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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tuesday Tidings by Dionne

Well, it's the aftermath of the wedding, which means that other
storylines get pushed to the forefront. We also see the return of
Balsa Boy. What joy (not).

Butch and Emily

I'll start with these two, as they're always interesting. We start
with Emily taking a phone call from the hospital - her father is awake
and on the mend. Emily goes to see him, and he tells her that he's
always wanted to look after her. As she's grown up, his priorites for
her life have changed, and at present he wants to protect her from
men. Emily tells her that Butch is different from other blokes - he's
been looking after her while Mr Wylie's been in hospital. She also
tells him that Butch has been sleeping outside in his van. Big

Mr Wylie freaks out, telling her that he's not having it. Emily
*finally* stands up to her dad and tells him that she's leaving before
he goes into one.

Later, Emily tells Butch what happened and he reassures her that she
did the right thing. She tells him that she always thought that she
would stay and look after her father for the rest of her life, because
she didn't know any different. But as a little girl she dreamed of
Prince Howard, who would turn up at the farm and rescue her from her
dad. Butch wonders if she's still looking for her prince. Emily
reassures her that she has found something much better.

They kiss, and are sitting arm in arm when Mr Wylie returns home
unexpectedly. He tries to throw Butch out, but Butch stands his ground
and tells him that he & Em are in love. Mr Wylie (who's left hospital
far too soon) collapses at this point, prompting Emily to tell him
that Butch means nothing to her. Butch runs off in tears.

Zoe & Frankie

Posh Tate gets a visit from Maggie, who tells her to leave Frankie
alone. She tells her that they have a strong relationship, and that
Frankie got a tattoo to show her love for her (Magiie has a rather
unusual design on her arm). Zoe takes great delight in telling her
that she has an idntical tattoo, and that Frankie only got one for a
dare. Exit Maggie, unsurprisingly annoyed.

Maggie confronts Frankie, who states that she and Zoe are just mates.
Maggie isn't convinced. Meantime, Zoe is surprised that Frankie felt
the need to keep their day in Leeds such a secret, and wonders if
there's a chance for her yet.... Frankie goes to see Maggie at work at
later, and reiterates her love for her. Maggie tells her that she has
to tell Zoe that there's no chance for her.


Sadly, tonight saw the return of a storyline for Scott. His boss finds
out that he has poached mute extras for his business, and sakcs him,
calling him arrogant and a "slick, superficial character". Far nicer
comments than he gets in RATUE....

The company car gets repossessed, Richie gets nervous, and Scott
suddenly realises that he has no money and not a lot of business.
Meantime, Kelly tells Viv that she needs the deposit....


The glamming-up of Sarah continues, as Angie takes her on a shopping
trip to escape the drudgery of another farming day. Sarah tries on a
lovely little red number, which she really likes as it makes her feel
fab. Angie persuades her to buy it.

Her excitement is dampened by Jack's dour face on their return from
Hotten. Sarah realises there's a lot of work to do to get him to see
her differently...


It's the day after the wedding, and Kathy is trying to avoid people.
However, the village, in full-gossip mode, just won't let it lie...
Betty is first on the scene, followed swiftly by Laura and Chris (who
perceptively realises that Kathy didn't love Biff as much as Biff
loved her).

Graham is on cloud nine after Biff's departure, so much so that he
goes to see Kathy to offer his "support". Kathy slams the door in his
face. However, Graham tells Laura that he's such a good friend, and
the episode ends with him telling her that he will *not* give up on


Wednesday Warblings by Sarah

Tonight’s episode is a hour long one though there seems no particular
reason. In fact it’s obviously 2 separate episodes joined together as
the events occur over the space of 2 days and we get the obligatory
breakfast scene, that normally starts an episode, half way through.
Anyway onto the action (Sorry it’s a bit long but it is 2 episodes).

Stella and her suitors

Stella cries off her trip to the races with Alan with an excuse about
having a migraine. Bernice correctly deduces that she is fobbing him
off. However, Tricia is still convinced that Grandad will be marrying
Stella and is even trying to learn how to ride as befits a lady of the

Bernice tells Gavin Ploughmans have confirmed that they want to buy the
Woolpack, so he decides its time to turn up the heat in his campaign to
fleece Stella. He heads off to Home Farm and manages to get Stella to
practically beg him to stay.

Cut to another Stella and Gavin in bed scene (after any activities of
course). She’s obviously so stunned by his sexual powers that when he
suggests that she could do him a favour one day she just swoons and
agrees (despite the fact he’s obviously angling for her money).

