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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tate's Talk Week 09-11/3/99

Tues 9/3/99

The rest of the Dingle clan appear, giving we viewers plenty of cause to
look forward to the end of this particular storyline.

Sarah is confronted by Viv in the diner, and is wound up to walking out by
her within a couple of minutes. Biff brings over Sarah's cup of tea which
Viv helps herself to. Meanwhile Biff and Marlon express their concern to
Roy about him proposing to Kelly. He shocks them both by informing them
that he has already done it.

At the school Donna tries to talk to Andy. She tells him she doesn't blame
him for what happened to her Dad. Andy tells her she shouldn't sit with him
in case the bullies pick on her too.

Bernard Manning, sorry, Ezra Dingle, tries to pick a fight with Paddy in the
church when Butch tells him that they almost lost their house because of
him. Zak calls him off and then almost ends up in a fight with Ezra himself
when goaded by him. The scuffle is broken up by Marlon.

In the next scene Viv is seen talking to someone who I suspect is meant to
be a Social Worker. Hmm, unlike any Social Worker I have ever met!!!!! She
tries to convince the Social Worker that Andy needs moving to another school
and that Sarah has already told her "how miserable he is" and that they are
too proud to move him themselves and would appreciate a push in the right
direction. Come on Scriptwriters, even Britain's most gullible social
worker wouldn't fall for that....

Later in the Christening Ezra decides its time to steal the collection
money. Zak and Butch refuse to help but then Ezra threatens that if either
of them stop him he will make sure Zak is cast out of the Dingle clan. Ezra
and his wife, commit the crime.

Andy comes home from school and is sat down at the kitchen table by Sarah.
Is it teatime? No, she just wants to talk things through with him.
Reluctantly he informs her that Donna knew about Billy being in the village
before Christmas. Andy reminds Sarah she had promised not to say anything
about this but of course, the first lesson any child should learn is never
trust an adult that says "trust me".......

The Social Worker appears at the Sugden's spouting platitudes such as "there
are obviously strong feelings here". Maybe she's auditioning for the Eileen
Drewery role in the new England management team. At the end of the evening
she gets up to leave and floats the suggestion that it might be in Andy's
best interests to be moved to a new school right out of the area. Sarah is
of course, appalled.

In the Woolly Roy and Kelly are making eyes at each other and kissing much
to Scott's disgust. Dopey tries to be friendly and of course Scott then
goes into "you want my body" overdrive and she then pulls one of her faces.

At the party after the Christening Rachel is trying to enjoy herself, but
Graham, in latent wifebeater mode, is not a happy bunny and storms out.
Rachel then moves over to Paddy who for some odd reason admits that he loves
the Dingles. Obviously no accounting for taste. Ezra tries to get Zak to
hit Paddy but Lisa says he should forgive Paddy and asks them both if they
have never done something they regret. Neither answer.

At closing time Scott tries his "I've grown up and your the best thing to
ever happen to me" line with Dopey. And she falls for it!!!!!!! She tells
him that she will meet him after work. Can someone please, please, please
explain to me why we are expected to believe that one smile from Scott is
enough to get the female population of Yorkshire removing their underwear
in rampant anticipation?????

Roy corners Kelly and asks for an answer but she wants more time.

Hilariously, Scott is unable to "perform" with Slapper. She makes all the
conciliatory noises about it happening to everyone (and she should know) but
Scott replies "not to me it doesn't", then asks her if she is going to tell
anyone. She says not. She tries to find out what is the matter with him
and when she mentions Roy and Kelly he gets angry and storms out.

Wed 10/3/99

Early scenes building up Scott's embarrassment at not being able to raise
more than a smile. Obviously before long it'll be round the village that
suddenly he is a jaffa and all that irritation at his ridiculously drawn
character will have been worthwhile.

Over at the garage MadAshley confronts Lisa about the missing money, which
it turns out is from the Roof fund, not the collection. Sorry everyone for
not spotting that yesterday. Lisa of course knows nothing about this and
Ashley accepts this but tells her that the money must be replaced else he
will have to inform the police.

At the school Andy is goaded into a fight by one of the boys in his class.
He runs out and is followed by Graham who tries to talk him round. He
eventually tells Graham he is alright.

