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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Thanks Sarah and Dionne for what is below.

Tues 14/12/99

Rather a bitty episode tonight - there was no main storyline that
stood out. The main families were involved though, so let's get

The Windsors

Nothing changes in that household - Viv is still worried about her
ailing business, Kelly still has a gob on her, Roy is trying to make
the best of things and has still not combed his hair.

At the beginning of the episode, Roy receives a letter from Ned. It's
actually written by Dawn (Ned's partner) and contains an invite to
Ibiza for Christmas. Donna gets excited, but Roy decides to stay in
Britain to be with his proper family. He also hints that there may be
an extra addition next year, prompting Kelly to go into a major sulk.

Kelly's woes are causing her problems at work, when Paddy has to give
her an informal warning for sending information to the wrong patient.
Later. Roy &Kelly are minding the shop when he once again brings up
the subject of babies. Miss Piggy goes off on one about how babies
aren't the be all and end all of marriage, and Roy storms off. The
episode ends with Miss Piggy opening a bottle of gin, ready to down it
in one.

The Sugdens

Another pleasant family Christmas beckons at the Sugdens, with Jack in
ultra-Scrooge mode about presents. Andy & Victoria are looking forward
to it, but Robert is sulking. All he can see is old decorations, naff
balloons, cheap presents and Jack & Sarah continuing to argue.
Understandably, he's not looking forward to Xmas.

The Reynolds

Yep, that doom & gloom disease is spreading throughout the village, as
Angie takes Sean to task for the umpteenth time about working late.
She has to do some overtime that evening, and asks Sean to cook tea
for the kids. Unsurprisingly, Sean gets caught up in work, leaving
Ollie & Marc to arrive home to an empty house.

They "borrow" a ladder from the Dingles to try and get in, but Zak
catches them. Mindful of the problems in the past, Zak asks them to
leave. However, Ollie threatens to tell Angie that he left them
outside on purpose. Zak relents, and brings them in for some grub.

Sean & Angie arrive home at the same time. Angie is about to tear
another strip off Sean when the kids arrive with the Dingles. Both
Angie & Sean look embarrassed, especially as they now look like a
dysfunctional family in front of the Dingles.

The Dingles

Not much to report on this side, except that Zak has planned a very
cheap Christmas for the whole family. Butch will provide the meat from
the payments he gets from Jack. Paddy will provide the booze. Marlon
will provide the cakes. Emily will obtain the groceries from the shop,
and the bill will be paid by Tate Haulage (who still owe Lisa money
for previous work).

Zak sits back, content that he's got away with doing nothing. However,
Emily reminisces about a nativity scene that her father built for her
many years ago, and suggests that Zak do the same thing for Belle's
birthday. Everyone else silently agrees.

Minor plots:

-- the pantomime is coming along nicely, as Ollie writes several skits
lampooning the whole village. Ashley nearly catches her and Andy in a
cruel take off of his relationship with Bernice. Ollie promises to
produce a script by the next day.

-- Butch tries to persuade Lisa to invite Mr Wylie for Christmas
dinner. Lisa refuses, saying that he's hardly come for dinner if her
couldn't come to Mandy's wedding.

-- Bernice is deciding on a wedding dress, but decides instead on a
long dress for Tricia after she catches Our Gavin ogling Dopey's legs.
Dopey pouts for a while, but soon forgets about it when Jason turns up
in the pub for another flirting sesh.


Wed 15/12/99

Well here's my last Warblings of this millenium. Dionne will be taking
care of you until the new year.

The Panto

Rehearsals are in full swing for the panto, though only the kids know
what's in the script written by Ollie. Andy is still getting no joy
from his pursuit of Ollie, despite sucking up to her at every

Ashley is a bit worried about what may be in the panto and enlists
Bernice's help to go and spy on the kids. His fears are confirmed when
they find Ollie et al rehearsing a scene that is a piss-take of him and
Bernice. Before Bernice can deduce what excatly is going on, Ashley
dashes out and stops them. He's angry when he reads the script and
calls the whole thing off, much to everyone's annoyance.

Ashley gives a copy of the script to Angie and tries to talk to her
about Ollie, but when he brings her marriage into it she doesn't want
to know. When she gets home and reads the script she's furious with
Ollie and Sean, as he had already read it and thought it was a great


Before the drama with the Panto, Ashley is moping round the churchyard
where he chats to Zak about how he's feeling lonely, especially with
Christmas coming up. The prospect of seeing all those happy families
(what, in Emmerdale?!) makes him realise what he's missing out on. Zak
is actually quite sensitive and tells Ashley that anything's possible.

After the panto disaster, Ashley drowns his sorrows in the Woolpack and
finds himself last one there, along with Bernice. She tries to offer
him some comfort, not knowing the real cause of his misery, by telling
him how close she feels to him as a friend. When she takes his hand in
a comforting way, it's all too much for Ashley and he's about to
confess his feelings for her when Gavin innocently disturbs them. The
moment is gone and Ashley leaves, though Bernice gives him a friendly
hug as he does.

Home Farm

Terry is fed up with the menial tasks that Chris keeps giving him, like
sweeping up leaves. He wants to do something serious, but Chris is in
one of his bad moods and won't hear it. Chris also argues with Alan
about the running of Home Farm and then later lays into Claudia too.
However, she stands up to him and says it's no wonder that Joseph
doesn't want to spend time with him when he's so horrible to everyone.

Later that evening, Chris offers Claudia an apology which she accepts
and sits down for a cosy drink by the fire. She apologises too and
advises Chris to lighten up a bit.


When Mr Wylie comes to deliver some machinery to Jack, Butch takes the
opportunity to have a word with him. He tries to convince him that he
should make it up with Emily so they can spend Christmas together.
John is obviously tempted, but his pride gets the better of him and he
says that he just can't do it. He insists that if Emily wants to see
him, she can come and speak to him herself.

Other Bits

Sarah's car breaks down again and she's not happy when she finds Lisa
can't look at it till after Christmas. As usual, Jack offers little

Roy's worried by Kelly's behaviour so Lisa suggests that he brings her
round the Dingles for Christmas as she might be upset over memories of



Thursday missing