The next morning Gavin turns up at Home Farm again though Tricia almost
catches them when she comes to look round the stables in her jodphurs
and riding boots (am I psychic, or what!! See the Plea to Stella
post). After they’ve dodged her Viv comes snooping around in order to
ask Stella for some money (see below for why). Since Viv has just
interupted her chance of a bit of nookie, she is rather cool to Viv’s
request for 5000.

Later in the Woolpack Stella tries to put Alan out of his misery by
telling him she can’t marry him because there’s no spark between
them. However, Alan can’t take a hint and says he wasn’t expecting
passion, just companionship, and suggests that she think a bit longer.
Exasperated, Stella is then asked for some money towards the church
roof by Ashley. She’s getting fed up of all these people chasing after
her and obviously sees Gavin as the one she can turn to.

Sarah and Jack

Sarah gets some advice from Angie about how to put a bit of life back
into her relationship with Jack. Angie encourages her to try and
“seduce” Jack using her new dress over a candlelit supper.

Sarah subsequently makes the aforementioned meal and Jack actually
comes home from a day in the fields in a good mood for once. Things go
well to begin with, with Jack appreciating the food. However, he makes
the fatal mistake of not noticing her new dress (even when prompted)
and then wants to go and watch TV when the meal is finished. Another
argument develops and he storms out (the poor door might fall off it’s
hinges soon with all the slamming it’s being subjected to recently).

Pete comes home later that night to find Sarah drowning her sorrows and
reluctantly joins her for a drink and then for a dance round the
kitchen. Of course Jack comes home at this point to find them arm in
arm. Pete quickly disappears upstairs as Sarah accuses Jack of being
boring while he says he can’t bear to be in the same room as her (cue
the door getting another beating).

Emily and Butch

Butch is down in the dumps after being spurned by Emily, but Lisa gives
him a pep talk and tells him not to give up. She goes round the Wylies
to give Mr Wylie a piece of her mind but he won’t budge and sends her

Emily still has to pretend that she doesn’t care about Butch when
talking to her dad as she’s worried about his health. She also misses
work again so that Viv is thinking of giving her the sack. However, in
a rare moment of compassion Mr Wylie actually suggests that she should
try to sort things out with Viv and thanks her for looking after him.

The next day she goes into the Post Office where Viv shocks her by
telling her she’s sacked. However, since Stella overhears and
intervenes (and Viv is trying to get in her good books - see below) she
relents and says it was actually just a warning.

When Butch comes in later, Emily has to pretend she doesn’t want
anything to do with him while an extra is in the shop, but as soon as
she’s gone Emily is nice to Butch again and they go off for a chat.
Looks like she’s going to have to lead a bit of a double life for a

The Windsors

Kelly continues to hassle Viv for her money and things are progressing
with their house, they even go to see the Bank Manager.

Scott tries to avoid Viv but she finally catches up with him in the
Diner where Richie makes him confess about losing his second job. He
also reluctantly admits to blowing Kelly’s money on his car at which
point Viv goes ballistic.

When she’s calmed down a bit later on, Scott suggests that she should
ask Stella for a loan. Viv’s not keen but does go to see Stella at
Home Farm to ask for 5000 pounds. However, since she upsets Stella’s
plans for Gavin (see above) she doesn’t get the greatest reception,
though she doesn’t seem to notice Stella’s displeasure.

Frankie and Zoe

Zoe is getting even more devious in her pursuit of Frankie. Maggie
turns up at Tate Haulage to warn Zoe to back off as she and Frankie are
in love. However, Zoe gets more encouragement later when Frankie
apologises for Maggie’s behaviour and Zoe acts like butter wouldn’t
melt in her mouth.

Frankie asks Zoe if she could do her a favour by persuading Chris not
to pick her for a trucking job to Europe as it’s 3 weeks and she
doesn’t want to be away from Maggie for that long at the moment.
Seeing her chance to cause more trouble, Zoe actually suggests to Chris
that Frankie should do the job even though he was going to send Pete.
He then asks Zoe to tell Frankie so she has the opportunity to pretend
that it was all Chris’ idea and offer a bit of sympathy (though how
Frankie being away for 3 weeks is going to further her pursuit I don’t
know, unless she stows away in Frankie’s truck!).


Kathy is still being generally grumpy and snaps at both Marlon and
Betty in the Diner. Marlon suggests that he could be the manager now
Biff has gone but Kathy just feels he is hassling her and turns him

Betty gets a letter from Biff, saying he won’t be home any time soon.
She still can’t understand why Biff ran off but Kathy just tells her to
shut up when she presses her about it.

