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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tues 23/2/98

The episode where Kelly and Scott finally did the evil deed - or did they?
I'm not convinced.

Stella holds a party for the whole village at Home Farm, much to Eric's
disgust, as he thinks it would be a much better idea to have just held it
for the local "movers and shakers".  Throughout the episode he takes every
possible opportunity to tell Stella he thinks the party is a bad idea, but
Stella is having none of it.

Butch and Zak are at the party, though Zak is more interested in casing the
joint for valuables than socialising.  Stella meets them both and offers a
doggy bag to Zak to take home to Lisa who is currently looking after Belle.
No mention of Mandy, who must be off somewhere peddling dodgy videos to the
easily entertained.

Minutes later Eric catches Zak about to liberate an ornament and he goes
straight to Stella to report this.  However, Stella, who has more curls than
braincells, disagrees saying that although they are rough and ready, Zak and
Butch are basically nice people.  Irritation is written all over Eric's face
as Chris pushes over and taunts him that Stella has already seen through him
and will never fall for his plotting.  However, Eric has a cunning

The dead sheep plot seems to have lasted longer than the sheep itself.
Sarah and Jack are also at the party and Zoe sees them and tries to make
placatory comments to Jack.  However, Jack replies by asking her if she is
going to try and bribe him again, and then walks off.

The Biff and Kathy storyline takes another turn, with Biff spotting an
opening now that Kathy has given Chris the back word.  Kathy. who is
obviously still suffering from that bump on the head spends a lot of the
evening with Biff, coming out with all sorts of meaningful comments like
"when you find happiness you should jump in with both feet".  As Kathy has
killed two husbands and put another in a wheelchair, and Biff has seen off a
wife its to be hoped that they *do* get together and their run of luck
continues thereby freeing up two more places for slightly more interesting

Scott and Charlene, I mean Kelly, continue on the inevitable path to the
bed.  Scott spends the entire first half of the episode looking down the
front of Kelly's dress.  She appears to be disgusted at this, but of course
we know better.  She tells Roy that she is feeling unwell and disappears
upstairs to lie down.  Scott notices her leaving and then goes after her.
He goes into the room and locks the door behind him.  After brief chat in
which he repeats for the 700th time "you know its what you want", Kelly
gives in and responds to his advances.  She feels bad about the whole thing
but her desire to play "hide the sausage" with Scott is too overpowering.
Later, they are disturbed, and this kills the moment.  Kelly gets out of
bed, despite Scott's protests.

As they are leaving the room Viv comes upstairs.  Scott shuts Kelly in the
room and when his Mum tries to find out who it is he has had in the room
Scott makes an excuse and persuades her not to.

Marlon has of course, been set a series of increasingly ridiculous tasks in
order to prove his love to Lynn.  The latest of these is to do a "Full
Monty" at the party.  When the room is suitably full Lynn gives Roy a CD and
asks him to put it on.  Roy does this, asking everyone to clear the floor.
The music has been playing 30 seconds when Marlon gets onto his feet and
starts to do a very artless and fumbling strip.  The more he takes off the
more the likes of Sarah get excited, whilst Betty thinks he looks like a
skeleton in a wig.  Rachel is also baying for more, with Graham looking
highly disgusted by her side.  As the strip gets more and more advanced Lynn
begins to get upset and just as Marlon gets down to his briefs she runs out
in tears.  Marlon gets his clothes back on and runs out after her.

He catches her in the garden and they talk.  She is surprised he was
prepared to go that far and wishes he had shown a bit more affection before
and it wouldn't have got to that.  He admits he made a mistake and she tells
him she still loves him.  They end up kissing much to the delight of many of
the village who have gathered nearby to follow events.

The next step of Eric's plan comes to bear when it emerges that Stella's car
has been vandalised.  She is upset, wondering who is responsible.  He then
tells her that people in the village are laughing at her, and that he only
has her best interests at heart and in future she should take his advice as
it is free.

Still Waiting for Wednesday....

