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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -


Tuesday 13/7/99 by Dionne.

Not a lot to report in last night's episode. The main story concerned
- surprise surprise - Graham & Kathy.

Graham has decided to stay in the village, much to Kathy's joy and
Biff's indifference. Kathy goes round later to help him unpack, and
finds a picture of Graham and Rebecca at their wedding.

Kathy: I didn't know you were married!

Cue commercial break. It suddenly gets *very* interesting in part 2,
when Graham spins Kathy a line about Rebecca commiting suicide, dying
in his arms. He goes on to say how guilty he feels over both deaths,
ending with the immortal words "it was as if I'd killed both of them".

Kathy is strangely quiet, and it looks as though she's beginning to
twig what's really going on. Viewers' hopes are raised when she goes
to see him later and tells him that she's worked it all out. But then,
Kathy reverts into bimbo mode once more by saying that Graham's
situation is similar to hers - she lost 2 husbands, she felt guilty,
but she moved on and found Biff. She hopes Graham can move on too with
someone new.

Coming up next: Kathy in a bad wig, declaring what a good man Graham

Other stuff:

-- Stella treats Bernice and Gavin to a slap-up lunch. Stella goes on
about how much she spends and how the money never seems to run out. My
Gavin tries to persuade Bernice to ponce some money for the Woolpack,
but Bernice refuses.

Later, the pair return to the village pissed, and Bernice tells Alan
that she can't get a loan. Alan is disappointed, while Dopey is

-- Butch is missing Emily, and is owrried since her father laid into
her. He asks Seth whether it's right to hit someone you love, if it
does them good. Seth tlls him that it's wrong.

-- Jack goes to see Marlon, who promptly asks for a reduction in rent
as he is now on his own. Instead, Jack raises the rent to 450 pcm and
tells him that he'll need to find some new flatmates.

Later, Marlon is bemoaning the situation to Lyn & Viv in the Woolie -
it seems that Jack is taking out the lack of Sarah frustration on him.
Richie overhears them and asks if he could have a room. Viv and Lyn
talk him into accepting, which doesn't please Marlon (there's a
brilliant quote for this, but I'll share it in another post).

Wed 14/7/99 by Sarah

Lots of stuff about Butch and Emily today, while the Kathy and Graham
saga drags on (yawn). It looks like some other stories might be
getting a bit of a look-in at last though...

Butch and Emily

Butch goes to the Post Office to check on Emily as he’s worried about
her, but is told by Viv that she’s phoned in sick again. He buys some
flowers and heads off to see her.

Over at the Wylie’s Emily is sporting a nasty bruise on her cheek. Her
dad apologises for hitting her and tries to excuse his behaviour by
saying that he’s only trying to protect her, it’s for her own good that
he doesn’t want her to see Butch. Emily manages to persuade him to let
her go back to work in the shop on the condition that she won’t see

However, not long after Mr.Wylie has popped out, Butch turns up and is
sickened by the sight of Emily’s bruise. He tries to convince her that
she doesn’t have to do everything her father says and that he can’t run
her life. Emily is not so sure and when she sees her dad returning,
quickly ushers Butch out the door. Mr Wylie reinforces that he will be
very angry if she abuses his trust in letting her go back to work (and
she won’t like it if she makes him angry).

Mr Wylie runs Emily into work and turns on the charm with Viv. When
she enquires about the bruise Emily says that she fell over on the
farm. Viv lets them know that she thinks all Dingles are rogues, re-
inforcing Mr Wylie’s negative view of Butch.

Meanwhile, Butch sits outside the Woolpack for most of the day watching
the Post Office until Mr Wylie turns up to pick up Emily. As they’re
coming out of the shop, he dashes over to confront them about the
bruise. Butch tells Viv that Mr Wylie did it but when she asks the
Wylies if this is true, Mr Wylie denies it and a frightened Emily backs
him up. Mr Wylie suggests to Viv that perhaps it was Butch who did it.


Graham confides in Ashley that he thinks he can find happiness again
(seems to be a regular thing, Graham’s confession day with da vicka,
how long before he actually tells him about Rachel?). He also tells
Biff that the way he started again after Linda has given him hope – "I
know I can find the happiness that you’ve got" he says. Little does
Biff know he means *exactly* the same, as we later see Graham up to
his old photo tricks – tearing Biff out of a picture of the three of
them (probably getting the wig ready too).

Annie’s Cottage

Terry finds out that there’s a spare room at Annie’s cottage when Lynn
moans to the Sugden boys about Jack putting up the rent (up to a whole
450 pounds a month – I pay that much just myself!). He goes to ask
Jack about it saying he wants to live with lads "his own age" (LOL!!)
and Jack agrees that he can move in. When Marlon hears about this he
tries to put Terry off and then pleads with Jack to let him try and
find someone else but Jack says its too late.