At the haulage firm one of the McGann brothers turns up playing someone who
appears to want to do business with Tate Haulage. Laura sees him and seems
encouraged by his willingness to do business. She even informs him that
they have just secured a very big contract as a means of trying to convince
him they are not a fly-by-night firm. Just as she tells him this she is
called out of the portakabin, leaving him alone with all the paperwork for
the contract, which he cannot help but look at........

Dopey sees Mandy outside the Wooly and asks her if she has ever had any
trouble with men in the bedroom. Mandy asks who she is talking about and
Dopey tells her that Scott couldn't do it. Mandy thinks this is hilarious
and resolves to tell Kelly. Dopey asks her not to, worried that it might be
something to do with her. Mandy tells her she has men queueing up for her
and its probably because Scott has "too many miles on the clock".

Chris is his usual cheerful self and doesn't seem too ecstatic that Laura
might have sealed yet another contract with Mr McGann, reminding her that
the other contract hasn't been signed yet. Laura, following a very worrying
recent trend that all the women in the show must be extremely gullible,
doesn't see his concern and is upset that she doesn't get so much as a thank
you. Brookside man, in his guise as chief driver comes along asking for his
overtime payment and Chris asks him if he has heard of the mysterious Mr
Blake (McGann) and of course, he hasn't. Chris pushes off with that
disgruntled look on his face.

Back at the school Rachel and her haircut interrupt one of Graham's classes.
In the best traditions of pupil-teacher confidentiality they stand in the
doorway discussing in voices loud enough for all the pupils to hear that
there is a problem with Andy and the Head Teacher wants to see Graham. As
they leave the room Rachel tells Graham that Andy has gone missing. Graham
realises that he missed the signs of Andy's distress earlier on.....

At the Sugden's the school has just rung to say Andy has gone missing.
Sarah is worried because she says he isn't the kind of boy to go missing
without telling anyone. Jack disagrees telling her he is *exactly* that
type of boy. He goes off looking for Andy.

At Dingle towers, Zak comes home with Belle to find Lisa packing a bag with
his clothes in. He asks what is going on and she tells him she has spoken
to Ashley, and a very guilty look comes onto Zak's face. He admits to
knowing what happened but that he wasn't responsible. Lisa tells him that
he should have stopped Ezra but he says he couldn't. Lisa then loses her
temper completely and throws him out of the house.

Back at the haulage yard Chris returns looking even more unhappy than usual.
He informs Laura that he has been to sign the Darrow contract only to be
told that they have gone elsewhere. She is dumbfounded by this saying she
can't understand how anyone else could do the work cheaper. Chris tells her
that companies do this to try and put competitiors out of business. He
finishes by saying that at least they have got the Blake contract to fall
back on. Of course, the inevitable has happened and "Mr Blake" has left a
false number and address with Laura. This obviously isn't the same Laura
that was brought into the show all those months ago as Tara's hard-nosed
business adviser then.

Zak refuses to leave, telling Lisa that he had no choice because it was a
family situation. She tells him that she is fed up of everyone thinking bad
of the Dingles and if he wants to get on in life he has to change. He
replies by telling her that he didn't want to "get on in life" and that he
has no intentions of changing. Lisa looks very hurt and wonders where it
leaves her as all he is interested in his himself.

Back at the Sugden's its mealtime as usual. Robert is asking awkward
questions, wondering where Andy has got to but Sarah is trying to calm the
situation saying Jack will be back any minute with Andy. The door goes,
much to Sarah's relief but its only Jack, who reveals that he has been all
the way to Hotten but there's no sign of Andy. Andy is seen returning to
the council estate his gran used to live in.

Mandy and Lisa are talking in the Woolpack. Mandy says she will do
anything to help but Lisa tells her there's nothing she can do. Fighting
back the tears, she confides that despite everything she really loves him.

In the other corner of the bar Kelly confronts Scott about his liaison with
Dopey. She says he is terrible for leading Dopey on but he tells her she is
doing the same with Roy. She disagrees and tells him that Roy has proposed
to her and she hasn't yet refused. The look on Scott's face is priceless.

In the final scene Andy is seen entering the flat which has been trashed.
He bursts into tears calling his Dad an idiot then collapses on the floor
asking the rhetorical question "what was I supposed to do?"

Thurs 11/3/99

Fine acting performances in this episode, not only by the normally
dependable Kelvin Fletcher as Andy, but also Verity Rushworth as Donna. Two
months away and she comes back as an actress. These kids certainly put some
of the adults to shame.

