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Week 8-12 Nov 1999

An interesting week. In terms of storylines, this was probably the
strongest week (with regard to storylines) that Emmerdale has had
since the 5 ep idea became a regular feature. A shame that no-one
bothered to tell the writers that restraint always helps - Friday's
episode was the most painful that I have watched in a *long* time.

I'll start with the climax to the Tate saga. The week begins with Zoe
seriously suspecting Liam of having kidnapped Chris. Little clues give
him away - he's always hanging around her, he talks about Chris in the
present tense, he disappears for long periods at a time, etc. Having
received another ransom note sometime last week, Zoe decides to put
Liam to the test.

The note has asked her to drop the ransome money on Tuesday near a
phone box in the Connelton Road . Tuesday was due to be Liam's day off
- Zoe asks Sean to make Liam do a run at very short notice. Sean
obliges, forcing Liam to ring Zoe and change the day for the pick up
to Thursday. Zoe realises that it *is* him.

Meantime, Liam has said his goodbyes to Chris - the pair havereached a
new understandidng after discovering that having Frank Tate as a dad
has damaged them both. Chris is all excited about leaving, but joy
soon turns to anger when he realises that Liam couldn't pick up the
money. He asks Liam to leave - Liam is distraught.

Having determined that Liam is the kidnapper, Detective Zoe is at the
haulage yard looking for clues into Liam's past. Needless to say,
there aren't any (conclusive proof that references are always
important). Terry walks in; desperate for a storyline he asks Zoe woss
going on? Zoe asks him to accompany her on a stakeout to Liam's place.

However, Liam is growing ever suspicious of Zoe, particularly after he
sees the look on her face when she discovers that he's changed his day
off to Thursday. He's due to be doing an overnight run to the South
Coast, but talks Pete into doing the run for him while he goes back to
the village to see what Zoe's up to. During this time, Zoe and Terry
have broken into Liam's house.. They can't find anything, and are just
about to leave when Liam comes in, brandishing a gun....

Meantime, Zoe has confided in Claudia the nanny about her plans,
causing Claudia to lie confidently to Spalding when he turns up to see
Zoe unexpectedly. It's a different Claudia though who turns up at the
haulage yard the morning after the stakeout, nervous and wondering if
Zoe is still alive. Sean calls the police; Spalding goes into one of
his usual strops and insists on sending out a team to Liam's house.
After looking at it for about a nanosecond, they storm in and
eventually find Terry tied up in the cellar.

Terry (trying desperately to hide his Scottish brogue) tells them that
he has no idea when Liam and Zoe are, and after intense questioning of
Sean, Laura and Pete the police are no nearer to finding them....

But never fear! Thursday sees a tender reunion as Liam takes Zoe to a
disused farmhouse where Chris is being held. Zoe, through never-ending
tears, tells Chris that Liam is evil, horrible, insane etc. Chris
responds by telling her that Liam's their bruvva.

Liam is panicking at this point, as he realises that Zoe isn't going
to be the loving, sympathetic sista he always wanted. He babbles on
about deciding what to do, and eventually realises that he may need to
kill them both to ensure his freedom. Chris tries to talk him out of
it, promising him that he won't turn him into the police and to
provide money and a third of their inheritance. Liam is wavering at
that point, but Zoe fakes an argument with Chris to make Liam defend
him and drop the gun....

Quick as a flash, Zoe points the gun at Liam. He smiles at her, saying
that she wouldn't dare pull the trigger. BANG! Liam is dead, in
probably the cleanest shoot ever. One thing about Zoe, she sure is a
good shot....

Now, I assume that anyone who suddenly killed another human being
would at least show signs of remorse amnd shock. Moreover, if their
sibling had been missing for several weeks, they'd want to get them
out asap. Not Zoe. Unfortunately the viewers are treated to a
snivelling 5 year old girl wailing "What am I going to do?" at every
given opportunity. Chris doesn't have a lot of sympathy for her, as he
got to know and understand Liam over those weeks, but Zoe spends all
her time trying to concoct a story for the police. Eventually,
Spalding et al track them down, Chris is taken off to hospital, and
Zoe realises that she may be in serious trouble in the future....

That's it - the end of the kidnap saga. Personally I thought it ran
well, with some good acting, but the unbelievable ending on Friday
completely ruined it IMO. Plus, Zoe's Rugrats impersonation on Friday
should *not* have been shown on prime time TV.

Kelly, Roy and Scott

The other main storyline involved the return of that unlikely love
triangle between Miss Piggy, the new Scott and the greasy as ever Roy.
The week opened with Roy about to go to court charged with burglary.
Kelly wants to tel Roy's brief that it's all her fault, but Roy, in
Super-Doormat mode, tells her that he wants to protect her. Despite
character references and Roy's exemplary record, he is sent down for
28 days.

It starts off well at first, then us viewers are treated to a
substandard version of Prisoner: Cell Block H. In the red corner. Roy
Glover, trying to keep his hair clean as thoughts of Miss Bitchy keep
him going. In the blue corner, Jed Dixon (top dog) and his posse of
heavies (who'd obviously failed auditions for boy bands). Roy is
sharing a cell with Jed, but soon realises that he's no mate as Jed et
al pick on him constantly and finallly beat him up - badly - with
snooker cues. Just remember peeps, he's doing all this for Miss Piggy.
Stupid boy.

Meantime, Miss Piggy is living up to her bitchy persona by blaming
everyone but herself for Roy's plight. Mandy tries to tell her the
truth, but she is brushed aside. It's left up to Scott to tell her to
face facts - Roy is in jail, and she put him there, so she needs to
stop pouting and deal with it. He then offers to cheer her up by
taking her out for a posh meal.

Kelly makes Scott spend a load of money on her during the meal, thenm
asks if he can book a room because she can't face Emmerdale at the
minute. Scott is reluctant to do so, as he is still in love with her,
but one flash of cleavage is all it takes. In the hotel room, he is
keeping his distance from her, but she decides that she does want him
after all.

Miss Piggy: There was a time when you couldn't resist me
Scott: I still can't
The viewers: <a collective groan goes up across the UK as Scott &
Kelly kiss>

Next morning sees Scott full of remorse, but Kelly doesn't seem that
bothered about Roy. On their return to the village, they find out from
Viv about Roy's beat down. Scott decides not to go and see him, but
Kelly suddenly feels very guilty as Roy tells her that he'd go through
it all again for her. Later she pouts and whines to Scott that she
doesn't really love Roy, she's now in love with him. Scott tells her
that she needs to make a go of their marriage. Cue another pout from
Miss Piggy.

Yes, this storyline is in full swing once more. Whilst I quite like
the new improved Scott, I can't help thinking that both he and Roy
would be far better off without that pouting walking cleavage-ridden
mare. (Have I said how much I hate Kelly recently?)


Not much to report here. Kathy is still upset over losing Alice but is
trying to put a brave face on it. Graham is hovering in the background
as ever, but there is untold concern from Sarah, Betty and Eric (of
all people). That's about the only other tidbit worth mentioning from
the week.