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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tate's Talk

Tues. 12/1/99

The trial opens today so most of the show is taken up with that but there
are separate plots involving Rachel and Graham and Marlon and Lynn which
I'll deal with first before getting onto more important things.


Early scene with them in the school playground. She tells him she's never
been happier and would like him to move in with her. She continues walking
but he stops, looking amazed. She feels she has made a terrible mistake by
asking him but before they can discuss it too much the bell goes for class.

Later in the show they are seen together again and she apologises for asking
and asks him to forget she ever said anything. He says that implies he
isn't going to say yes. She looks hopeful at this, but he says its such a
big commitment. They talk a little more and in the end he agrees. She is
thrilled to bits at this, quite forgetting that Graham isn't married, and
therefore not her type. They part and the smile fades on Graham's face into
the kindof worried look that suggests that his recent diatribe on honesty
and openness in relationships was a tad hypocritical. I suspect the
skeleton will be beating its way out of the cupboard in the next week or so.


Early scene shows Marlon going to see Lynn at the surgery. After much small
talk he plucks up the courage to give her the present he has bought.
Unfortunately Dopey appears, looking for StudPaddy, and Marlon leaves. Lynn
gives Dopey short shrift and Dopey leaves in what I think was meant to be a
huff. As usual, its difficult to tell.

In the diner, Marlon shows Roy what he has bought for Lynn, as a "late
Christmas present". Its a heart shaped pendant. Roy looks unimpressed but
tells Marlon that Lynn will love it. Marlon, frantically clutching at
straws, agrees.

Later scene back at the surgery. Lynn isn't pleased to see Marlon again.
He presents her with the pendant but she refuses to accept it without
opening it. She tells him that she doesn't want it or anything to do with


Opening scene shows Kim and Kathy before the trial. Kim is trying to
persuade Kathy that Steve deliberately tried to kill her and that he is a
very dangerous man.

On the way in to the courtroom Laura bumps into Zak, carrying Belle. Laura
tells him that he won't be able to take her into the court. He replies that
if he wants her advice he'll take legal advice. Betty agrees with Laura but
he informs her that he takes his fatherly duties very seriously and is
bonding with Belle.

Steve pleads guilty to both charges involving Orsino, whilst Kim pleads not
guilty. Steve pleads not guilty to the charge regarding the collision with
Kathy. The prosecution counsel tells the court that she intends to prove
that Steve and Kim were in fact involved together throughout the crime.

Early witnesses, including the person who bought Orsino and the stablehand
have their evidence dismantled by Kim's defence counsel, so things are
looking good for Kim early doors. This sequence spoiled by dramatic camera
sweeps from the defence counsel to the jury every time the counsel makes a
telling point. Any chance of a little subtlety Mr Director?

Then we get to MadAshley who proudly announces that he went to Kim's on the
night of the theft, and Steve was upstairs making phone calls. Prosecution
counsel gets her first success by reminding him that Steve has subsequently
admitted that he wasn't at the house at the time. She then makes the point
that Kim, ostensibly going outside to get rid of rubbish, had sufficient
time to call Steve on his mobile phone without Ashley's knowledge.
Strangely enough the dramatic camera sweeps were absent on this occasion.

At lunch Chris is excitedly talking to Laura about how the case is going and
she threatens to stop being friends with him if he doesn't shut up. Kim
walks in and he goads her some more about enjoying her last meal as a free
woman. She responds by tipping her salad over his head, saying "There's a
slug in my salad." Chris however, gets the best of the exchange by telling
her she ought to eat it as it'll still be better than prison food.

The next witness is the Police Inspector. Defence counsel soon makes
inroads with his evidence though, labouring the point that Kim was
interviewed on several occasions mainly on the basis of Chris repeatedly
going to the police with trumped up evidence. Skilfully, the counsel
manages to completely skirt over the fact that Chris had found the itemised
phone bill, giving it only a brief mention then managing to paint Chris as a
biased character before an objection is raised.

