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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tuesday Tidings 29/6/99 by Dionne.

The Dingles/Reynolds

The episode opens with Butch still upset over Emily while Zak & Lisa
wonder what the new neighbours will be like. Lisa feels that it would
be good to have people living next door again, but all Zak can think
about is going on the rob the moment she leaves for work. Besides, a
there's nothing like a good robbing session to try to cure Butch's
broken heart.

The pair find it easy, but in true Dingle fashion steal noticeable
stuff (eg CD player, a few CDs, the toaster). Stuff is stashed all
over the cottage, with the CDs placed in Belle's pram.

Meantime, the Reynolds are looking forward to their move, but Angie is
concerned about moving next to the Dingles. Pulling up at the cottage,
they see that Pete and some extra are still working, so the go to the
Woolie. They meet Lisa & Mandy there, and Angie invites herself round
for a cuppa. You can see Zak's shock when they all troop in.

It's the era of polite chit-chat while Zak & Butch try to conceal
their stash.However, Lisa later discovers the CD player and forces Zak
to tell the truth about where they come from. At the same time, the
annoying Reynolds son realises that half their stuff has disappeared,
making Angie realise that the Dingles may be at fault.

The Sugdens

Hurrah! A storyline for Sarah et al, which means decent acting for a
change. They are facing serious financial difficulties, which Jack is
preoccupied with. Meantime, Sarah overhears Robert & Andy whispering
about something, and gets suspicious when they refuse to tell her what
it's about.

Sarah raises her concerns with Jack, who isn't really interested. In
desperation, she looks in Andy's bag and sees a letter about the
school French trip. When they walk in, she tells them that education
is all important and allows them to go. Jack walks out in disgust.

The Woolpack

Bernice is still trying to raise a loan to buy the Woolie, but is not
having any luck. However, she continues to lie to Alan and Her Gavin
(who is very excited about seeing the cheque alone). Having been
turned down by yet another loan shark, she tries to tell Gavin the
truth, but he interrupts her by saying that he's overcome his doubts
and can't wait to run the pub with Bernice. She tells him that the
cheque will arrive next week.

Meantime, Pollard gets all mysterious on Dopey and asks her to meet
him later. Mandy convinces her (rather quickly) that Pollard is after
her body, but he makes it clear that his ideal woman is not some
skinny barmaid with a limited range of facial expressions. He wants to
buy the pub, and wants Dopey to be the licensee. However, his
involvement is to be kept secret.

Dopey, all excited, convinces Alan that she can run the beer tent at
the Summer Fayre as she's geting into practice. Alan and Gavin remain
unconvinced that she can raise the finace, but Bernice isn't so

Biff & Kathy

Thye're still together, but they're not getting married. Marlon and
Betty are unable to stop themselves intrfering in every aspect of
their romance, but Biff tells them to leave them alone.

However, Biff is still hurt by Kathy's refusal and we can see him
wondering if it's worth carrying on. Kathy wants everything to get
back to normal (you know, when she turns in pseudo blonde bimbo), but
we could be heading for Biff's Weekly Romantic Crisis. Stay tuned.

Wednesday Warblings 30/6/99 by Sarah.

The Dingles vs The Reynolds (round 2)

Having found that Zak and Butch have nicked a load of the Reynolds
stuff, Lisa persuades Zak to take it back. However, when Zak goes
round there and tries to get in a window he finds Angie waiting for
him. She is highly sceptical of his story about finding their
belongings just lying about and him returning them out of the goodness
of his heart, but she takes the things and lets him go.

Later when Sean goes to pick up a van from Lisa, Zak overhears him
talking to Angie on the phone and mentioning a warrant. He decides
that things have got a bit too hot in Emmerdale and convinces Lisa that
the two of them should go away for a couple of weeks till things calm
down, taking the remainder of the Reynolds things with them. They come
up with the excuse of telling everyone that they’re going to a funeral
(obviously very long funerals in the Dingle clan!).

As they’re about to leave, Lisa calls Sean to let him know she can’t do
his work for a couple of weeks because of the funeral. Hearing this
Angie is even more suspicious and, despite Sean’s protestations, dashes
over to the Dingle’s just in time to see them driving off. There
ensues a car chase (with unconvincingly speeded up film!) but Zak and
Lisa make a clean getaway when Sean and Angie run out of petrol (Butch
having drained it). Angie vows to get them when they return.

The Sugdens

Jack and Sarah are still bickering after Sarah agreed to Andy and
Robert going on the school trip to France. Sarah attempts an apology
but Jack is still angry and feels his position as the family
breadwinner is under threat. When the kids come home Sarah tells them
that they can’t go after all, which Robert immediately assumes is due
to his father.

Jack is on his way out for a drink at the Woolpack when Sarah makes
some comment about not being able to afford that either. This leads to
a full blown argument about money, Jack’s pride and past indiscretions
among other things. It ends with Sarah throwing the money from her
purse at Jack and storming out.

