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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Dionne's Ditherings 15/17 June 1999

Right, before I go into this week's episodes, I apologise for the
absence of last week's update. I'm not sure what happened, but
hopefully normal service will be resumed from this week. I'll keep you

Anyway, on to this week's episodes. Not a lot happened during the
week, but we did get to find out a bit more about Sean & Angie. More
on that later.

Kathy & Graham

Man, this story is dragging on and on, with no end in sight and very
little point. Graham is still upset, Kathy is still fussing over him,
yadda yadda blah blah. Wednesday sees Graham giving us a glimmer of
hope by threatening to commit suicide. He leaves a note for Kathy, in
which he admits that he killed Rachel and wants to be with her.

Now, most people would be concerned about such comments, but this *is*
Kathy we're dealing with. She turns into Wonder Woman and rushes to
save Graham. He drones on about how life is not worth living; she
responds by saying that the village cares for him. She then grabs his

Kathy (holding on to Graham): If you jump, you'll have to take me with

Me (and several other viewers): Jump! JUMP!

Sadly, they didn't listen to me. While Graham is pleased that he's got
Kathy, Biff is pissed off that he's becoming a permanent feature in
every aspect of Kathy's life. Especially as he's trying to propose to
her. To cut a boring story short, Biff plans a romantic evening to
propose, only for Graham to turn up, as Kathy's invited him to stay
for a few days. Another row ensues, and Biff storms out. If only we
could with this storyline.

The Windsors

Having set up shop at Pollard's, Scott & Richie realise that if
they're going to make money, they have to work instead of looking like
boy band rejects. Shock - they actually have a business meeting, and
Scott decides that the only way to get business is to turn up in a
brand new car. Thye make a quick detour to a dealer, and persuades
some hapless extra to give Scott a test drive.

Scott takes a major detour to the Weetwood Hall hotel, so that he can
meet his client. The client is suitably impressed, unlike the dealer,
who is still sitting in the forecourt instead of driving off. After a
few choice words, Scott blows Kelly's deposit money on the car,
impressing Viv (as ever). Whether he'll make any money to pay her back
is another matter....

Meantime, Kelly and her ill-advised plaits are making a complete
nuisance of herself at the cottage. Biff & Marlon are sick of it, and
demand that Kelly pays her share of rent as she's moved in. Kelly
pouts, so Roy suggests that they move back in with Viv et al until
they can buy somewhere. She reluctantly agrees. Happy families are
here again.....

Tate Haulage

Laura reports for work as a director and immediately stamps her
authority on the place. She announces sweeping changes to make the
business more viable, the most unpopular being a 15% cut in wages
across the board.

But the main effect of this is on the personal side. While Chris
struggles to take orders from his ex, Sean tries to stop Angie from
putting an offer on a house (presumably the Glovers) as he's broke,
and Frankie tells Zoe that being a director doesn't mean that she will
dump Maggie for her.

We get to meet Sean's family as well - two children, a boy and a girl,
whose names I don't know at present (sorry!).

Butch and Emily

These two are getting on famously. They're getting into the habit of
meeting every day at lunchtime, and really like each other. However,
it wouldn't be a soap without Problems, and this comes in the shape of
Emily's dad.

Emily's scared shitless of her dad, and becuase of that keeps Butch at
arm's length. Matters come to a head when Viv keeps her late after
work, causing her to miss her bus. Butch gives her a lift home, and
offers to explain things to Mr Wylie, but she's not having it. She
gets out midway during the journey, and a curious Butch follows her
along the road. He soon spots Mr W in a Land Rover, tearing strips off
Emily for not being home on time.

She misses work the next day, and Butch is really worried. Betty tries
to convince him that she'll be back soon, but he's not convinced.
Somehow he could have a point.

The Woolpack

It's Bernice's Camelot night, and the usual suspects turn up - Alan as
Merlin, Ashley as a monk, Gavin & Bernice as Lancelot and Guinevere,
Mandy as a buxom wench, Sarah as a lady in a pink dress and Tricia as
the fool (quite apt, I feel). Tricia attempts to sulk her way through
the evening, but when that doesn't work, she nicks Bernice's plan and
proceeds to read out portions, including a description of her perfect

Bernice is understandably upset and tells Gavin that she'll understand
if he wants to dump her. He tells her that he likes her how she is,
and that he's flattered that he fits the description of her perfect
man. Tricia treis to put several spanners in the works, but Gavin is
unimpressed and tells her that she needs to stop being a total bitch.
Dopey reminds him of what they did, just at the moment that Ashley
overhears their conversation....

Now, could this cause a crisis of faith fr Ashley as he struggles not
to tell Bernice (given that he clearly fancies her)? Or will the
writers let us down once more??