receives some words of advice from Chris, who warns her that her planned marriage to Roy will not be an escape to a better life.

Zoe is the harbinger of bad news for Paddy when she tells him that his ex-girlfriend Jane has phoned with the news that his mother has become seriously ill.

Zoe TateChris Tate

Episode 2507 8 April 1999

(Plus! Fri 8th Aug 2003)

Paddy is a troubled man. The genial vet has managed to repair his relationship with Mandy, but his happiness has been short lived after learning of his mother's illness. He decides to visit his mother and build bridges, but is shocked to lean how serious her condition is. When Mrs. Kirk asks Paddy if he has found himself a nice new girl, tension soon fills the air. Paddy says he is back with Mandy and they are planning to marry. But when Mrs Kirk warns him that he is making a mistake, Paddy replies that the mistake was coming to see her.

Rachel confides to Kathy that she is having problems in her relationship with Graham - it is almost as if he cares too much for her. And she is in for a shock when Graham tells her that he has put his house up for sale to prove he loves her. Sean organises a party to celebrate the merger between Tate Haulage and his own company.

While his wife's back is turned, Sean turns on the charm and introduces himself to Zoe. Little does he realise that her interest is elsewhere. But the occasion is overshadowed when Sean recognises Terry as the fake client who stole financial records form his office, and all hell breaks lose.

Biff admits to Marlon that he has strong feelings for Kathy. Since the accident he has realised he loves her, but doesn't know what to do about it. Marlon tells him that with Pete on the scene, he will have to her before it is too late.

Paddy KirkMandy Dingle

Episode 2508 9 April 1999

(Plus! Mon 11th Aug 2003)

The course of true love has taken a detour for Biff. And even Marlon's attempts to persuade him to admit his feeling for Kathy have hit a wall. Marlon changes tact and approaches Kathy about Biff's recent change of mood. On his advice Kathy tackles Biff and asks him what's wrong. And in a moment of honesty Biff reveals his true feelings, much to her surprise. But when he kisses her passionately, his joy soon turns to heartbreak.

Rachel gets a huge surprise when she walks in to her living room to find Stella has set up a makeshift hair dressing salon. Graham reveals that he has organised the makeover of her dreams. But Rachel is not so sure. The transformation leaves Graham awe struck, but when Rachel finds a picture of his first wife she is disturbed to find that she has become her spitting image.

Smug Scott tries to impress Kelly with his new job. When his attempts are ignored, he resorts to insulting Roy, telling her that he isn't going to end up like some third rate car mechanic.

Zoe visits Tate Haulage hoping to see Frankie. But her attempts to engage her in conversation end in disaster.

Jane visits the Dingles and tries to persuade Paddy to make up with his mother.

BiffKathy GloverAlice Bates

Episode 250913 April 1999

(Plus! Tue 12th Aug 2003)

Heartbroken Biff rues the day he revealed his feeling for Kathy. He ties to talk to her but gets the cold shoulder. And when Pete arrives to ask her out to dinner, poor Biff is left feeling defeated. But Kathy and Pete's night out does not go to plan. And Pete realises that their date is about to come to an abrupt end. Is there hope for Biff after all?

Paddy receives a phone call from his mother begging him to talk to her. But the genial vet's temper has been stretched too far. He is convinced his mother is playing games in an attempt to repair their relationship. But when they later meet his anger at her turns to concern at the news she gives him.

Rachel is finding it difficult to understand why Graham has transformed her into the spitting image of his first wife. And her temper flares when she discovers he's given her television away to a charity shop without her permission.

Rachel Hughes Tate Graham Clark

Episode 2510 14 April 1999

(Plus! Wed 13th Aug 2003)

Biff and Kathy decide to keep their relationship quiet, but it's not long before tongues around the village start to way. A comment from Alice alerts Marlon and Betty to the news. And after giving Biff a grilling, the pair promise to be secrete. But the pressure of keeping a secret is too much for Betty, who tells Rachel and Bernice, much to Biff's annoyance.

Graham persuades Rachel to stay at home and look after an ill Joseph. But when the school calls to ask her to come in Rachel asks Betty to baby-sit. Graham tackles Rachel about leaving Joseph, and when she tells him she is taking an aerobics class that night, he decides to his point by taking Joseph to the class to force her to come home.

Paddy is reeling from the news of how serious his mother's condition is. When Mandy arrives at the vet's to find out where he spent the night, she is stunned to discover that he was with his mother. She can't believe he has been taken in by Paddy's mum's new story and decides to confront her face to face - with disastrous consequences.

Episode 2511 15 April 1999

(Plus! Thu 14th Aug 2003)

Mandy suggests to Paddy that they should put their relationship on hold, so that he can help his mother through her illness. Paddy refuses, but it is clear that the pair are troubled by the situation.

Mandy turns to Terry and Viv for advice, which Paddy will not like.

Chris is delighted to discover that Pete's relationship with Kathy is over. But Kathy reveals she is seeing Biff and Chris is crestfallen. But when he later accuses Biff of only being after her money it's a comment he may live to regret.

On returning to Tate Haulage Laura says he can find another lackey, she's going back to her old job. Graham and Rachel invite Biff and Kathy for dinner.

And there is a surprise in store when Graham reveals he is being promoted. But Rachel's blood starts to boil when Graham suggests they can now start to think about a family.

Zoe's attempt to introduce herself to Frankie ends in disaster when Sean dominates their night out.

