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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tate's Talk 26/28 Jan 1999

Tuesday 26/01/99

First scenes show Kathy and Chris together in what looks like a romantic
situation. They are discussing his fall out with Zoe. She tells him he
should go round and apologise but in true Chris fashion he says Zoe should
be the one apologising. She says it was Kim who caused the family's
problems not Zoe. Laura appears. Talks briefly to Chris, who thanks her
for all she has done. Tells her he is very appreciative. Seeing Chris and
Kathy makes Laura very sad and she leaves the room looking miserable. Kathy
tells Chris that Laura fancies him and he tells her not to be ridiculous.

Over at the Sugden's its breakfast time (isn't it always breakfast time at
the Sugden's?) and Robert and Andy are joking about ned and his girlfriend.
Ned walks in and Andy makes a humourous comment. Ned takes this in good
part. Heck, it must be love... He asks Jack for the day off to see her and
Jack agrees. As Ned leaves the room the phone rings. Its Becky Cairns and
she has bad news...... At the end of the call Jack says that he needs to
find Will.

Over at the vet's its chaos. Paddy is about to go on his round when Lynn
reminds him he promised to take her with him for work experience. He says
he is too busy but Lynn enlists Zoe who tells Paddy that if he promised to
take her then he should. Its not clear who will be answering the phone in
the meantime.

At the diner Stella is looking for Eric. Chats to Kathy about Eric, saying
how charming he is and how lucky she must have been to have him as a partner
for awhile. In the background Biff splutters when he hears this. Kathy
asks Stella if Chris can stay at Home Farm until he has his own place sorted
out. She says yes. She then goes on to say that Chris must be a decent
person after all. Biff then talks to Kathy and asks her what is going on
with Chris. She says nothing but they fall out when he says that Chris must
be up to something.

Jack finds Will in the diner. Tells him that Tony has had a climbing
accident and damaged his spine. No doubt Chris can give him the name of a
good wheelchair manufacturer..... Will looks upset and says he needs to get
to Germany quickly. Jack tells him there is a flight at 10 am the following
morning. After Jack leaves Marlon tells Will that as its his last night
there they should have a good night.

Over at Lisa's garage she's having to turn business away. It turns out one
of the local garages has closed down and all the business is coming her way.
She tells Zak that she needs help and suggests Roy. Zak seems happy with
this but his happiness turns to disgust when she tells him that she wants
Roy's employment to be all above board. She even wants to pay his National
Insurance!!!!!!!!!! What will she think of next.....

Ned and his girlfriend are talking in a bar. They agree that they have
never been as happy as they are now. She tells him she is going to Ibiza in
two days time. He asks her to stay but she says she can't. She then asks
him to go with her. He comes up with a series of excuses as to why he can't
go, such as his roots and Roy. She tells him Roy is an adult and can look
after himself.

In the Post Office, Kelly and Viv are bickering. Terry again says he thinks
its not a good idea that he works there, but Viv persuades him otherwise.
Kelly goes off, pouting furiously.

The lads are getting ready for Will's big night out. Will says he wants to
pull a pretty girl and then says he wouldn't mind Lynn. Marlon warns him
off and Roy does the same when he then suggests Kelly.

Ned tells Jack and Sarah that he has been invited to go to Ibiza. Sarah
thinks its a brilliant idea but Ned says he isn't going. He says he would
have no money and no experience and would basically be a kept man, and that
this would be too much for his pride. He then says he wishes he had never
met her again because meeting her had made him very happy but now it had all
been taken away.

Rachel and Kathy talk about Graham. Rachel tells her that things are
brilliant because he is so caring and domesticated. All this seems too good
to be true...... Rachel returns after her evening with Kathy and Graham has
rearranged the furniture in the front room, saying it makes "better use of
the space". She says its OK but then moves it a little more. He looks a
little disappointed with this.

In the Woolly Will is getting drunk with the lads. Goes over to tell Lynn
he fancies her and then ruins it by trying to kiss her. Then he tries it on
with Trisha and she plays along briefly before telling him he is too late.
He goes back and sits down and tells the lads he loves them.

He drunkenly apologises to Eric for his role in the Dee affair but tells him
it was bound to happen in the long run because he was old enough to be her
grandfather. Will sits back down then announces that he really fancied Lady
Tara. He then tells Biff he was an idiot to let her go. Despite requests
from Roy and Marlon to shut up Will carries on with this and Biff then grabs
him by the shirt and tells him to shut up. Will is then seen making eyes at
Mandy and Butch is not happy at this. Will tells Mandy she is a great
kisser and she tells him to tell all the lads before he goes. Will then
tells her that Paddy was never suited to her because of all the differences
between them. She pretends to look angry, noticing that Butch, Marlon, Biff
and Roy are gathering behind Will. They pick him up and carry him out of
the pub, to the delight of everyone there.

