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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Dionne's Ditherings Week 27-29 May 1999

Let's start with the main storyline, Rachel & Graham. Yes, Graham grows
ever more psychotic - having succesfully stitched up Rachel in a drugs
bust, he makes sure that he twists things further this week. Rachel is
too embarrased to go out, especially after a traumatic evening at the
Woolpack in which Zak offers his support for a "fellow fugitive".

Of course, Graham is pleased by this, and wastes no time in encouraging
Rachel to stay at home, telling her that the whole village is against
her and Miss Strickland wants to make an example of her. Meantime, Miss
Strickland (surely the most stupid teacher in Britain) is concerned, but
Graham tells her that Rachel wants to give up work altogether.

And so it goes on - Graham as control freak, but Rachel telling Kathy
that she doesn't know where she'd be without him (in a more plausible
storyline for a start IMO). However, Graham's control is beginning to
unravel - first, Rachel finds a load of his old photos, including some
of his former wife looking suitably depressed. Then, Eric twigs that
Graham may have something to do with Rachel's predicament. Predictably,
Graham responds by freaking out.

Will they learn the truth? In the hands of these writers, probably not.

Kathy, Chris, Biff & Laura

After Graham, enter Chris, another candidate of the School of Scheming.
Fuelled by some sort of love for Kathy, he takes her to the scene of
their wedding night, hoping to rekindle old memories.

After a sumptuous meal, Chris tries to start the car when he finds it
won't start (no surprise there - he took out the starter cable earlier).
They book rooms for the night, and Kathy decides to have a nightcap with
Chris. He plys her with drink and asks her about Biff; she tells him
that she feels comfortable and secure with Biff and that she really
loves him. This is *not* what Chris wants to hear, and he goes into some
diatribe about how useless Biff is for her. Kathy finally twigs what
Chris is up to and storms out.

During all this, Chris manages to tell Laura that he's stuck, and she
informs Biff (who immediately jumps to several conclusions, mostly
wrong). On their return, Chris spins Laura a yarn about Kathy losing the
plot at the hotel. Biff, however, is still pissed off that Kathy didn't
phone him, and storms off to see Chris.

Another row ensues, with Chris fast becoming the Bitch of Emmerdale in
Kim's absence. He tells Biff that Kathy told him that he (ie Biff) was
crap in bed, and she's only with him out of pity. POW! Biff predictably
punches him, but Chris responds by taunting him about Tara.

Biff (still storming at this point) storms round to Kathy's once more,
and lays into her for telling Chris about their private business.
Thankfully, they make up later in the Diner, prompting Kathy to tell
Chris exactly what she thinks of him. To wit:

Chris - But I love you.
Kathy - You don't know what love is.

Meantime, Laura twigs that Chris has been lying to her all along, and
that she'll always be second best to Kathy, so she dumps him. Chris
tries to get back together with her the next day in the Woolie, but when
he calls her Kathy...well, that's it. He's all alone, and it serves him


While trying to break up an argument between Graham and Angie Reynolds,
Alan has a minor heart attack. He recovers well, and takes up Terry's
offer to help out at the Woolie while he's in hospital. Bernice isn't
pleased, seeing it as the perfect opportunity for Her Gavin and her to
take over. Help if he turns up though.


Zoe has a birthday party on Tuesday, and invites all the truckers (esp
Frankie) and all her mates as well. The party is soon in full swing -
Ashley (surprisingly) turns up, Viv tries to get off with Pete, and
McGann tries to crack on to Zoe at any given opportunity (he seems to
have done that before, judging by Angie's expression later).

But Zoe just wants to see Frankie, and gets more and more drunk until
she finally turns up. Zoe is so pleased, she hugs her and asks her out.
Frankie responds by introducing her partner Maggie. Zoe is distraught.

The Windsors

Viv's weekly bitching about Rachel is interrupted when she receives
Vic's insurance money. She sets up trust funds for Donna and Scott for
when they get married (obviously Scott's's will be there for a long
time), while Kelly gets hers immediately. Scott loses the smug look and
tries to persuade Viv that he needs the money soon - he's setting up in
business with a mate.

I don't know which is more unbelievable - Scott setting up in business
when he was unemployed a month ago, getting a company car after 10
minutes in the job, or having a mate at all, never mind one to set up in
business with. I'm beginning to think Kieran hired these writers from
Sunset Beach.