Final witness is Kathy. Prosecution counsel asks her to relate the events
of the night of her accident. Kathy tells how she was out with Biff before
he had to leave early and she caught a taxi home. The taxi driver turned
nasty and she asked him to stop and let her out. She then proceeded to walk
home. At this moment the SongStrangler turns in a hilarious performance as
someone distressed by recalling painful evidence. Laugh? I thought my
trousers would never dry....

Prosecution counsel, seeing Kathy is distressed asks for a short adjourment.
On return the most noticeable thing is that despite all the tears Kathy's
make-up hasn't run in the slightest and her eyes aren't red. No doubt Max
Factor and Rimmel are in competition to bring out this incredible new

The final scene shows Kathy lying under oath saying that Steve deliberately
drove into her and made no attempt to avoid her, her final words being "He
tried to kill me!" before the music and credits roll.

Wed 13/1/99

Enough legal twists and turns tonight to fill a whole John Grisham novel.
All we needed was Tom Cruise to play Chris Tate. Most of the show again
based round the trial with the Rachel and Graham plotette simmering nicely
in the background to keep those befuddled by legal technicalities
interested. Uniformly good acting tonight, especially by Malandra who,
stung by yesterdays "performance" belatedly remembered that she is an
actress. So her best moments weren't as a comatose vegetable after all.....


Early scene with Rachel and Graham showing him suggesting they go off for a
picnic so they can talk alone. She reminds him that its January and West
Yorkshire in winter hardly appeals for picnickers. He suggests that if she
gets cold he can always give her a cuddle.

Later scene with them together again. He says that its a wonderful
suggestion that they move in together but wants both himself (yikes, is this
a Nevism?) and her to be really sure about this. He mentions Chris and she
says she has learned from her mistakes. Rachel steers the conversation
round to Graham's late wife and he gets very defensive and storms off.

He later apologizes to her and she persuades him to open up to her and tell
about his ex-wife. He confides that she was very moody and would often
spend the day in bed. He managed to persuade her to see a doctor who
prescribed anti-depressants. She eventually took an overdose of these.
Graham said that he still blames himself for her death. The question now
remains whether or not the scriptwriters are going to make this statement
more profound than at present seems obvious. Graham doesn't seem like a
wife killer but then again Dopey doesn't seem like an actress.


First short scene with Kim and Zoe outside the Marchant house discussing
Kathy's evidence of the previous day. Kim seems relieved that Kathy gave
the evidence the way she did and wasn't intimidated by Steve into admitting
it was an accident.

Next scene has Steve talking to his defense counsel and complaining that he
barely said anything the previous day. Steve makes it plain that he wants
Kim to go down as well, but his counsel points out that his only concern is
getting a lenient sentence for Steve.

First witness in the box is Kathy. Steve's counsel notes that her previous
evidence was very traumatic for her but maintains that Steve had no
intention of hitting her and was devastated when he later found out this had
happened. He further commented on Kathy's coma and that since coming out of
it she had sought psychiatric help, having discharged herself from hospital
early. He also stated that the collision would have happened very quickly
and suggested to her that it was entirely possible that she would not have
known for sure that Steve had driven into her deliberately. Kathy repeated
that he had hit her on purpose. At the recess for lunch Butch seeks Kathy
out to voice his concern that the defense counsel was trying to make Kathy
look stupid. She then confides to Betty that she was concerned that it
*had* all happened so fast and "what if he didn't hit me on purpose?"

Steve is then called to the witness box. Defense counsel notes that the
theft must have taken meticulous planning. Steve replied that Kim was very
good at that kind of thing. Steve mentioned the phone conversation he had
had with Kim and that this had distracted him leading him to hit Kathy. He
had originally thought he had hit a deer and was shocked to later learn that
it was in fact Kathy.


Back in the Woolly Seth is running a book on whether or not Kim is guilty.
He offers 3 - 1 on her. Alan, in a vintage piece of righteous indignation
not seen since his NY Estates days comments that he is appalled by this and
that British justice is respected all over the world. Paddy accepts the
offer saying its the best he'll get that day. Dopey replies that she could
make him a better offer. The expression on her face that followed was I
think supposed to be pure Sid James but it could have been anything from
constipation to lust. Suffice to say it has to be the worst single piece of
acting I have *ever* seen in this program and I urge anyone with the
technology to do vidcaps to get busy so those of us unable to watch the show
can all share in the full horror of this moment. Is this woman sleeping
with one of the production staff or something??????