Final scene has Chris going round to see Zoe. He apologises to her for his
behaviour. She asks him why the sudden change of heart. He says that Kathy
has made him realise that Kim was to blame for everything, not anyone else.
Zoe asks him how close he is to Kathy and he says "close enough", and then
says he thinks he still loves her.



Opening scene at the Dingle's. Zak still trying to lay the law down about
Lisa's employment of Roy. She continues to take no notice of him.

Will leaves the house early. He is trying to get away without waking the
rest of the lads. Terry sees him and tells him he'll miss him. As they
part he gives Will a video copy of his rugby trial, commenting that his try
was the only time he scored while in the village.

In the Post Office Zoe is being goaded by Viv about being conned by Kim.
Zoe is in a foul mood and responds to the goading. As she leaves both Betty
and Kelly round on Viv calling her heartless.

In the Woolpack Alan and Trisha are lifting heavy crates. She tells Alan
its time that he got more staff. Alan tells her he is thinking of employing
a new bar manager and that he won't have to look far for to find this
person. Dopey immediately thinks he means her and perks up, telling him to
take a break while she does the bottling up.

Over at the vets, Zoe is in a strop. Laura walks in and asks her for advice
on the Chris and Kathy situation. Zoe angrily tells her to get lost because
she is fed up of being put on by everyone.

Lisa goes over to see Roy and asks him if he wants a job. He agrees. She
tells him not to mention wages to Zak if he asks. Roy asks why and she just
says its because they are having a misunderstanding.

Over at the haulage firm its about time for the grand opening. Kathy and
Chris look very cosy until Laura makes an appearance, saying she wanted to
be there to when the business was opened. Kathy teases Chris about Laura
but he tells her that Laura is a friend and nothing more.

Trisha goes over to tell Mandy that she is going to be the new bar manager.
Mandy blows her top telling her that Alan had promised her that job.

In the diner Roy tells Ned that he has got a job. Ned looks unimpressed.
Roy tells him he should go to Ibiza. Ned asks him if he is trying to get
rid of him and Roy replies that if he continues to be this miserable it
might be a good idea.

Biff goes over to talk to Zoe and tries to reassure her that everything will
be OK. She is in no mood to be reassured though and snaps at him. He
leaves her alone.

Over at the haulage firm there's a problem. It appears that the truck
nearest the entrance won't work and so the rest are blocked in. Chris looks
angry at this and much to his and Kathy's bemusement Laura takes over the
situation without prompting. Later it turns out that someone has put sugar
in one of the tanks. It appears that Chris has been sabotaged. He thinks
its kids but Laura suggests that someone has it in for him. Chris asks
Laura to stay around and help him. He also tells her he enjoys her company.
Laura visibly quivers with excitement. She says she will work with him for
a while.

Another scene at the vets with Zoe still in a bad mood. She tells Paddy
that she is sad and lonely. He tells her to let her hair down and maybe go
to a gay bar. She says that's not her style to which he replies that maybe
its time it was. She says she isn't looking for a one night stand and he
asks why not because she might actually enjoy it.

In the Woolpack Lynn is talking to Kelly. Says she hates working in the
vets and can't wait for Kelly to come back to work. Kelly tells her that
might be a while away and Lynn's unsympathetic reaction causes Kelly to
storm out of the pub.

Back at the haulage firm one of the drivers goes to see Chris to tell him
there is a problem in that a rival firm is poaching drivers. Chris tells
Laura that he loves a challenge and she says so does she, with a look on her
face that suggests she is more concerned with keeping Chris' wheels turning
than any of his trucks.....

Roy meets with Kelly and he tells her he knows how she feels about her dad
dying. later that evening they meet for a long chat at his house and they
pour their hearts out. He tells her he will always be there for her no
matter what happened in the past.

At the Sugden's a meal is on the table. No wonder Jack had an affair as
Sarah seems to do nothing but cook...... Ned looks miserable and Sarah
tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself.

Zoe goes to a gay bar. She lurks outside trying to pluck up the courage to
go in. The bouncer tries to encourage her to go in too but frightens her
off with her friendliness, telling her she won't be alone for long as she is
gorgeous. Personally I can't help agreeing but I'm not turning lesbian to
prove that.....