Episode 2512 20 April 1999

(Plus! Fri 15th Aug 2003)

Devious Graham is doing everything he can to persuade Rachel to quit her job and become a full time housewife. Even when she insists she wants to continue, eh keeps up the pressure by suggesting to the headmistress Miss Strickland that Rachel is unhappy and thinking of leaving. But Rachel is absolutely furious when she finds out and lays-into Graham for trying to control her life.

Mrs Kirk is delighted when Paddy tells her that he and Mandy have decided to split to spare her any distress. But his conniving mother - who claims she only has a short time to live - has one more trick up her sleeve. Her dying wish is to see Paddy walk up the aisle with his ex-sweetheart Jane.

Zoe has some pearls of wisdom for her lovelorn brother Chris. If he is still so interested in Kathy he must do something about it.

(NOTE: No episode aired on 21st due to foottball)

Episode 2513 22 April 1999

(Plus! Mon 18th Aug 2003)

The game is almost up for Paddy's conniving mother. She's had her son in a spin since she revealed that she only had a short time to live. Already she's caused Mandy and Paddy to split again and even suggested as a dying wish that Paddy might marry his childhood sweetheart Jane - just to make her happy. Paddy tells Mandy his mother's wish and while he has no intentions of carrying it through, Mandy decides it's about time she had a little word with Mrs Kirk herself. But after finding her home empty the trail leads to a health centre where Mrs Kirk is caught - working out on a fitness machine!

Rachel and Graham get the hard word from headmistress Miss Strickland for wasting her time. Graham reluctantly admits he gave her the wrong impression about Rachel wanting to leave. Later Graham interrupts an illicit meeting by the school gates and as people rush away, he finds a packet of cannabis resin on the floor. Later that evening he chats to police sergeant Angie Reynolds in the pub and persuades her to visit the school to give a talk on the dangers of drugs. She agrees and says she'll bring along a sniffer dog to give a demonstration.

And Zoe makes her party complete when she speak to Frankie and asks her to invite all the drivers at the haulage firm along.

Episode 2514 Friday 23 April 1999 (to make up for missing an episode on Wednesday)

(Plus! Tue 19th Aug 2003)

Mrs Kirk is about to meet her Waterloo when Mandy puts Paddy in the picture about her dealings. And after putting their heads together they decide on the perfect plan to show Mrs Kirk that her game is up. In hilarious scenes Paddy goes to her home and as he stands at her bedside first Mandy enters the room - closely followed by the whole Dingle tribe. They've decided because she's so ill they're going to take it in turn to nurse her. Suddenly Mrs Kirk leaps from he bed and immediately realises she's been rumbled. And she's not the only one heading for a fall.

Devious Graham plants the cannabis resin in Rachel's jacket and then invites her to come along to the presentation Sgt Reynolds is telling the kids about the dangers of taking drugs. And when she demonstrates how the sniffer dog works - poor Rachel is left reeling with embarrassment as the dog heads straight for her. Rachel is lead away for questioning as Graham weakly protests her innocence.

Episode 2515 27 April 1999

Wed 20th Aug 09:30

There's a shock in store for Kathy when Chris takes her out to dinner, to the hotel where they spend their wedding night, convinced that the can destroy her relationship with Biff. Over a meal Chris turns on the charm and is delighted to learn that Kathy misses their moments of intimacy. But Chris's plan to engineer a night together turns sour.

Zoe's birthday party is as successful as her brother's night out. Her attempts to learn more about Frankie are hit for six when Sean informs her that she has had to stay behind and work and when Frankie does arrive, its with her partner Maggie!

Rachel is finding it difficult coming to terms with her arrest, but agrees to go to the Woolpack with Graham. The atmosphere turns frosty when Angie walks into the pub and Graham loses his temper. But the argument comes to an abrupt end when furious landlord Turner suddenly collapses clutching his chest.

Episode 2516 28 April 1999

(Plus! Thu 21st Aug 2003)

Chris's plan to destroy Kathy and Biff's relationship failed miserably - but even he can't imagine the fallout to follow. Biff tackles Kathy and demands to know what happened and when she fails to satisfy his curiosity, he visits Chris for some answers. In a heated confrontation Chris admits that they had discussed Biff's prowess - and is rewarded with a black eye. And there is more bad news when Laura tells him their relationship is over.

Rachel's suspension over the drug allegations is sending her crazy - and she's even more distraught when Graham arrives him and says that Miss Strickland intends to make an example of her. His suggestion to move away from the village leaves her speechless.

Viv calls a family meeting and reveals that Vic's insurance money has come through. But Scott is annoyed that Viv plans to give Roy and Kelly money for the deposit on a house, while his share is to be invested in a trust fund.

And Tricia is shaken by news of her grandfather's mild heart attack.

Tricia StokesAlan Turner - Landlord of the WoolpackBernice Blackstock

Episode 2517 29 April 1999

(Plus! Fri 22nd Aug 2003)

Emotions run high when Biff questions Kathy about discussing their sex life with Chris. Kathy criticises Biff for believing Chris's version of events, but fails to appease him.

Kathy confronts Chris and warns him to stay out of her life as they will never get back together again.

Graham is furious when he catches Rachel looking at photographs of his first wife.

While Pollard's questioning troubles Graham when he suggests that whoever planted the drugs, is deliberately trying to make life difficult for Rachel.

Cunning Scott persuades Viv to invest some of Vic's insurance money in a new venture - his own computer business.

Roy GloverKelly WindsorVivScott Windsor

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