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Roy comes out of prison in this episode, looking surprisingly well and
shockingly clean for a man who has just done some time in prison. Miss
Piggy is suitably pleased to see him, but Roy is in a reflective mood.

On his return to the village, he decides to walk around to savour the
sites and tell Kelly all his thoughts while in prison. He tells her
about how much he missed her, how he was pushed around by Jed et al
(understatement, surely) and how they felt he was far too ugly to pull
someone like Kelly. He also feels as if he's let her down - he's happy
to bumble around the village and live with her because he's loved her
for ages, but he knows that she wants more. Kelly pouts away, feeling
guilty about Scott.

Later, Roy goes to see Lisa, who has kept his job open for him. He
tells her about his fears of losing Kelly, and asks her to put some
money aside for him when he does overtime. Lisa points out that Kelly
will go ballistic if she finds out, but Roy says that it will be worth
it if he can provide all that she wants.

Bernice and her mum

Diane Blackstock, all big hair, painted nails and fresh from the Liver
Birds, arrives in the village. Our Gavin looks nervous as Bernice
proudly introduces him (although it could be because he's got some
sort of storyline). Alan is in the vicinity as well, and brightens
considerably when he meets her.

Diane wastes no time in making herself at home. When Bernice tells her
about the little gathering planned to celebrate Roy's release, she
tells her daughter that they have to make it into a proper party. To
that end, she makes up a party tape and encourages everyone on to the
dancefloor when Roy arrives. Unfortunately, Roy & Kelly slip away
later, leaving the rest of the cast to have yet another knees-up in
the Woolie.


Despite Eric's misgivings, Kathy is still determined to sell the Diner
to him and asks that he contacts his solicitor. Later, Eric bumps into
Marlon in the Woolpack and tells him about the proposed sale. Marlon
immediately assumes that Eric is trying to take advantage of Kathy
after recent events, despite Eric's firm denials.

Eric changes his mind about the sale, but before he can tell Kathy she
announces it to her staff (Betty, Sarah & Lynn). None of them are
thrilled, but their discomfort is short-lived when Eric tells them
he's pulling out. He feels that Kathy is making a terrible mistake and
hasn't thought it through.

No surprise to anyone later when Graham turns up. He's heard about the
proposed sale and feels that Kathy needs to talk it through with a
friend. The glimmers of a Gonnagetyou stare are there again.....

Minor storylines:

-- Pete is fed up with life at the Sugdens, while Richie hates life at
the cottage. The sensible thing would be to swop houses, which Pete
tries to do.

-- Richie is feeling embarrassed about how he treated Tricia, and it
shows. Dopey is enjoying his discomfort.

-- Sean has re-routed the trucks through the village because one of
the main roads are closed. I sense a village revolt coming on as I



Things seem to be fairly quiet in the village at the moment with the
Tate story continuing to rumble on. It looks like the Reynolds are
going to be the latest family with problems.

The Tates

Having deduced that Liam was responsible for the grafitti at Tate
Haulage, Spalding suspects that Liam’s motives were something personal
and that the Tates know what that something was. He comes round Home
Farm digging for more information, but Zoe suggests the motive was
money and Chris resists the temptation to say anything.

After Spalding has left, Chris expresses his fears that Spalding won’t
let it lie. This isn’t what Zoe wants to hear, as she’s already
stressed out over the whole thing.

Later, Claudia and Chris seem to be getting quite chummy as they have a
cosy chat by the fire. Perhaps Chris likes the fact that Claudia isn’t
afraid to speak her mind.

Bernice’s Mum

Bernice’s mum, Diane, is being well received in the village, mind you
she’s not exactly the shy and retiring type. She’s quite at home
staying with Betty and Seth and Betty relishes the opportunity to have
a good gossip (though Dianne isn’t impressed by her suggestion that
they’re of similar ages).

Bernice takes her round to meet some of the locals. There seems to be
a little bit of rivalry between Viv and Diane, Viv being rather
offended when she finds out she didn’t get an invite to a shopping trip
that the rest of the girls went on (so there could be a contest for Old
Slapper of the village coming up).

The Reynolds

The villagers aren’t happy with Sean’s diversion of the Tate Haulage
trucks through the village and several of them bend Angie’s ear about
it. She tells Sean, but he doesn’t appear interested, in either that
or Angie’s invite to come home early for a bit of you know what. Fed
up, Angie goes to Home Farm to tell Zoe and Chris, but they’ve got more
to worry about and back whatever decision Sean’s made.