The Woolpack

Bernice is worried that Tricia might be able to raise the money to buy
the Woolpack and tries to tease some details out of her. Showing a bit
of restraint for once Tricia won’t reveal who her secret backer is,
much to Eric’s relief. To try and undermine Tricia in Alan’s eyes,
Bernice books a beer tent for the Summer Fayre, knowing full well that
Tricia is meant to be organising it. Tricia whinges to Grandad as
usual when she finds out, so they agree to have two tents, Bernice’s
being a “wine tent”.

The Summer Fayre committee have a meeting in the Woolie and Stella
promptly offers to underwrite the cost of the whole thing, much to
Eric’s dismay.

Kathy and Biff

Biff has obviously decided it’s his turn to try and wreck their
relationship and is acting very cooly towards Kathy. When Graham
declares that he’s moving out of Kathy’s, Biff suggests he might want
to stay whereas Kathy has finally come to her senses and thinks she
needs a bit of space (bit late now!!). Thankfully Graham is adamant
and moves out, but when he’s gone Biff turns down Kathy’s offer of
staying the night.

Thursday Throbbings 1/7/99 by Dionne.

The Sugdens

The bulk of tonight's episode involved Jack & Sarah. The episode
begins with Andy burning the toast. Jack was supposed to be making
brekkie, but is nowhere to be seen, which angers Sarah.

Jack turns up eventually, saying that he had to clear up after stray
campers. He refuses to take the kids to the bus stop, saying that he's
too busy with haymaking. In a huff, Sarah takes the kids to the bus.

At the bus stop, Sarah meets up with Angie, who's dropping off Mark &
Ollie. She invites Sarah for a coffee, which Sarah refuses at first
because she's got wifey things to do. Seeing Angie's look of pity
though, she decides to take a much-needed break.

The pair get to know each other. In a briiliantly-acted scene, Sarah
tells Angie about how her life has changed to what she planned when
she first met Jack. Then, she was a middle-class gal, working as a
librarian, and vowing that she & Jack wouldn't turn into Farmers of
the Decade. Now, she fears she *is* Aniie, as her life is taken up
with cake stalls, running after the kids, and supporting the Man of
the House. She feels that they don't talk anymore (to quote Sir Cliff)
and that's partly because of her hurt since Jack's affair with Rachel.

Angie is sympathetic, adding that she'd never tolerate such crap from
Sean. Sarah realises that things need to change, and vows to talk to
Jack, but soon changes her mind when he bursts in demanding her
presence in the field. Sarah tells him that she's been clearing her
head, and wants to talk. Jack isn't having it, and suggests they talk
in the field with a flask and some sarnies for company. She isn't

Later, Sarah brings a bill for Jack for services rendered over the
years - it runs into thousands. Sensing Jack's complete disdain, she
tells the boys that she's set up a rota for the housework, and leaves
for her sister's with Victoria in tow. Jack begs her to stay, but
she's not having it.

The Woolpack

Dopey (whose clothes today suggested that all is not well with Miss
Selfridge) and Bernice are still sniping about the rival tents.
However, Bernice is preoccupied with the lack of a loan, and is having
problems getting a loan anyway as she has no collateral.

Upset, she bumps into Ashley, who offers his usual shoulder to cry on.
Bernice tells him that her life should be perfect - Her Gavin is
perfect, as is the Woolie. However, she can't get a loan, and fears
that Her Gavin will leave her if she finds out. Ashley tells her that
she must tell Her Gavin the truth, but Bernice decides to keep trying
and tell him *after* she gets the loan. She then thanks Ashley,
kissing him on the cheek (see my thoughts below).

Meantime, Her Gavin meets El Tel in the village, and asks him to have
a word with Dopey about her mysterious backer. Terry walks into the
Woolpack later to see Dopey chatting with Pollard, who leaves rather
rapidly... When Terry asks about the backing, she responds that she
has several investors in tow.

Other stuff:

-- Seth is geared up for the fruit & veg competition next week, but
he's got competition from Marc Reynolds' cauliflowers.

-- Graham moves back into Mill Cottage, prompting another visit from
Kathy and the usual histronics from Biff. You know the score.


I *really* enjoyed this episode. It's always good to see the Sugdens,
and Sarah's determination to sort her life out before she becomes the
drab housewife was well-acted. Ditto for Jack's obstinance. It'll be
good to see how the boys cope without Sarah next week, although
knowing our luck we'll get none of that and plenty of Balsa-boy Scott.

Who was it that said that Ashley liked Bernice? Tis true! "Crying on
one's shoulder" takes on a new meaning when you fancy the pants off
someone. I reckon he'll have a quiet-but-firm word with Our Gavin, to
persuade him that he should come clean about Dopey.