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Bill Sands -

Wednesday is missing from this week due to the lack of an updater. The Visual Updates are complete however.

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Tues 21/9/99

Rather a quiet episode after the events of last week. The Custody for
Alice storyline gathers apace though, so I'll start there.

Kathy is trying to stop Elsa getting too attached to Alice, but Elsa
isn't having it. Despite her pleas that she's changed, the village are
firmly on Kathy's side. Even Alan, who has gone all fair and avuncular
in recent years, is having a hard time forgetting about Bad Old Elsa.

Undeterred, Elsa insists on seeing Alice, and shows her pictures of
her house and stepbrother in Australia. Kathy uses the opportunity to
go and see Nick in prison (yes, the return of Cy Chadwick, who has
stuffed his face big time since he went down). Nick is looking forward
to coming out eventually (presumably when Cy needs the work again) and
wants Kathy and Alice to be there to greet him. Kathy tells him about
Elsa's plans, and he begs her to try and hold on to her.

Later, Kathy catches up with Elsa in the village for another spat.
Elsa looks smug when she realises that Alice has been left alone in
the cupboard, but Kathy tells her that she can't use that in court,
otherwise she will not see so much of Alice in future. Alice, however,
is rather smitten with her mummy at the moment.


Zoe is worried about Chris, particularly as he hasn't come home. She
seems to be the only one though - Claudia the nanny is more concerned
with getting time off, Sean spies an opportunity to start to run
things *his* way, and Laura is just feeling smug in general.
Eventually, Angie comes to the cottage to tell Zoe that Chris's car
has been found, but there's no sign of him. He is now officially a
missing person.

Other stuff:

-- Scott & Kelly are back to being brother & sister, but she insists
he tries to make up with Roy as well. Later in the Woolie, Scott
offers to pay back the money in installments, but Roy isn't
interested. Meantime, Scott is on a downer as no-one loves him
(please. I could have told him that several months ago).

-- Mr Wylie comes into the shop to buy some sugar, but completely
blanks Emily and insists on being served by Viv. Unsurprisingly, Emily
is upset at this, and reckons that it may be all right again if he
could just get to know Butch.

-- Baliffs dump the health club paraphenalia at the antique's yard, as
Home Farm is being emptied ready for auction. Eric is not impressed,
and is even less so when Seth offers to keep an eye on it at the
church hall for 40 a week rent. Ashley isn't pleased to see it there,
but is willing to store it there for 100 deposit.

Later, Ashley goes to see Seth to collect the rent. Seth manages to
get away with giving him 25.


Thusday 23/9/99

The Sugdens

It's that tiem of the year for the dreaded work experience, and Sarah
signs off Robert & Andy's forms. Andy is quite keen to work on the
farm, but Robert is nowhere near as keen. Jack isn't too fussed, as he
knows he can get both of them to do their experience on the farm.

Graham catches up with Robert at school (shock! Graham is actually
*at* school) and Robert tells him that it hasn't been signed. He also
tells him that he wants to work with computers. Andy warns him that he
will be subject to Jack's wrath when he finds out.

Later at home, Andy gets all excited at the thought of helping Jack
out with the feed. Robert chooses that moment to tell him that he
doesn't want to help out on the farm - he wants to work in computers
instead. Jack is upset, saying that he wanted the farm to stay in the
family after all these years, and he wants Robert to have it as he is
his natural son. Andy is upset as this, as is Robert, who tells him
that he should have asked him what he wanted in the first place.


After Graham's stirring of the night before, Elsa is on a mission to
discredit Kathy. True to form, Kathy can only see good in her and is
thinking about allowing her more access to Alice. Not everyone is as
keen though - Sarah warns her against it, and Roy has a real go at
Elsa in the pub, telling her to "sling 'er 'oook."

Later, Elsa comes out if the shop, eyes full of fake tears. Betty
suddenly finds some sympathy for her, and tells her about how hard
it's been for Kathy in recent months - the accident, possible
post-traumatic stress, Biff calling off the wedding, etc. Once Betty
has finished, Elsa unsurprisingly recovers, thanking Betty for telling
her everything she needed to know. Betty is appalled.

Elsa catches up with Graham later, thanking him for planting doubts
about Kathy and announcing that she's off to her solicitor. Kathy &
Betty rush up, wondering what's going on. Graham spins them a line
about Elsa leaving for Australia in the near future.

Is it me, or do Graham & Elsa seem tailor made for each other? Perhaps
they could trot off to Australia together, taking the Stage School
Brat with them.


Despite her best efforts, Emily is still upset about not seeing her
dad and desperately misses him. Lisa decides to invite him to the
wedding to get them to talk.

She goes up to see John at the farm with the invitation, and tells him
that it's hard to disown people when you love them. She also tells him
that he could haev Emily back if he accepts Butch, and he's mad if he
misses out on this opportunity.


Zoe is desperately worried about Chris, who is still missing. She also
feels responsible for Joseph, and cuts back on her vet hours so that
she can be there for him. She's also upset that she seems to be the
only person who cares that he's missing.

It's the open day for the reception calss at Joseph's school, and Zoe
is convinced that Chris wouldn't deliberately miss it. After taking
him to school, Zoe hangs around for over an hour after school ends,
hoping against hope that Chris will turn up. He doesn't. At the end of
the episode, Zoe confesses to Paddy that althought she's had so many
run-ins with him and has wished he's leave the village, she really
wants him there at that time. She feels as though she's in limbo at
the moment, not knowing if he's dead or alive, and not knowing what
she'd do if he was found dead.