Thurs 25/02/99

Start of the episode sees life at the Post Office.  Its early morning and
Kelly hasn't come home.  Scott of course now thinks he has ownership rights
on Kelly and is angry that she has stayed out all night.  Viv however isn't
that bothered, reasoning that its not the first time and she needs to have a
bit of fun.

Over at Roy's house Kelly and Roy are talking about the night before.  Its
his first time and of course Roy is euphoric, but spoils the moment by
asking the usual "was I any good" question.  She tells him he was OK, but
her face tells a different story.  Marlon and Biff come downstairs and think
that Kelly has slept on the sofa but they then find out what really
happened - much to their surprise.  Kelly returns to the Post Office and
tells  Viv that she spent the night with Roy.  Viv says she could do a lot
worse, but Scott of course looks disgusted.

Surprise return to the show of Donna, who's obviously pretty fed up with
being locked in her bedroom for weeks on end and tells her Mum that she
wants to go back to school.  Reluctantly Viv tells her that she will see
what she can do.

Over at Home Farm Eric is signing a contract to start as Estate Manager.  He
tells Stella that he wants to make staffing changes, starting with Seth.  He
informs her that Seth really wants to pack up but doesn't want to let Stella
down.  Stella falls for this line and leaves the dirty deed with Eric.  Of
course, Eric performs this task with relish.  However, Butch is also there
and threatens Eric, who counters by threatening Butch with the sack as well.

Laura goes over to Lisa's garage with stuff on VAT returns.  Tells her that
if she needs any help she only has to ask.

Viv goes to the school to see about Donna going back and for unknown reasons
is seen by Graham.  Graham tells her that Donna will have to move class
because of Andy but Viv blows her top about this and demands that Andy is
moved instead.  Graham agrees to see Sarah and Jack about it.

In the graveyard Terry is stood at Vic's grave.  Ashley comes over and they
talk awhile.  Terry says he feels bad that at the time Vic was dying he was
asking a girl young enough to be his daughter to run away with him.  Ashley
offers help but Terry turns him down.  As Ashley is leaving he sees Lisa who
asks him about a christening for Belle.  She tells him that Zak doesn't know
about this and Ashley is concerned about this.  Tells Lisa to bring him to a
meeting at the church so it can be discussed properly.

Scott goes to the garage to see Roy and tries to warn him off Kelly, telling
him that Kelly will eventually dump him because she has "been around a bit".
Roy of course is completely lovestruck and ignores Scott's comments, telling
Scott that what he has with Kelly is special.

In the Wooly Bernice is writing in a book.  She then makes disparaging
remarks about Trisha's posture.  Sadly nothing said about her expressions
though.  As Bernice leaves Trisha and Mandy resolve to get Bernice somehow.
Trisha, of course, has a detailed and varied CV, and has come up with an

Later in the episode she and Mandy are seen in Bernice's room looking for
the book, which she eventually finds.  Much to their interest the book
contains lots of lists of "goals for the future".  Bernice seems to have her
whole life planned out and for everything achieved she marks a tick against

Graham goes to see Sarah and Jack.  No food to be seen.  He puts the
situation to them and Sarah agrees that Andy should be moved considering all
that Donna has been through.  However, Graham then suggests that Robert be
moved as well, so he can be with Andy, but Sarah does not agree with this,
feeling that it is unfair that Robert should be moved for something that had
nothing to do with him.  Jack comments that they are like brothers, but
Sarah is having nothing of it.

Betty goes to Home Farm blissfully unaware that Seth has been sacked.  Eric
tells her with his usual tact and diplomacy, but also informs her that it
was Stella's decision.  In the Woolly, Betty says that Stella has marked her
card and won't get a good reception from Betty in future.  Alan says things
have changed and it wasn't like that in his day.  Seth agrees, saying that
Alan only managed to sack him twice.  The tubby one blushes with
embarrassment.  I couldn't quite figure out whether it had anything to do
with Seth's comment or the waistcoat he had been forced to wear though.....

At the Dingle's Zak is getting increasingly exasperated with Lisa's efforts
to go legitimate and the Christening is the last straw for him.  He tells
her that a Dingle "naming" ceremony is a family tradition going back
centuries but she says that the Christening is all organised and nothing he
can say or do will change that.