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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tates Talk Week 9-11/2/99

>Hi all. Many apologies but this weeks updates are all together and may be
>bit sketchy but I've had the flu, and that added to my online affair have
>kindof ruined my attention span for the current time. Hopefully I'll be
>back in one piece in two weeks time when its my turn again.
> ------------------------------------
>Well, over in Emmerdale there's a distinct feeling of deja vu about the
>show. Jack has reverted to the boring "man of principle" we all knew and
>loved circa 1983, whilst Chris is currently regressing to his 1990
>pre-wheelchair (that should please at least one RATUE member) day, whilst
>elsewhere other characters are going through that old soap plot device, the
>character transformation.
>There's been a love triangle saga going on around the haulage firm this
>week. Chris takes every available opportunity to tell Kathy he loves her
>and she strings him along for the week, telling him she needs time to think
>about it, but by Thursday she has made her decision which she goes to the
>portakabin to deliver. She tells him that she can't go back and that
>there's too much history between them. Then, just as you can hear the air
>rushing from his tyres, and his heart sinks to new found despair she
>delivers the killer blow. "I am glad we still have our friendship though".
>Just like a woman.......
>Chris spends the rest of the afternoon like a bear with a sore head,
>out his foreman (who looks and sounds like someone from Brookside) and then
>taking it out on Laura.
>Laura of course has spent the week doing a very good impression of a lapdog
>to Chris, occasionally making loaded comments about Kathy and generally
>going round with a look on her face as if she's about to have an orgasm.
>Surely Chris isn't that good looking? Tuesday's episode sees a hilarious
>moment where she kisses Chris so hard I swear she nearly swallowed his
>At the Glover's Kelly is still doing what she does best and using Roy
>whenever it suits her. She's told him that sleeping with him was a mistake
>and that she only wants friendship and strangely enough he accepts this.
>She comes up with the bright idea of him teaching her to drive and he
>agrees, with the result that the first driving lesson ends up with the car
>in a ditch. He falls in the mud as they try to push it out and as she
>laughs at him he grabs her and pushes her into the mud too. They then end
>up having a mudfight.
>Throughout the week Scott has been getting more and more upset at the
>thought of Kelly being with Roy and this culminates with him catching Roy
>and Kelly undressed after the mudfight. The innocent explanation of this
>that they had showered (separately!) but Scott sees it the wrong way and
accuses them of
>sleeping together. Kelly is appalled at this. Viv can't understand why
>Kelly wants driving lessons from Roy and not Scott so Kelly tells her its
>because Roy is reliable. Scott retaliates by buying her a copy of the
>highway code. Viewers the country over react with dismay when they realise
>this story will run and run until Kelly and Scott finally sleep
>Meanwhile, there's trouble between Jack and Zoe. Tuesdays episode sees
>tending a sick sheep at the Sugden's, whilst waiting for Paddy to arrive.
>She gets more and more worried about Studs' non-appearance and then,
>by watching too many episodes of Vets in Practice, she believes she knows
>what to do to cure the sheep. She draws up a syringe of something then
>injects the sheep, who, disgusted at getting a non-bleating role, promptly
>turns up its hooves and dies. Unfortunately Jack arrives just as the
>injection is being administered and blows his top.
>He goes down to the practice and Zoe then blames everyone else for it and
>tells Jack she's been under a lot of stress lately. Lynn is promptly given
>the sack when she reappears but still turns up for work the next morning.
>By this time Sarah has convinced Jack to try to sort the situation out
>amicably with Zoe and is just walking through the practice door to discuss
>it with Zoe when he is greeted by the sight of Lynn telling Zoe she is a
>drunkard. She then leaves saying she is resigning. Yet another heated
>exchange ensues between Jack and Zoe and he tells her he will never trade
>with her again.
>Later Paddy gets Zoe to go round and make her peace with Jack but this
>doesn't work very well when she tries to blame Paddy for not turning up on
>time and Jack for delaying the call. Jack "accidentally" drops the
>expensive bottle of wine Zoe has brought as a peace offering, a bottle she
>reminds him was probably worth more than the sheep. Only if he's a wine
>drinker though.....
>By Thursday's episode Zoe has decided to give Jack 1000 as compensation
>informs Paddy that it won't be going through the books and he must find
>as his half of the money. Understandably, he isn't very impressed with
>and tells her she is assuming he has the money. She then threatens him,
>saying if he can't financially continue to be a partner he needs to
>reconsider his position.
>Over at the Woolly Dopey and Mandy have somewhere along the line decided to
>be friends. Hmm, I must have missed that episode. Mind you, this may have
>something to do with the treatment of them both by Bernice. Bernice has
>decided that Mandy dresses badly and she wants to smarten her up and
>her wearing something more suitable for the fuller figure. Of course,
>resists all of these attempts and in one of the final scenes of Thursdays
>episode appears in a low cut top showing a mile of cleavage and matching
>tattoos on each breast.
>Meanwhile Lynn's week goes from bad to worse when she gets bad results in
>her mocks. She's had a bit to drink and Marlon suggests she stays at his
>place for the night and she reacts angrily saying that just because he has
>listened to her problems a little doesn't mean she's going to fall into bed
>with him. He says that never entered his mind, he was going to sleep on
>sofa. She believes him and duly stays the night. Marlon continues the
>charm offensive, and gets her a job at the diner and she is so grateful he
>thinks his moment has come, and he makes a pass at her. She moves away and
>tells him she only wants to be friends. There's been a lot of that this
>No real storyline involving Biff but I can't finish without mentioning his
>new haircut which looks like it was done by the combine harvester I've just
>seen Jack trying to get rid of on Sky Soap.