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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Bill's Blubberings Week 11/13 May

It should have been a good week this one but IMHO it was over hyped and rather tedious due to the fact that almost the entire week was given over to the ridiculous Graham/Rachel storyline. This is where we will start.

As Graham is preparing for their picnic, Rachel comes across responses to job applications he has received from schools in the South. When questioned he says that it is just in case things get unpleasant in the village over the drugs business. She then leaves to dump Joe on Chris for the day which makes him really happy as she gave him no notice. On the way she tells Joe that when he comes home later Graham will have moved back to his own house. As she leaves Tate's yard she bumps into Pollard who correctly guesses that Rachel intends dumping the Psycho.

On her way home Rachel pops in to the diner, seeking comfort from Kathy. The diner however is really busy and Kathy has no time for her friend, instead inviting her to come over for supper later. Meanwhile, Graham is cutting and pasting photos. Rachel returns home and Graham is packing the car for the picnic. Rachel tries to tell him that she dose not want to go. Graham is near to convincing her to come when Kathy arrives, adding weight to Graham's argument for going.

At the picnic site Rachel is nervous and tries to open a conversation that will lead to her dumping Graham. He pre-empts this by suggesting they go for a  nice romantic walk. She agrees and tries to re-open the conversation again, saying that she wants to talk. Amazingly so does Graham and he suggests they leave it until they reach the headland where it is really romantic.

At the headland Graham again apologises for his recent behaviour, goes on to produce a ring and proposes to Rachel. Rachel tells him that it is too soon and confesses to doubting his ability to change, but the old smoothy turns on the charm until she accepts the ring, saying how romantic he is. He goes on to tell her that his marriage was not a bed of roses as not only had Rebecca changed but she took him for granted. She took the marriage lightly and, worst of all, wanted to change her role as time went on. Poor old Rachel gets it wrong again by telling Graham that people do change as they are not robots. This makes Graham angry  and he tells her to stop lecturing him.

Graham calms down and asks Rachel for a date for the wedding, to which she replies that there is no rush....Wrong! He points out that they should get married in a few weeks, sell their houses and move South. She tells him that he has not been listening to her when she said that he must not try to control her life. He tells her not to interrupt and that the wedding will be on June 19th, which just so happens to be Graham and Rebecca's anniversary.

Graham gets up, takes his coat off and goes to gaze into the distance while distractedly talking about the wedding. As she sits on his coat, Rachel finds a photo in his pocket. It is a phone from graham's last wedding, with Rachel's head pasted over Rebecca's. Rachel is terrified at this and, finding the car keys, she sneaks away, leaving the ring behind.

She doesn't get far before slipping and alerting Graham. He picks up the ring and his coat and runs after her. He catches her at a cliff edge and accuses her of not wanting to marry him. She says that she does. He offers her a second chance as long as she promises never to leave him, which she readily does. "Liar!" Shouts Graham, as he pushes he over the edge.

When he looks over the cliff, Graham spots Rachel just below him with a knee injury, holding a hand out for help. Full of remorse he helps her up. She asks him to take her to the hospital but he says no as he cannot trust her anymore, she has betrayed him. Desperate to get out of this situation, she tries everything to convince Graham that she will not report him as it was all her fault for upsetting him. They hug. Graham helps her up and says: "Take me to the hospital, then we can go home." Graham asks:"You'll never leave me?" to which Rachel replies:"No. I can help you, we can get you help."

Oh dear, Rachel has got it wrong, big time now. Graham, in full Psycho mode, shouts that it is just between the two of them. He is so much in her face as he shouts that she is forced to back up. He says that she is just like Rebecca, ungrateful and always moaning. When he then goes on to tell Rachel how he tried to make her life easier by her not having to work we see Rachel suddenly realise that he planted the drugs on her. When tell accuses him he tells her that she really is like Rebecca in that he couldn't let her leave either. Rachel just starts to realise that Graham killed Rebecca when he pushes her over the edge, only this time she  falls to the bottom. ( We know this as we all heard the 'Whoosh" from the air-bag  as she landed). (There was a nice continuity error here too. Graham lets out a long yell as he pushes her. He can still be heard as we go to a different camera, the only trouble being that his mouth is now firmly closed.)

