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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -


Tuesday Tidings 31/8/99 (Dionne)

Butch & Emily

Again, these two took centre stage, which means an interesting story
and good acting as ever. The episode opens with Butch attempting to
cook breakfast, but he burns the toast and sets off the fire alarm
instead. Nevertheless, Emily is really touched by the effort. She
tells Butch that she needs to go into the village to get some food for
their tea, and to let Viv know that she intends to go back to work.
Butch is worried in case her father catches up with her, bus she tells
him not to worry.

Mr Wylie is still brooding at home, missing his daughter, and rings
the shop hoping to speak to her. When Viv answers, he hangs up.
Meantime, having declared her love for Butch, Emily goes to the shop
to assure Viv that she will be returning to work the next day, and
skips out of the shop. Unsurprisingly, Mr Wylie is outside the shop,
and follows her back to Home Farm.

Later, Mr W is banging on the door, begging to come in. He promises
Emily that he only wants to talk to her, and that he won't hurt her.
Once in the kitchen, he tells her that he really wants her to come
home, because he is the only person to look after her. Emily refuses,
saying that she needs to branch out on her own and that Butch is
looking after her. Mr Wylie growls that Butch is only after one thing,
which shokcs Emily because that's the last thing on her mind.

At that moment, Butch walks in. Mr Wylie ignores him at first as he
continues to try and convince Emily to return with him. He only
acknowledges Butch when the latter tells him that *he* will look after
Emily now. Mr Wylie tells him that he has corrupted her mind, and soon
he will corrupt her body.... THUMP! Butch hits Mr Wylie on to the
floor, then throws him out.

Emily is upset by this, and tells Butch that he is no better than her
father. Butch tries to tell her that he only did it to protect her,
but she tells him that she doesn't love him after all, and that she
never wants to see him again.

The Diner

In Kathy's absence, Marlon starts up a cheap fry up for truckers,
which proves very popular. Betty isn't thrilled at the new clientele,
but soon perks up when Marlon turns it back into the tea shop in the

Marc turns up later, annoyed that Marlon has nicked his ideas. He asks
for a job after school to compensate. Marlon, needing the staff,

The Windsors

Not much to report here. Kelly is still pouting, Roy is still pouting,
Scott is still posing, and Donna tries to get the whole family back
together. Meantime, life at Annie's Cottage is getting more and more
cramped, but Miss Piggy refuses to go back home. Eventually, Balsa Boy
apologises, telling Kelly that she means too much for him to hurt her.
At this, Kelly bursts into tears, thinking that Scott really means
what he says (of course, she could be remembering how crap he was in
bed, but that's another tale).

Tate's Haulage

Chris brings Joseph into the yard, as the nanny's let him down.
However, it proves to be rather difficult as they are supposed to be
interviewing for new drivers. Enter PC Melvin from The Bill,
masquerading as Liam Hammond. Chris delays the interview while he
finishes reading a story to Joeeph.

Meantime, Maggie the Monotone turns up to apologise to
Pete-the-Brookie-reject, but soon starts worying whether Zoe & Frankie
got up to anything in Southampton. Zoe turns up at that point and lays
into the monotone, telling her to "get orrf my lend" or she'll call
the police. Of course, Zoe has conveniently forgotten that she is
chasing another woman's girlfriend, but hey, she's Tough Tate now.

Having despatched of the monotone, Zoe storms in while Chris is trying
to finalise a new deal. He's angry that Zoe has bought her private
life into work (shades of the pot calling the kettle black methinks),
and she storms out again in protest. Liam has been looking after
Joseph while this is going on, and Chris is so grateful he gives him
the job.