Opening scene at the Sugden household. Jack and Sarah looking distraught,
being counselled by a policewoman who is trying to get them not to worry too
much. It doesn't have much effect on Sarah who is beside herself. Both she
and Jack worry about whether Andy will ever come back.

At the Post Office Betty is talking to Donna about Andy. Viv appears on the
scene and gives everyone the benefit of her opinion on him, saying that he
is from bad blood. Betty is appalled, Kelly agrees with Betty. As Betty
leaves Donna and Kelly are seen talking together. Donna asks Kelly to go
with her to try and find Andy because she thinks she knows where he is.
Kelly says she should have told the Sugden's but Donna wants to find him

At the Dingle's Lisa and Zak are still discussing the missing money. She
reminds him that Ashley will tell the police if it isn't replaced. When she
is gone to work Butch laughs at Zak. Zak tells him that as soon as he has
the money sorted everything will be sweet again and he just needs the right
plan. Butch thinks that Lisa doesn't want him doing anymore scams but Zak
says she just doesn't want him getting caught.

At the Haulage yard Chris takes a call confirming that it was rival firm
Reynolds that got the Darrow contract. Laura seems baffled that anyone
could undercut their tender but Chris tells her that Mr Blake was probably
Reynolds. She admits she may have boasted a little about the Darrow
contract. Chris resolves to go and see Reynolds.

Scott goes over to the garage to see Roy and tries again with the "you're
not good enough for Kelly" line. Lisa throws him out telling him he is
taking up working time.

Zak appears with Belle at Home Farm. Eric and Ally McBeal spot him and Eric
tells him to keep away because he knows what Zak is like. Stella coos over
the baby, then tells Eric to hurry up because they have a long drive ahead,.
It turns out they are going to an antique buying weekend. Zak of course is
already plotting when he hears this, and Eric, noticing this, warns him that
there is an inventory of every item on the property and if anything is
missing he will know who is responsible. Butch tells Eric nothing will go
missing. After Eric and Stella have driven away Zak tells Butch that he
needs a way to find the money to prove to Lisa that the Dingle way is still
the best.

Kelly and Donna have made their way to the Housing Estate where Andy is
hiding out. However, strenuous efforts to find him turn to nothing, and
they are just about to leave when he shouts out to them. He comes out of
the flat and is hugged by Donna. He is full of self pity saying that no one
wants him back but Kelly tears him off a strip about this, saying Donna has
gone to a great deal of effort to find him.

Chris goes to the Reynolds yard and of course Mr Blake is in fact Reynolds.
Threat meets counter threat, culminating in Reynolds pushing Chris in front
of a reversing truck. The truck stops and the threats resume with Chris
telling Reynolds he will put him out of business. He reminds Reynolds that
he is in financial difficulty and the Tates have money and influence. As
Chris leaves Reynolds looks worried.

Zak, in true Baldrick style, has a cunning plan. He has a mate who is a
coach driver and he is currently driving a group of American tourists around
who of course enjoy nothing more than a bit of old fashioned British
history. He intends to take some of Eric's antiques and put them in Home
Farm whilst Eric and Stella are away and take money off the tourists for
seeing a historical building that is off the beaten track. Butch of course,
does not look convinced.

Sarah and Kathy are walking through the village when who should they see but
Viv. The usual row ensues with the result that Sarah pushes Viv over and
tells her in no uncertain terms that she is vicious and vindictive.

Andy and Donna go off for a private chat. Donna tries to convince him to
come home telling him that she will make sure all the bullying stops and
people will stop thinking bad things about him.

Chris returns to the Tate yard and is met by the welcoming committee of
Laura and Brookside Man. He tells them of what happened and much to Laura's
discomfort starts talking battle plans with Brookside Man. Chris tells her
there is only room for one haulage business and its going to be his.

At the garage Kelly is with Roy. He tells her that Scott has been around
again. Roy thinks there is something more to it than just the big brother
act but before he can take this theory further Kelly sticks her tongue down
his throat and gives him a tonsillectomy. It must be love.

At the Sugden's Andy returns....... Jack immediately wants to know where he
has been and whats going on, but with Sarah's support he refuses to talk.

Final scene is yet another Scott and Roy situation. I won't bore you with
the details.