Miscellaneous bits

Miss Piggy and Roy go to view a cottage. When Scott sees then
afterwards he asks them how they’re going to afford it to which Kelly
replies they’re going to use the money from Viv (which she of course
gave to Scott and he blew on that banana car).

Alan wants to be an advisor to Stella. He also lets her know about
Bernice’s financial problems.

Thurs 15/7/99 Ist Throbbings from Dannielle.

Hi there people, please remember this is my first time at doing this any
comments or tips e-mail me

Kelly and viv are talking in front of the post office and Kelly is telling
viv how they like it but, viv thinks they are rushing into and is trying to
stall them for the simple fact she doesn't have the money anymore as she
lent it to Scott.
Kelly walks off and viv eyeballs butch sat on the wall waiting for Emily and
she tells him if so much as goes near Emily she will call the police.
In the diner Kathy is not happy with biff thinks he should talk to Marlon
and Roy about being best man as they both seem to think they are going to be
best man, marlon then enters asking what biff thinks to strippers for the
stag night.
In the post office Stella and viv are talking about the woolpack, viv is
telling Stella that all Alan is bothered about is his bank balance and that
he may look cuddly meanwhile Stella has come out with out her purse but viv
puts it on "tick" for her. As Stella is leaving Emily arrives with her dad
in tow apologizing for being late and says it won't happen again, viv the
proceeds to promise Emily's dad that she will keep butch away and how she
has had words with him already.
Outside Stella bumps in to Gavin who tells her it is nice top see a smiling
face in the morning, they discuss how upset bernice is at not being able to
buy the pub. Stella tells Gavin how she once owned a hair dressing salon and
how much it meant to her even though it wasn't much, Stella got what she
wants though bernice didn't!.
Stella and bernice are having a girlie natter at home farm when in walks
Eric (Stella had just been telling bernice about all his schemes) Stella
kicks him out and bernice adds can't you demote him to butler. Bernice is
telling Stella how she wishes she had something to plan for, how she had her
heart set on the Woolpack All she wants is for people to take her seriously,
Stella wishes there was something she could do to help and bernice tells her
she has split ends and needs a trim!
Biff and Roy are in the pub having a drink and biff is just about to tell
Roy when of course graham turns and says "mind if I join you?" So biff tells
Roy he will tell him later. Viv is gasbagging as usual with Betty about the
Butch/Emily saga saying butch had hit Emily and for betty to ask Emily
Jack and terry are outside the post and they are talking about jack missing
Sarah's cooking, terry asks Pete what he is doing and he explains he is
having problems with his rent and that he is looking for somewhere else at
this point you can here jacks brain clicking into action!, Pete then goes
into the post office and buy what I think was a paper and tells Emily he
will soon be sleeping in the road and she tells him he should sleep in his
Next moment butch is in the post office he just had to see his darling
Emily, but viv hears him and screeches for him to get out. In the Woolpack
graham and Roy are talking about best man duties and how Roy will have to
usher everyone around make sure they all get tanked up and basically make
sure the day is a success but he can't have a drink himself, Roy doesn't
like that idea at all!
Back to Stella and bernice Stella is telling bernice that she shouldn't
change and that viv is a terrible gossip but in the next breath says that
she is ok really, Stella then proceeds to offer bernice the money to buy the
Woolpack and all bernice can say is "What!"
Bernice cannot accept the money at all as Stella is her friend, bernice
likes her too much to take her money and Stella tells her she is mad and
that this is her last chance bernice still says NO!
Jack collars Pete in the pub and asks him if he is still looking for
somewhere to live and then proceeds to show him around Ned old room, when
Robert and Andy see this Robert tells him he hasn't asked Sarah and jacks
retort to that is "well she isn't here".
Alan is telling Gavin that the agents have phoned with a theme club in mind
to buy the pub. In the diner Kathy is asking biff if he has told marlon and
Roy yet? at that moment Roy comes in and tells biff he has changed his mind
and that he should ask marlon. I think biff really wanted Roy to be his best
Marlon comes out of the kitchen and says to biff "did you really have to
invite Tara" Kathy's face then turns to thunder till marlon tells her it was
a joke.
Outside the post office Betty sees Emily and tells her he wants a word with
her and then they start talking about the bruise on her face and betty is
asking Emily if butch did do it and all Emily can say is tell butch to stay
away from me so of course what would think?
In the woolpack we see Gavin, viv, Stella, bernice and Eric talking until
Stella tells Eric she is going for cocktails at vive house where she tells
viv she can't even give her money away.
Back to the Woolpack and we see betty and Seth telling butch he needs help
and they will help him to control his temper, butch tells them it is Emily's
dad and not him but you can see in their eyes that they do not believe all
because of viv Windsor's evil mouth. Butch storms out of the Woolpack and
starts to walk up the road talking about how because he is a dingle
everybody expects it of himHe tells betty and Seth they are just like the
others and he thought they were his friends he is a human being as well and
he does have feelings, at this point betty starts to cry and butch shouts
leave us alone!!..

Well fellow emmie fans hope this ok for my first time