We next see Graham sitting in the car holding the ring and looking sorry for himself. He is, however, keeping a clear head about what has to be done. He phones the Mill and leaves a message for Rachel on the answering machine as if he is expecting her to have gone home without him. Next he calls Chris at the office and tells him that Rachel had boasted of knowing a short cut back to the car and wanted to race him back. That was now hours ago and he is worried. Chris offers to go to the Mill and check there, telling Graham not to worry. Graham now phones Kathy who is waiting with a patient Alice for Rachel to appear for supper. She tells him not to worry. His next call is to 999 where the emergency operator rightly points out that a missing person is hardly an emergency. Graham hangs up decicing to go to Hotten police station.

Meanwhile Chris is at Kathy's. They decide to set aside their differences and concentrate on Rachel.

Graham is seen at Hotten nick remonstrating with a poor PC that they should be raising search parties straight away. The PC points out that nothing will be done till the morning. Graham is visibly taken aback when Sgt. Reynolds not only agrees with the PC but says that she can see what is going on. He is relieved, however, when she goes on to say that She knows that he is worried because it is obvious that they think so much of each other. Phew!.

The next morning Kathy and Graham are with the police for the first search while Chris stays to look after Joesph. The public is asked to help on the second, wider search and most of the males from the village turn out plus Sarah Sugden who is there to support Jack as much as anything. Scott and Roy nearly come to blows whilst searching until reminded by Butch of the reason for being there.

We hear a whistle, Rachel has been found, by Jack, who still has deep feelings for her. Unfortunately she is dead and it is up to Sarah to comfort him as everyone else arrives.

The next morning we see that Paddy has stayed over with Graham who has had little sleep. Graham is going for the sympathy vote by saying that it is all his fault for agreeing to the race.

During the day we twice see Graham talking to Rev. Ashley. He supposedly is questioning his faith and Ashley is trying to be supportive.

Meanwhile Jack has been helping out by making the funeral arrangements with support from Sarah, to take the load off Chris who is looking after Joseph and is in turn being supported by Laura. Chris takes time to reflect that Poor Joseph had two parents, one who cared and one who never made the time, and it is the caring one who has died.

As the week ends the only person who suspects any sort of foul play is Eric and that is probably from past personal experience.

The Rest.

The main story was so over done that there was not much left for the rest so just a quick summary.

Scott is still winding Roy up over Kelly. Roy lays him out with a punch outside the Woolpack. Roy gets drunk over the news  but Tricia gives him an early wedding present by telling him that it is impossible as Scott can't get it up. Kelly does nothing to discourage this theory. Roy is upset to find out that as he did not pay the balance of the money he has forfeited the Honeymoon, losing his deposit. Kelly's bad news comes from Viv, she tells Kelly that Scott is the ideal person to give away the Bride.

Frankie, on behalf of Tate Haulage shifts Stella's antiques to Home Farm. Pollard has planted an already broken vase for Stella to find. Eric takes this and demands 500.00 in compensation which, he says, is it'e original value. Chris later tells Frankie that she agrees to have the money stopped from her wages or is fired. She tells him to stuff it and walks out.

The Woolpack
Whilst Bernice is visiting Alan in hospital Gavin gets Tricia in bed, having left Seth in sole charge of the bar. After a quickie Gavin feings guilt as an excuse to get up leaving tricia feeling 'cheap'. Alan meanwhile has decided to put the pub on the market for 250,000 and Bernice thinks that she and Gavin should buy it. Gavin has no intention of staying with Bernice and tells her that he has no savings for their nest-egg. She seems to think that this is no problem as a bank will have no trouble lending them the money as they are a young couple and she has 10K to put down. (yeah like the bank will lend you 240K against a value of 250K on a business loan) This annoys Tricia who virually tells Granddad that she thought that he would 'leave' it to her. He says that he is skint after Steve Marchant's scam and needs to cash in the pub as his pension.

That was it basically. The one good peice of writing for me was that around Jack and Sarah during and after the search for Rachel. The writers had the sense to show that after their affair last year Jack still had a lot of feelings for Rachel. She supports Jack all the way through this even offering to help him with the arrangements. Aslo out of the current cast there would be very few others who could have performed as well as Clive Hornby during the scene where Rachel is discovered.

That's all folks.