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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Dionne's Ditheringings 19/21 Jan 1999

Sorry peeps for the lateness. I burnt the candle at several ends this
week and I've only finished watching this week's episodes!

Memorable stuff this week, with good acting across the board, The
writing was good as well, with Keiran et al seemingly remembering that
there's more to life than Dopey (who wasn't in it at all - alleluia!!

The True Bitch of Emmerdale decides to jump bail with James, but before
she can leave she needs the money that Chris took from her. She goes
over to see him, and he begins by taunting her about the trial and how
she's finally going down after all she has done. Kim reminds him that he
can't do a thing about her departure, so he states that he will only
give her the money if she leaves James behind.

Chris: Be a good girl and go and fetch my brother.

Kim: No!

Chris: Then you're going to jail.

However, Kim knows how to press Chris's buttons and slowly "seduces"
Chris by telling him that he was always jealous. Frank only loved her,
not his kids (that's not true; he loved his hair dye almost as much) and
Chris wanted what he could not have - namely her. Chris splutters that
he's always hated her, but as someone once sang, it's a thin line
between love and hate. Kim knows this, so she puts on that "Trust me"
smile and kisses him. He responds..... then pushes her away, disgusted
by her behaviour.

Kim turns on enough water to fill a resevoir, sobbing that she only did
it because that is what's expected of her. Everyone sees her as a rich
bitch and she couldn't change. Unsurprisingly, Chris doesn't believe a
word. Kim's response? She bangs a paperweight on his head.

Now if that were mean, I'd sonner bang that weight on Dopey's head.
Trouble is, it would probably bounce back to me.

Back to the plot - Kim turns on the evil and searches for the key while
Chris is groggy. She hauls him out of the chair, telling him that she
would leave him to die just like she did with his father. Having found
the key (in the whisky) she takes the cash, unplugs the phone and pours
the whisky over his head.

Her final scene sees her flying over the village in a helicopter, saying
her last goodbyes. Chris crawls out to try to get help, but ends up

The trial and afterwards

The court realise that Kim's skipped bail and send the cops (practically
the whole of the Yorkshire Police Force, including dogs) round to Pear
Tree Cottage. Too late - the only occupant is the Marchant's dog (was he
there before? I don't remember). Steve realises that he's doomed, a fact
reinforced when he's sent down for 10 years for attempting to murder
Kathy. I see a future career as a David Duchovny lookalike for him.

Meantime, Chris is rushed to hospital. Zoe feels ultra-guilty about him
being there, particularly as she ignored everyone's warning about Kim.
Laura, who's still in lust with our Wheeled Wonder, blames Zoe as well,
and it not best pleased when Kathy arrives on the scene.

However, Chris recovers quickly enough to be discharged by the next
episode; he wants to stay with Kathy but she wants to remain friends
instead. She asks Stella & her many curls if Chris can stay at Home Farm
for a while.

Kathy (to Stella): There's plenty of room.
Me: Are you sure? Have you *seen* Stella's curls??

On Seth's advice, Zoe calls round to make it up with Chris. She walks
him on yet another Kim-bashing session and tells him to get over it as
he's got the haulage business and Laura/Kathy fussing over him. She
points out that he needs to take the blame for a lot of what happened,
and announces that she's going to start a new life. Yay! A plot for Zoe
at last!

Graham & Rachel
Yep, Graham is turing into Control Freak, the likes of which haven't
been seen since Christian on Brookie. In the beginning he's still angry
at Rachel for "embarrasing" him in the pub, complaining that he treats
her like an idiot. Still sulking, he goes to a hip and happening club
(you know, those clubs designed by a wildlife lover which has 10 people
in them the entire night) where he meets a token blonde, Nicky. Calling
himself Paul, he tells her about Rachel and inexplicably interests her
so much, she asks him to accompany him to the taxi rank.

She tries to kiss him, but he's not having it, saying that they barely
know each other. She gets nervous and hails a cab pronto, at which point
he grabs her arm. She gets away (a lucky escape IMO).

Full of remorse, Graham rushes over to see Rachel and declares that he
wants to move in with her immediately. She's not so sure, but he quickly
wins her over. He moves in on Thursday, and immediately makes his
presence felt - cooking, cleaning, arraging their CDs in alphabetical
order. Rachel's impressed, and Graham plays on that by saying that she's
not very organised and needs someone (translation: a man) to look after

Can you hear that crashing cymbal of doom?? Looks like Rachel's in for a
very bad time...

The Windsors
Very minor storyline on Thursday. The Hunk of Emmerdale has left for a
while, to get his head together. Like Mandy said, it probably won't take
too long. Let's hope he pricks that ego as well.

Viv isn't impressed, as she needs help in the PO. She asks Terry, who
agrees for the business's sake. As ever, Miss Piggy raises those 2
strands of hair that are passing for her eyebrows and has a go at Terry
for his past affair with Viv. In all the commotion, no-one has noticed
that Donna has done a complete disappearing act.

Ned surprises Roy, Jack & Sarah (not to mention the viewers) by pulling.
A woman no less, as opposed to a sheep. At the local Asda he's boring
Sarah to tears about the advantages of corner shops when he meets Dawn,
an old flame from a long time ago (in a farm far away). The attraction
is still there, and Dawn is so turned on by Ned's green padded filet
that she comes over to see him. Despite the fact that she's off to Ibiza
soon to run a bar after the death of her husband, the pair go out to
Another surprise - Ned in a suit. I thought that filet was welded to
him. He must be in love.