Meanwhile it’s the first meeting of Ashley’s youth club so time to dust
out the cupboard. Of course things don’t run smoothly, Ashley being
his usual bumbling self in trying to find something to interest the
kids and Ollie being as bolshie as ever. He finds it difficult to
control them, especially when they bring up the subject of Bernice.

Ashley ducks out to go and get some stuff from the vicarage and Ollie
seizes the opportunity to put on an x-rated horror video for them all
to watch. Ashley comes back just as Bernice also turns up (for no
explained reason, perhaps she wanted to play some ping-pong with
Ashley ;-) ). He’s angry when he sees what they’re doing and Bernice
also has a go at them, though Ollie gives as good as she gets.

Exasperated Ashley goes home with Ollie to tell her parents about her
disruptive activities. Sean comes home to find them all waiting and
gets it in the neck from Angie as she’s annoyed at both Ollie and
Sean’s inability to realise what a problem she is. In the end Sean and
Angie end up rowing and when Ashley tries to intervene to bring them
back to the subject of Ollie, Sean chucks him out.

Other Bits

Roy is getting bored at home (it must be quite tedious lying by the
door waiting for people to come and wipe their feet), so he decides to
go back to work. This displeases Kelly and she gets a further
unpleasant surprise when Roy starts getting all clucky after spending
the day with Belle.

Pete and Richie have swapped houses, Richie now lodges with the Sugdens
while Pete lives with the lads at the cottage.



Dionne's away today so you'll have to put up with me for another day...

The Tates

Claudia and Chris continue to get on well as she offers some sympathy
for Chris’ sleepless nights over breakfast. However, when she suggests
sleeping pills he jumps down her throat (only metaphorically speaking
of course!).

Spalding calls Chris and Zoe into the station and the pressure and
guilt are really starting to tell on both of them as they’re very tense
and fret over Spaldings reasons.

At the station, Spalding takes Zoe into a room alone to grill her. She
tells him that there’s nothing more to say and has a go at him for
hounding her and treating her like a suspect. Spalding suspects that
the Tates knew Liam before he came to Tate Haulage but Zoe denies
this. He then flat out accuses her of murdering Liam as we cut to the

When we come back we see Spalding leaving the room as Zoe breaks down
in tears. Spalding goes into another room where Chris is and tells him
that Zoe has confessed to murder. Not for a second do we believe this
and Chris sees right through Spalding’s feeble attempt at deception.
Chris is angry and tells Spalding he’s going to report him for
harassment. He’s even less amused when he discovers that the caes is
already closed anyway.

Later back at Home Farm, Chris informs Zoe that he’s decided to go to
Liam’s funeral. She pleads with him not to go as it’ll bring more
attention to them but he’s adamant that it’s something he needs to do.


When Ashley catches up with Ollie to talk about the previous night, she
tells him to keep his "big fat nose" out of her life, she can’t see how
a vicar can know anything about the real world.

In the Woolpack, Bernice advises Ashley to give Ollie a second chance,
but Ashley isn’t sure about the whole youth club idea anymore. Bernice
comes up with the alternative suggestion of a disco, with Roy as the DJ
(as long as he doesn’t play Agadoo again!).

Meanwhile, Angie is worried that they need to do something about Ollie,
but Sean thinks it’s all part of growing up and that it’s just a
phase. When he finds that Ashley’s been talking to her again he’s
unhappy but is placated when Ashley says he’s willing to let her come
back to the youth club.


Emily isn’t looking forward to her first Christmas without her dad and
worries that he’ll be lonely. Butch tries to raise her spirits by
telling her how great Dingle Christmases are but can tell it’s not
working (by Emily’s stock worried expression). He goes to Zak and Lisa
for advice and Lisa suggests that Emily needs to talk to her dad to
sort things out.

When Butch suggests this to Emily she doesn’t really want to, but
agrees to give him a ring. She finds it difficult to pluck up the
courage and keeps hanging up when she tries to call.

Other Bits

Diane is still making friends and flirting with the men of the village,
though she says Eric’s not her type.

Richie is in the Sugdens’ good books (even Jack smiles) after cooking
them all an Italian meal.