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Oct 19-21 Oct 1999 An all-in-one up0date for the week.

Liam, Chris & Zoe

Opneing scene of the week sees Liam walking into the cellar and saying
to Chris "Still here?" From such bad puns, we see the usual routine
as Chris (looking remarkably clean for a man kept in a cellar) begs to
be let out, and Liam says no. Liam tells him about his mother, who was
dumped by Frank way back in the early 60s, and spent the rest of her
life waiting for him to come back to her. Because he didn't, Liam
feels the need to get revenge because everything Chris had should have
been his. The phrase "get a life" comes to mind.

Of course, Liam is going about his business in the normal manner and
is soon hailed as a hero when he saves Joseph from the path of an
oncoming lorry. Zoe is suitably grateful, particularly as she was
having a go at Sean at the time. She's still freaked out by the
non-appearance of Chris from the previous week, and is on tenterhooks
waitng for the kidnapper to contact her again.

Meantime, Chris has been thinking about Liam and his ma, and offers to
give him a third of Frank's estate (on the unspoken proviso that he is
released). Liam isn't impressed, and tells Chris about Joseph's near
miss. He then teases him about Zoe, saying that she was eternally
grateful for what he did, and feels it about time 'e got to know 'is

Zoe is still desperate for news from the kidnapper, but Liam sends a
note to the Woolpack to further prolong the agony. As per the note,
she goes to a phone box the next day to wait for a phone call. Liam
tells her that Chris is alive, but may not be for much longer.

Later, Liam and Zoe go out to dinner (her thank you to him for saving
Joseph) and she tells him about Frank and her childhood. Liam tells
her about his mother, and gets angry when he talks about wanting to
confront his father after he died. Zoe tells him not to be so upset,
but Liam takes all the info he's gathered and teases Chris some more.
The week ends with Liam declaring how nice it was to get to know 'is
sistah, because he could well do to her what he's doing to Chris right

Kathy & Elsa

Alice returns from London, laden down with presents and a shiny new
purple coat, and bored now she's back with Auntie Kathy instead of
Mummy Elsa. The pair hold off on their usual bitchy sessions as Kathy
decides to play dirty in her custody battle. She tells the welfare
officer all about Elsa's past, prompting her to quiz Elsa later.

However, Alice seems to be calming down, but she is only a child, and
is seriuosly affected as Kathy finds any opportunity to slate Elsa.
Alice cathces her badmouthing Elsa to Sarah, but that's nothing
compared to the stand-up row between the pair in the middle of the
Diner. Alice eventually tells them both to shut up, and Alan concurs,
later telling Kathy that she needs to sort things out once and for
all. The week ends with Alice telling Kathy that she will no longer do
anything she tells her to.

Does this mean the end of this storyline?? Let's hope so - who can
take any more of Elsa and her dated power suits?

Other storylines:

-- Mandy & Paddy return from Venice and move into Zoe's cottage. Mandy
isbored as she no longer has a job at the Woolie, so Paddy gives her a
credit card and advises her to spend it on furniture. No surprise to
see that Mandy spends vast amounts of money on complete tack,
particularly a shower curtain for 50.

-- Pollard opens a gym in the village hall. Everyone is excited, even
though there is barely any room to swing a cat, much less exercise,
and there are no trained staff on site. Never fear though - no-one
uses it, as Zak & Butch stage a protest outside the gym, urging users
to boycott it because of Their Mandy.

-- Kelly persuades Roy to use the cottage in the owner's absence,
suggesting that she won't even know they've been staying there. Surely
the amount of grase from Roy's head will give the game away?

-- Ashley is trying to start a youth club, although his growing love
for Bernice may soon prove far more important.