Other Bit

Not quite sure what the point of this little story was but better
mention it in case it means something for the future. Anyway, Pollard
offers Zak a job picking up some gym equipment. Zak agrees bumping up
the price to 40 though he tells Lisa he’s only getting 30. Ollie
Reynolds is snooping around and hears everything. She hides in Zaks
van and manages to persuade him to let her help out when he catches
her. When they’ve finished she blackmails him into giving her the 10
pounds difference between what he told Lisa and what he actually got.

Tate's Talk by Andy


Just a brief scene with the Windsor family. Kelly has some brochures for
house furnishings and stuff and is getting more and more excited about the
cottage. She leaves the room and Viv argues with Satan about the missing
money. Scotty manages to shift the blame for the situation onto Stella
because she is stalling on the loan of the 5000, and persuades Viv to have
another go at Stella for the money, which later in the show, she does.


Young Marc Reynolds looks set to become this year's Will. He is seen in the
Diner which is in chaos as Kathy hasn't come to work because she can't face
it. Marc informs Marlon that the menu is all wrong and Marlon of course
pours scorn on the idea of a young lad knowing more than experienced
caterers. However later in the show Marc explains to Marlon that different
times of the day could attract different clientele and they should be
treated differently. For instance table cloths and cakes for the afternoon
"wrinkly" set, and basics for the evening rush. Marlon warms to this idea
but says he would have to discuss it with Kathy. Marc however, suggests he
implement it whilst Kathy is away and also points out he will want paying
for his ideas.


Angie continues in marriage wrecker mode when she speaks to Sarah in the
Woolpack and asks about her "romantic" night with Jack. Sarah notes that
Jack probably wouldn't notice if she was hanging off the chandeliers with
Pete when he came in. Angie says she wouldn't stand for that off Shaun and
makes sure he gives her plenty of attention. She suggests to Sarah that she
flirts with Pete, who arrives at the table at just the right moment. This
is obviously a storyline the scriptwriters are going to run with despite the
fact that BrookiePete looks petrified whenever he comes anywhere near Sarah.

As another contributor to this group would say, "CRAP!"


An off day for Emily as she spent the first half of the show not knowing if
she was a Yorkie or a Lanky.... But on to serious stuff. Butch is helping
at the farm whilst she is at the Post Office, but her Dad is on about
getting up and doing some work on the farm. She tells him that he will end
up back in hospital if he gets up too early. In typical brusque form her
Dad tells her he will be OK.

Later in the morning Butch makes a noise and Em's Dad comes looking for
intruders, armed with a shotgun. He is just about to corner Butch who is
frantically trying to hide, when Emily returns and sends him back to bed,
saying it was her making the noise.

At the end of the day Emily is talking to her Dad and she asks about her
Mother and how he met her. Her Dad says that he dated her without parental
knowledge or support and would have been in trouble had anyone found out.
Emily tells him she would never go behind his back but wants him to get to
know Butch. He gets angry at the mention of Butch's name and they argue


The Stella leaving plot becomes even more forced. Part one is Viv
approaching Stella in the street. Emily had given her some flowers as a
thank you for letting Butch work on the farm. As a pretext for approaching
Stella Viv says that Emily should have given her a real bouquet instead of
handpicked flowers. Stella says that she prefers the ones Emily gave her.
Emily goes back into the Post Office and Viv asks about the money. Looking
disgusted, Stella tells her that Scott will have to wait till she makes her
mind up.

Part two is Ashley, returning into brilliant Mad Vikka form, accosting her
in the Woolpack about money for the Church Roof. He, of course, gets the
same non-committal answer.

In the midst of a conversation with Butch Stella learns that Eric is
planning to buy some bankrupt stock sunbeds. Later he approaches her with
this proposal and asks for a cheque for 72,000 to cover the purchase of
same. Fortunately Gavin appears to her relief. Relief which will later
turn to sadness as the motives for his apparent affection become clear.

She says she is fed up of people wanting money off her and he begins to look
guilty. He tells her he is planning on leaving Bernice but feels guilty
because she is losing the Woolpack too and it would be too much for her.
Gavin suggests Stella helps Bernice to buy the Woolpack to salve her
conscience. They discuss what to do and Stella tells Gavin that Bernice
refused to accept the money for the Woolpack.

Gavin then hits on the idea of asking Stella to give the money to *him* and
he would pretend to Bernice that he has a loan. But he admits that this
would mean him staying with Bernice for awhile until the dust settles and at
this moment Stella sees Gavin's plan. She asks him whether he loves her
and he replies "of course I do", in a most unconvincing manner. She asks
him to leave and the final scene is of Stella collapsing into a flood of