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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Bill's Blubberings Week 13/15 April 1999

Kathy & Biff
Biff's week starts with Marlon and Roy of all people offering him advice on how to go about pulling Kathy. He angrily asks them whether or not they are the best people to give advice.Later in the diner Betty and Marlon carry this on but when Biff tries to get near her Kathy makes it clear that they can only be friends.
Biff is still getting under Kathy's skin when Pete comes in and asks her to dinner that evening.
When Pete returns to pick her up he is intercepted by Betty suddenly wanting to know his life story. This is just a distraction to allow Biff to speak to Kathy again. When asked she admits to enjoying their kiss but does not want love to put their friendship at risk.
At the restaurant Pete is trying to be the perfect partner but Kathy is in another world, one with just her and Biff.She tells Pete that it is not his fault but that she needs to go home.
She heads straight for Tennant cottage where Marlon tells her his feelings about her and Biff. The man himself appears and Marlon leaves.She tells him that she is not sure if it is the right thing to do but they should give it a go. They Kiss.
The next morning we are in Kathy's as she tries to sneak him out. Kathy does not want Alice to know he stayed until she gets a chance to talk to her. Little do they know Alice is hiding and not only hears all this but watches them kiss goodbye.
Later at the diner in front of all, including Betty, Alice asks Biff if he will be staying again that night thus letting the secret out.Biff asks Betty and Marlon to keep it quiet until he and Kathy have a chance to talk to Alice properly.Betty agrees telling Biff that she is the soul of discretion.(Oh yeah!!)
Later, in the Woolpack, Bernice earwigs Betty and Marlon congratulating themselves on not telling anyone. Biff enters just in time see the cat let out of the bag.
At Kathy's she and Biff sit Alice down for a chat before the whole village finds out.Alice says that she doesn't mind that hey are together and asks permission to ask a question."Why has it taken you so long?"
The next day Pete is late for work and he goes to great pains to dispel the rumours that it might be Kathy's fault saying that she has someone else. On hearing this Chris leaves despite Laura telling him that it could cost them a large contract. He turns up at the Diner to hear Kathy talk of her new man being on her doorstep all along without her knowing it. (He assumes that it is him) When he realises that it is Biff Chris accuses Biff of being a gold-digger pointing out his past relationship with Tara. Biff is all for hitting Chris but Kathy gets in between telling Chris to leave.
Chris heads home and is there, well into a bottle of scotch, when Laura comes home and announces that the contract she warned about is lost and that she is fed up with him and is going back to work for her old firm in their Hotten office.

Rachel & Graham
Rachel's week starts with her finding a photo of Graham's dead wife who looks surprisingly similar. She collars Graham at school and tells him that they need to talk. They meet at lunch and he tries to avoid talking by offering to get Stella to change the look back to the old Rachel. She says that that is not the point, which is that she wants to be loved for herself rather than someone else. He agrees and promises not to organise her life so much in the future.
Later, back at the mill, Rachel is telling Graham that she intends keeping the new look when she notices the tv is missing. Graham reminds Rachel that she said Joseph was watching too much tv so he gave it away to a charity shop. She looks extremely worried as she reminds him what he said about NOT organising her life.
The next morning Graham offers to replace the tv but soon has Rachel capitulating. This allows him to get onto his next ploy; to get Rachel to stay home from work as Joseph doesn't look well.
Later that day Rachel, who had stayed home, brings Joseph to the Diner to ask if Betty will look after him as the school has been on to her to go in. Graham is not happy when he sees Rachel at school later. He picks Joseph up from Betty and we see him talking to Joseph, discussing how nice it would be if mummy were home all the time.
Graham takes Joseph back to school where Rachel has stayed late to take an aerobics class. He interrupts the class with a story that Joseph had been crying and asking for her. Graham then does his best to convince her that she should be home full time.
The next day at school Graham apologises for being over protective toward Joseph and tries to make things up by suggesting they invite Kathy and Biff over for dinner to celebrate the couple's getting together.
At dinner Graham lets it be known that he has been offered a promotion to head of department and that it comes with a increase in salary. He then drops his bombshell in front of a very embarrassed Kathy and Biff. He suggests that Rachel give up work and that they start work on a brother or sister for Joseph. Rachel points out that this should not be discussed in front of guests. Once Kathy and Biff have gone Rachel makes it plain to Graham that playing the devoted mother and housewife is not what she has in mind.

Mandy & Paddy
Breakfast at the Dingles is spoilt by the ring of the telephone, it is bad news re Barbara. Paddy is having none of it though and refuses to go to her. Up in her room, Mandy makes it clear that it is ok with her if Paddy wants to see his mum.
Later, after a busy days vetting, Paddy returns to the surgery to find Mum and Jane in Zoe's living room, Barbara is in a wheelchair. She shocks Paddy with her news, she has a terminal illness and six months to live.
Mandy calls at the Vet's the next morning to be told by Kelly that Barbara and Jane stayed the night. When she finds Paddy in the village and gets the full story she goes ballistic and has to be restrained from going for Barbara. Later when they both see Barbara there are words and Barbara collapses causing shock all round.
We next see Paddy being told by a doctor (the 3rd opinion) that there is nothing to be done and she if receives no shocks it could be six months. Paddy apologises for doubting her and suggests she move into a nursing home in Harrogate where he will visit every day. She will have none of this having arranged a B&B to be close to him.
When Paddy tells Mandy this she suggests a break in their relationship until the trouble is over Paddy doesn't like it but Mandy is adamant.

The Rest. sign of Scott Woodentop this week.Viv Woodentop is glad to have Barbara Kirk back to her poison.
Marlon is still having nothing to do with Lynn.
Tate's Haulage is merrily heading for oblivion with a love-struck Chris mooning after Kathy and Sean just wanting to be 'one of the boys'. Laura can see what is happening and cannot wait to get out, going back to her old firm.
Since seeing Frankie, Zoe is a regular visitor the the yard and anywhere else that Frankie may be, but Frankie just lives her normal life not noticing Zoe is there. Frankie has however impressed Tricia who seemed to believe Frankie when she said that she could 'go' for her. I think that Tricia has it in her head to do some match-making here.
Bernice is still talking about her Gavin and even Betty becomes suspicious when B professes to having a phone conversation with him when no-one even heard the thing ring or saw her on the phone.
An interesting point later was when Betty, Bernice and Viv were talking about the reasons behind peoples sexual tendencies. Betty seemed of the opinion that the army was to blame a lot of the time for keeping squadies away from women a lot, saying that she knew people who 'went in straight and came out gay'.
This statement had two effects.
Firstly it made Viv raise her eyebrows, obviously thinking of Scott. Secondly it causes Bernice to go. Betty finds her in the back, in tears. It turns out that Bernice found her first hubby with his boyfriend, which broke her heart and put her four years behind in her plans.
There you go.