Anyway, back to the show.

Prosecution counsel speaks to Steve and doubts that he could really have
thought he hit a deer as that would have been a considerable impact and most
people would have stopped to see what had actually happened. She repeated
that he had intended to knock Kathy down and that his only remorse was that
Kathy had in fact survived and was a witness to the theft.

Kim's defense counsel notes that Steve originally made a statement to the
police that he had planned the crime alone and it had nothing to do with
Kim. Then he changed his mind and said she was involved in the planning.
Steve replied that this was because he had realized she was selling him out.
Counsel countered by saying it had more to do with the fact that he had
learned she intended to divorce him and that he wanted revenge. He further
went on to say that Chris had given him this information during several
visits to the remand center. He asked Steve whether he and Chris had
discussed the case, noting that Chris was very biased against Kim, and
eventually Steve admitted that they had discussed the case.

Next in the witness box is Zoe. Kim's counsel feeds her a series of easy
questions with no controversial evidence. Ken Barlow's bit of fluff then
goes into overdrive with Zoe reminding her that Ashley had said in his
evidence that Kim had gone outside to take rubbish out. Zoe admitted that
she could not remember this. Prosecution Counsel then asked whether Zoe had
been drinking that night. Zoe replied that she had and it transpired that
she had drunk about a bottle of wine. Counsel pointed out that as Ashley
had stayed sober all night his evidence may be a little more accurate than

Then Chris is called to the box. Kim's counsel. She goes straight for the
jugular painting Chris as obsessed with hatred for Kim and a desire to see
her suffer at any cost. His first answers are very flippant but Chris, with
a history of falling into traps, falls wheels first for another one by
losing his temper and ranting on and on about how Kim was manipulative and
that she had murdered his father etc. etc. and that he had spent "ages
finding evidence on this case". The music from Ironside could be heard on a
distant personal stereo..... Chris mentioned the phone bill and then went on
a diatribe about Kim being responsible for Frank's death. Kim's counsel
stated that the phone bill only proved the phone had been used on the night,
not who had used it and reminded him that Frank had died from a heart attack
and there was no proof of any involvement by Kim. He finally made the point
that Chris had gone to see Steve on so many occasions not because he wanted
to help Steve but because he wanted to drive a wedge between Steve and Kim.

Over at the Woolly, Seth receives a phone call from Betty with a progress
report. At the end of the call he announces that he is opening the odds to
20 - 1. Ned observes that Kim must have had a good day, but Seth reports
that Steve had had a very bad one. Dopey tells StudPaddy that she is taking
him to a nightclub and he looks worried, saying he has an early start the
following day. She tells him not to worry because she will have him home in
time. Alan talks to Mandy about nightclubs but she bristles, telling him
she wouldn't know about them because she never went anywhere like that with

Kim is the final witness of the day. She states that the dinner for Zoe
and Ashley was all Steve's idea. Counsel asks if she was surprised in this
case that Steve was out. She replied that she had gotten used to his
secretive business dealings. She was asked why she thought Chris hated her
so much. She went on to relate that Chris had always been in Frank's shadow
and that Frank despised him. Chris again loses his temper and the judge
asks for him to be removed from court. Chris is wheeled away shouting to
anyone who will listen that Kim was a liar.

Thurs 14/1/99

Quite a talky show tonight so the update may be a little sketchy for which I
apologise. Hopefully the salient points of the show will be here. Similar
format to the rest of the week in that the main sequences are from the trial
with the Rachel and Graham storyline bubbling under.


In the pub there's trivial banter about films arising from a comment made by
Marlon about the film "Twelve Angry Men". Graham says that Jack Lemmon was
in the film but he wasn't and Rachel playfully mocks him. He doesn't look

A later scene back at Rachel's just in from the pub. She continues to mock
him but he responds very coldly and tells her never to humiliate him like
that again. She thinks he is joking and tries to be seductive but he
continues to be angry and refuses her advances.