Final scene at the Sugden's. Jack, Sarah and Ned watching TV. Jack invites
Ned to the pub for a drink but he declines, looking fed up. Sarah loses her
temper with Ned and tells him she is fed up of him being so miserable and he
won't go to Ibiza because he is frightened. He says he won't go because it
would mean living off a woman and he won't do that because he has some
pride. She counters by saying his pride hasn't stopped him living off her
and Jack for a very long time and doing nothing about finding anywhere else
to live. She then tells him she wants him to move out.

Show ends.


Final episode for Ned Glover, and some fine acting by all involved with the
usual exception. Really folks, its nothing personal!

Opening scene at the Sugden's. Ned's bags are packed. Sarah is upset that
he is leaving on her account but he says that he is grateful for giving him
a kick up the backside. He isn't sure of where he is going just yet but
he'll find work somewhere. His only problem at the moment is finding
Linda's teddybear. Sarah remembers that the kids took it with some other
stuff to the toyfair and she suggests he goes and sees Ashley.

Eric is seen on the telephone having an angry conversation with the
auctioneer about the bear. Stella is in the background and when Eric comes
off the telephone irate, she tries to calm him down. Eric is angry that he
may not be able to sell the bear for as much as he originally hoped.

Ned goes to the church to see Ashley and they look for the bear but can't
find it. Ashley remembers that a collector was at the fair and suggests
that Ned goes to see Eric about it. Coming out of the church Ned is seen by
Eric and in a hilarious scene Eric tries to avoid being scene under the
pretext of writhing in agony with cramp, which he tells the ever gullible
Stella is "brought on by the cold".

Over at the Sugden's, Ned's bag is still mysteriously on the kitchen table.
Sarah is obviously taking a five minute sabbatical from cooking yet another
meal. Dawn appears and, seeing the bag, makes the assumption that Ned has
decided to come with her to Ibiza. Jack disappoints her by saying that Ned
is only planning on leaving Emmerdale, not the country. She resolves to
continue looking for him in an attempt to persuade him to come.

At the Woolly Mandy takes her CV to Alan but just as she is about to present
the epic document to him Dopey appears with hers. He looks through it and
then tells her he wants it typed. She says she thought he would accept it
as it is because she is his Granddaughter. He puts her right on this
misapprehension. Mandy, realising hers isn't typed either, hides hers from
view and assures Alan that it will be typed before being given to him.

Dawn catches up with Ned just as he is off to the auction to catch up with
his bear. They go for a brief walk and he informs her that he is still not
coming because he has his pride. She storms off in despair leaving him
telling her she is being unfair to him.

Ned appears at the auction room just as the bidding for the bear reaches
12,500, to which he shouts "I'll take it!" He then explains to the shocked
auctioneer that the bear is his. The bidding finally reaches 13,000 and at
the end of the sale Eric tries to get half of this money as his "expenses".
Ned tells him what he can do with his expenses and says that if he isn't
careful he'll tell Stella that Eric stole the bear from him.

Coming out of the auction hall Ned sees Mandy leaving the printers across
the street, shouting abuse at one of the workers. Mandy confides that she
had taken her CV to the printers and they had asked for 25 which she didn't
have, and that in her anger she had left it behind. Ned gives her the 25
and she collects her typed CV.

Back in the village Dawn goes to Lisa and asks for some petrol because she
has run out after driving round for so long looking for Ned. After she
departs Roy asks for some time off to sort something out. He then goes to
the Sugden's and takes his Dad's bag and goes looking for him. Ned, his
pride forgotten behind 13,000, finds Roy first and tells him that he is off
to Ibiza. Roy gets into the landrover to take him there. However, Butch,
who seems to have reverted to his recent village idiot role, has blocked the
road with an upturned load of hay.

Dopey gives her typed CV to Alan. He accepts it, but tells her he can't see
the relevance of some of her entries, for a bar managers job. Mandy gives
hers to Alan and he seems altogether more impressed which upsets Dopey, who
takes the first opportunity to "accidentally" knock over a drink over it.

In the Woolly, Eric tells Stella that he was selling the bear for Ned and
didn't want him to know so that he could present the cheque to him in the
bar, as a nice surprise. Stella falls for this hook, line and sinker. She
asks Eric why he still looks so fed up and he tells her because he wants to
know who told Ned and spoiled his "little surprise".

Biff appears in the lane on his motorbike, and laughs at Roy and Ned. Roy
asks him if he has a spare helmet and he says yes, and then Roy asks Biff to
take his Dad to the airport, and in another plot twist to suggest the
fictional North Yorkshire village has become a suburb of Leeds, Biff takes
him. Either that, or they have very long days in Yorkshire, as the flight
is at 4 pm.

In the final scenes Ned arrives at the airport, much to the relief of Dawn.

Show ends.