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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Bill's Blubberings week 30/3-1/4/99 Yes folks due to Andy being indisposed I am back to Blubbering on alternate weeks.
The week starts with Butch sticking to his guns, he will not sign the annullment. Later in the Woolpack Mandy is clearing glasses near to where Paddy is drinking. Paddy "Giz a snog." Mandy "We agreed we should be discrete." Paddy "That is discrete for me." Lisa disagrees with Zak over the situation but he says that he is doing it for Mandy's own good. Mandy comes in and asks why she cannot have Paddy and the family. When Zak refuses to compromise Mandy tells him that she has chosen Paddy and Zak cannot do a thing about it. With that Zak promptly locks her in her room. Next morning Mandy is trying hard to knock the door down. Zak says that she is there until she changes her mind. He then tells Butch to take the day off work to stand guard. When Zak goes Mandy tells Butch to stand up to Zak and let her out. Butch replies: "You may not love me Mandy but Dad does." Mandy answers by calling him "the coward with the key." Butch is worried about what to do and heads off to the village where he finds Rev. Ashley. He tells Ashley what has happened and they both go back to the house where Ashley stands back while Butch unlocks the door only to find Mandy packing. Ashley comes in and Mandy tells him of her feelings for Paddy, prompting Butch to ask "what about MY feelings?" He then agrees to the annullment and tells Mandy that she is making a mistake and he is washing his hands of her. This shocks her. Ashley tries to comfort Butch after she leaves to give Paddy the news. When he comes home Zak rips into Butch, but this new, stronger, Butch tells a gobsmacked Zak that he will not be bullied anymore. Zak and Lisa then discuss the new Butch and Zak wonders if he is past it. Mandy comes in to see if Butch is ok and makes it clear to Zak that her choice is final. Mandy spend the night at Zoe's and announces to all that morning that she has had enough of the Dingles. Everyone knows otherwise. Later Mandy says she will make her own and Kelly's wedding dresses. Kelly is so grateful that she agrees to be the one who goes to get Mandy's gear from the Dingle's. When Kelly gets there Zak will not give her Mandy's kit. They are still negotiating when Paddy arrives to have it out with Zak who tells him to go. Paddy is determined to have his say but: Zak "Get out before I send you back to Mandy on a bin bag!"...He follows this with a punch to Paddy's face which lays him out with a thud which causes Belle to wake and start crying. Zak, to an unconsious Paddy: "Now look what you've done." Kelly, meanwhile has run around to the Wooly to get Lisa. Paddy comes to and still wants to talk to Zak and waits to be punched again as Lisa comes in. Paddy impresses Zak by telling her that he must sort this out alone. As Lisa goes Zak agrees to hear Paddy out assurring him that this does not mean that he has turned soft.  Mandy, Butch and Lisa are sitting in the Wooly when Zak and Paddy come in to announce that Paddy is now a Dingle again. This pleases everyone except Butch.   Rachel/Graham As told later there is an impromptue party at Rachel's while Graham is away. They are all pretty high on shampoo when Graham returns, obviously not happy with what is going on especially when Kathy invites him to "Get your kit off." He leaves the room sulking. After the girls have left Rachel finds him washing up. he complains that she smells of booze.
Rachel "Tell me about your trip." Graham " Whats the point when you are drunk?" The next morning Graham is moaning that the place smells of cheap booze, cheaper perfume and that his Cds have been moved. Rachel leaves to tell Kathy all her troubles at the Diner. Later that day Rachel finds that Graham is happier and he even offers to cook. He is still in a good mood the next morning, insisting that they go shopping instead of doing the housework. Off they go and while they are out they bump into Biff and Kathy. The four go off together. After a while they split up and Biff is shocked with the dress that Graham buys for Rachel, saying that it is not her style. When all four get back together it is obvious that she doesn't like it but is scared of upsetting Graham. Shortly after Graham and Rachel are having lunch alone and he expects her to slip into the ladies between courses to put the dress on there and then. She points out that it an evening dress and she will wear it later at the engagement party. This she does at the pary and he seems happy, for now.   Stella She pays for a case of shampoo for the party at Rachel's. While they are there Bernice, in her own subtle way, makes it clear that she has seen Stella before. It comes to her at last, Stella used to be Bernice's hairdresser. Stella confesses that it is true and that her fortune came from a lottery win on a roll-over week. She says that she did not make it public because of affecting the way people think of her. Stella "I didn't tell anyone about it because I was worried about what people might think." Rachel "I'll tell you what people think. LUCKY COW!!!" Stella is pleased to be accepted as one of the girls. The icing on the cake to this story is that her estate manager, Pollard, is the last to find out!   Kelly/Roy The week starts with Kelly upsetting Scott by openly making the wedding plans. Viv comes in and Kelly asks her to stop him interfering. When Kelly goes Scott pours out a real 'sob' story to explain to Viv that he only wants what is best for Kelly and that isn't Roy. Viv tells Scott that if Roy takes Kelly off her hands then he IS good enough. Scott then suggests a surprise party. Viv agrees and he goes to make up with Roy and Kelly and sets them up for the surprise party. Kelly turns up at the garage with furniture catalogues from which she is selecting 1000.00 sofas for the house they will 'buy' when they get married. Of course, she says, that will involve Roy tapping Lisa for a rise. Kelly, herself, ends up approaching Lisa who can only say sorry. Scott is using all his charm and guile to convince people to attend the party.
At party itself goes well but Scott takes Kelly into the shop to try to get her to give Roy up again. He is put out to here her say that she intends to go through with it.   Haulage War. Terry posing as a prospective customer visits Sean at his office. He steals some floppy disks and takes them to Chris who realises just how bad Sean's finances are. Sgt.Mrs. Reynolds arrives at Chris's office trying to get him to call a truce but he is suspicious and says no. This prompts Laura to visit Sean who also says no but that does not stop him trying it on with her.   Kathy/Biff Biff asks Kathy out for the day. They are walking around the shops and just as Biff is about to declare his true feelings for Kathy they bump into Rachel and Graham. So this will have to wait until next week.   So what did I forget? Don't know, but someone will remind me.