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Ashley & Bernice

Hurrah! The chance to appreciate two performers that *do* have
chemistry. We start with Ashley desperately looking for a female to
accompany him on the camping trip as the original has dropped out. He
asks Sarah & Angie as they leave the gym, but neither wishes to oblige
as they have to work. Just then Bernice bounces up, wanting to see Her
Gavin in action. Eric quickly deduces that Ashley fancies the pants
off her, causing Ashley to blush (and quickly put his tongue in his

Later Bernice lets slip that she loved camping as a girl (she was a
Girl Guide), prompting Angie to advise Ashley to ask her to accompnay
him. She gladly accepts, and offers to go over the itinerary back in
The Vicarage.

Once there, Bernice tells him how lonely she feels, and that he seems
to be one of the few friends she has in the village. She also feels
that they're soulmates, and that fate has conspired to bring them
together on this trip. Ashley is too overcome to say much more than "I
think you're a good person Bernice" , and the last scene of the
episode sees him with his head in his hand, wondering how he's going
to cope with being at such close proximity to the woman he loves.

Mandy & Kelly

Mandy invites Kelly to look at the cottage, where she's about to
decorate. Tack is the order of the day, as Mandy combines lime &
purple walls with ornaments you wouln't buy from a charity shop, much
less spend 1000 worth of credit on. Kelly pouts as ever and tells
Mandy that she & Roy may be spending the week at the cottage they're
cleaning. Mandy warns her to be careful.

Later, after overhearing Mandy talk some more about the cottage, Kelly
tells Roy that they'll be spending weekdays at "their cottage". Roy
isn't keen, but Kelly pouts, flashes her cleavage and announces that
they will do what she says.

The Sugdens

The epsidoe opens with Jack asking Andy & Robert to help out on the
farm as it's half term. Andy is keen, but Robert isn't, and asks Sarah
to intervene. Cue a row between the pair about money, working and
doing their own thing. Sarah reminds him that he is treating the boys
exactly how his father treated him all those years ago.

Later, Jack asks Butch & Zak to help out, stating that he can't pay
them with money, but he can pay them with food (fresh meat and
produce). Butch readily agrees, causing another row b/w Jack & Sarah.
He tells her that the farm has nothing to do with her any more, and
then loses it when he sees that she's bought new sleeping bags fro the
boys. She counters that as it's her money, she can spend it how she

Kathy & Elsa

Not much of them in this episode (Amen! Hallelujah! etc). Alice is
wetting the bed and is generally upset about the rows. Alan summons
Kathy & Elsa and tells them in his best schoolteacher voice to sort it
out before it goes to court.

Other stories:

-- Liam catches up with Zoe at the surgery to ask her out for a drink.
She says no, but gets worried when Paddy suggests that he fancies her.

-- Zak & Butch try to continue their boycott of the gym, but it all
goes flat when people ignore them and Butch goes off to work for Jack.


It's time for some fun in the great outdoors as the children of
Emmerdale are let out of the cupboard for their camping trip (and they
seem to have found some other kids in there too to join them). The only
other thing happening is the continuing Tate saga.

Camping Trip

The hormones are raging on the camping trip, for both the children and
adults. As they are gathering to get on the minibus, Ashley is being
his usual quiet and feeble self trying to get the children to listen to
him. Bernice then turns up in commandeering fashion and takes charge.
When they get to the field she organises everyone into putting the tents

Ollie is being a complete brat and has also bought some Vodka along for
the trip to spice things up. She argues with a ginger-haired extra as
they’re putting up their tent. Mark comes over to give them a hand and
Donna visibly swoons. Andy is also interested in Ollie (goodness knows
why because she’s being horrible) and is disappointed when Robert picks
him for his team rather than him being on Ollie’s.

They play a team game which just seems to involve chasing each other
round a field. Ashley and Bernice seem to be enjoying chasing each
other when Ollie deliberately trips Ashley up so he twists his ankle.
This gives Bernice the chance to act the nurse and give Ashley a
footrub. Ollie spots that Ashley and Bernice seem to be rather chummy
and decides to take an active role in their relationship by sabotaging
Ashley’s tent so that he has to share with Bernice.

Ollie is bored and teases Mark about Donna being after him. She bets
him 10 he can’t snog Donna that evening. Later they sneak off together
and he wins his money, though Bernice catches them.

Meanwhile, round the campfire Ollie is passing out the vodka to
everyone. Bernice suspects that they’ve been drinking and warns them
they’ll be in trouble if she finds any alcohol.

As they all bed down for the night it’s very cosy in Bernice’s tent.
Ashley talks about how he’s lonely and how being a priest doesn’t
preclude him from those sorts of activities. As he carries on talking
about how he’s a man who has desires just like any other he doesn’t
notice that Bernice has actually fallen asleep. When he does he reaches
over and almost strokes her arm in the cringe moment of the night.

The Tates

Zoe is trying to think of a tactful way to put off Liam who keeps
wanting to go out with her. She’s a bit uncertain of his motives and in
the end she just confronts him outright. She tells him she’s not
interested in men and has had difficult experiences with them. He flys
into a rage at the suggestion he might have sexual motives and storms
out saying he obviously got her totally wrong.

He’s still angry when he gets back to the cellar and starts chucking
things about, making Chris cower. Chris blurts out that someone tried
to rape Zoe which is why she’s so wary of men who make sexual advances.
He insists she’s a good woman, which seems to calm Liam down a bit.

Later when Chris is pretending to sleep Liam comes down and starts

Other Bits

Kelly and Roy have stayed the night in the cottage that they clean, but
Roy is still uneasy about it - worried that the owner might turn up at
any minute.

Sean is trying to patch things up with Angie but she turns down a night
out with him as she’s already arranged to go out with Sarah (again).

Kathy has a go at Alan for trying to guilt-trip her into giving in in
the battle for Alice.