Opening scene of the show has Paddy and Dopey looking bedraggled turning up
at an early morning call at the Sugden's. Jack is already angry because
Paddy is an hour late, and then he hasn't brought his bag, so Jack gets even
more angry. Paddy goes back to the surgery where Lynn lays into him for the
way he is behaving.

Later scene showing Paddy falling asleep in the surgery. He tells Zoe that
he has flu and Little Miss Gullible falls for that story too, telling him to
go home. He says he will be alright and she leaves to go to the court.
Lynn again tells him off and he reminds her she is just a temporary


First witness is Kim. Prosecution counsel feels it is unlikely that someone
with Kim's experience with horses would not know that Orsino had been
swapped for Toby. Kim says she doesn't always have time to check thoroughly
and had just looked along the line of stables. She went on to say that not
a day goes by when she didn't wish she had checked more thoroughly.

Prosecution counsel asks her about the mobile phone bill and the call made
on the night of the theft. She didn't know who had phoned Steve but
suggested that the mobile phone number was preset and that Joseph had
possibly picked up the phone and dialed it. Counsel thought this was quite
clever for a 2 year old. She asked how Steve could possibly know about the
fun run when he wasn't even there. Kim looks surprised and the counsel
tells her that Ashley had asked him about the fun run and he already seemed
aware of it. Kim could give no explanation for this. Counsel says that
it was because she had rung him on the mobile and prepared him for the
question. Kim had been involved with the theft from the start and only
turned against Steve when he panicked about hitting Kim and she realised he
would be more of a liability. Meanwhile, listening to this in the public
gallery Kathy becomes more and more distressed and runs out of the

Betty and Biff run after her and fuss. She tells them not to and says she
realises that she has made another mistake. She departs leaving Biff and
Betty looking concerned.

Over in the graveyard Chris is sat in front of Frank's grave. Curiously the
lettering on the gravestone looks like a 20 minute old transfer rather than
a 2 year old engraving. Hmm. Chris is tearful, apologising to Frank for
letting him down. Suddenly Chris has that "Eureka" look on his face.......
Either that or the fertility treatment has just kicked in.

Commotion in the courtroom. The judge announces that Steve's defence
counsel has requested to re-examine Kathy because she has new evidence. The
judge announces that he is agreeing to this in the interests of justice.

Back in the witness box Kathy looks determined. Kathy says she is not sure
that Steve intended to hit her and relates when Kim visited her in hospital
soon after coming out of the coma and told her she was frightened of Steve
and that he had hit Kathy deliberately. With the help of the counsel's
question phrasing Kathy comes to the conclusion that Kim may have planted
the idea in her mind that the collision was deliberate. Steve looks

Kim's defence counsel rounds on Kathy, questioning her recent mental state
and, before other counsels can object, suggests she is either
psychologically unfit to give evidence or a perjuror, and asks her which it
is to be? The objection seems to have the desired effect though. Kathy
also states that she can no longer trust Kim. At the end of evidence Steve
turns to Kim and tells her that the game is up. She looks very worried.

Back at Home Farm Chris is talking to Laura and tells her that he has put
together the last piece of the jigsaw and even though Kim looks likely to
get off she isn't going to benefit from the crime.

The judge gives summing up. Reminds the jury that Steve has pleaded guilty
to the theft charges. They need to decide whether or not he was capable of
planning the crime alone. If he was then Kim is innocent. If not then she
is guilty.

Zoe gets to court just as it is breaking up. She sees Kim but Kim tells her
to leave her alone. Kim's defence counsel, who had tried to talk to her,
asked Zoe to make sure she doesn't do anything silly.

Zoe goes back to the Marchant's. Kim had obviously left the courtroom so
quickly because she had remembered a hair appointment. She looks
distressed. Tells Zoe that she is going to be found guilty and asks what
will happen to James. Zoe asks her if she wants her to stay the night but
Kim says she would rather be alone. As soon as Zoe leaves Kim is on the
phone to a mystery person saying that "the thing we talked about the other
day is on".

Kim goes to Frank's grave but its been disturbed. She starts to dig but
can't find the money and instead finds a tape recorder. She presses play
and its Chris on the tape telling her that she will never see the money
again and he would love to be there to see her face.