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Bill Sands -

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Tuesday 7/12/99

Praise be! (or something like that). Our Gavin actually got a
storyline. Typical for Emmerdale, that only happens when a character
is leaving...

Anyway, the episode opens with Bernice bringing breakfast in bed to
share with Our Gavin. She uses the opportunity to bring up her
mother's concern - that Gavin is dragging his feet about setting a
date for the wedding. Our Gavin looks uncomfortable at the thought and
changes the subject.

A concerned Bernice goes to see Betty, who advises her to hang in
there as he seems to love her. Betty then pops over to see Our Gavin
and drops a few hints about making an honest woman of Bernice. Gavin
looks thoughtful (he's obviously received his marching orders from

Meantime, Bernice is in The Diner musing on how perfect marriage can
be. Sarah & Kathy try to put her off by saying that it's hard work and
isn't particularly worth it, but they're all put in their place by an
extra, who announces that marriage can be a good thing. Needless to
say, the girls burst out laughing.

Later in the Woolie, Our Gavin calls Bernice into the back and asks if
she'd marry him on Valentine's Day 2000. Bernice is so overjoyed, she
announces it in the pub. Everyone is thrilled, apart from Tricia, who
knows a lot more about Our Gavin than she should.....


Jason makes a big impression on the women in the village. Lyn is
immediately smitten when she moves in to Paddy's cottage, but she's
got serious competition from Dopey on her perennial man hunt. Zak &
Lisa are impressed by him as well, especially when he later agrees to
fix their roof for them.

Paddy watches uncomfortably as Jason flirts with Lyn & Tricia, and is
concerned about the reaction from the village if Jason comes out

Other stories:

-- No weekly row between the Sugdens in this episode, but Sarah is
discovering a new lease of life now that Richie has moved in. He
teaches her chess, which interests her far more than a cosy night in
bed with Jack. Methinks that older woman/younger man romance is on the

-- Kelly is looking very tired, and is even more miserable than usual
(if that's possible). Viv twigs that something is up, but Roy, as
ever, is oblivious to it all.

-- Terry decides to work for Chris, which brings him into contact with
Claudia. He asks her out for a drink, but is put out later when Kathy
asks to join them. The pair start to go on about not needing a man in
their lives, leaving Terry feeling like the proverbial spare part.

Wednesday 8/12/99

Bernice and Gavin

After yesterday's announcement, things are tense in the Woolpack
between Gavin and Tricia. Bernice is completely oblivious, though, and
leaves Tricia speechless when she asks her to be bridesmaid.

Later, Ashley comes into the Woolpack to talk to Bernice about the
youth club and is shocked to hear the news about the wedding. He
dashes out after offering some quick congratulations. Bernice is
worried by Ashley's reaction and goes to see him at the church hall.
She wants to make sure that he thinks she's doing the right thing.
Ashley fibs and tells her that he's 100% behind her and agrees with her
suggestion that he's just worried because of the Kathy/Biff debacle.

However, Ashley is obviously unhappy with the whole Gavin situation and
later in the Woolpack he confronts Tricia about her strained
relationship with Gav. When pushed she blurts out that she slept with
him. Having let that cat out of the bag she also tells a shocked
Ashley about Gavin and Stella. Tricia is feeling guilty but says she
can't tell Bernice as that would make things even worse.

Youth Club

In between worrying about Bernice, Ashley has his hands full at the
youth club. Ollie's being awkward as usual, having been forced to go,
but the other kids seem to enjoy themselves a bit more. Bernice and
Kathy are helping out, though Kathy isn't happy when Graham also turns
up as she feels he's following her around.

Ashley suggests that they should do a panto for Christmas, but Ollie
just scoffs at this idea and a dejected Ashley tells them to forget
it. Outside, Graham catches up with Ollie and scares her with his Mr
Nasty mode. Shortly after Graham and Ollie reappear inside and Graham
announces that Ollie has changed her mind and even wants to write a
show for them.

Shopping Bus

Alan takes the shopping bus on its first trip to Hotton, with Tricia,
Jason, Zak, Seth, Betty and Kelly on board (not sure what happened to
all those "elderly" people who so needed the service - couldn't afford
the extras I guess). Viv tries to persuade them to support her shop
instead but when this doesn't work to calls them all traitors.

All doesn't go to plan, however, as they're delayed on their return by
having to search for Zak and Seth who've disappeared down a pub. When
they eventually get back to the Woolpack, Viv is still fuming. She
sees her chance for revenge when she spots Zak and Seth opening cans of
their own beer under the table. When they go to the gents she shakes
up their unopened cans, but they're too drunk to care when beer
explodes all over them.


Kelly continues to mope about and even Zak notices that she looks a bit
off-colour (though no-one seems particularly bothered why). After
catching the shopping bus to Hotton, she sneaks off to the doctors and,
surprise, surprise, finds out she's pregnant. She looks decidedly
unhappy about the news and makes no mention of it when she meets up
with Roy later. In fact she's already been drowning her sorrows as Roy
smells alcohol on her breath.

Other Bits

Sarah sings Richie's praises to Angie in the Diner. When she gets home
Jack is in a good mood and suggests she accompany Richie to the
Woolpack to protect him from Viv. Sarah's only too happy to go.

Chris flirts with Claudia, but she later tells Terry that she has a
rule about not dating people she works for.

Jason agrees to a date with Tricia, he sees it as just being friendly.
Paddy, though, is worried that he's leading her on.


Thurs 9/12/99

Unfortunately, tonight's episode was a bit of a let down after the
overall brilliance of the previous evening. But there were still some
highlights to savour, so I'll start with those.

Bernice & Ashley

Still reeling from Tricia's news that Our Gavin slept with both her
and Stella, Ashley pays her a visit. He tells her that he's decided to
tell Bernice the truth about Her Gavin. Dopey isn't keen on this idea,
but just then Bernice comes to the door. Ashley asks her to come to
the vicarage - on her own.

Once there, Bernice babbles excitedly about the wedding, but Ashley
stops her when he tells her he has something serious to tell her. She
grows concerned, even more so when Ashley questions how much she
really knows him. Bernice tells him that Our Gavin is all she wants,
and she has never been more sure of anything in her life. She also
tells Ashley that if he can't give them her blessing, then she will
get married somewhere else.

When he sees just how upset Bernice is, Ashley decides not to tell her
the truth. He makes out that everything is OK after all, and she's
relieved. However, later in the Woolie he finds that he can't handle
seeing them together, especially after they join in a cosy foursome
with Graham and Kathy.

Talking of which.....

Graham & Kathy

Kathy received two items in the post - a Christmas message from Alice
and a letter from the court stating that Elsa is now her legal
guardian. Kathy realises that she has to get on with her life, now
that it's all official. Graham offers to take her out for a meal, but
they end up in the Woolie in a cosy foursome with Bernice and Our
Gavin. Bernice mentions how good they would look as a couple, leaving
them embarrassed.

However, Pollard suddenly remembers that he harboured suspicions about
Graham's involvement in Rachel's death. He decides to keep an eye on
Graham as he edges ever closer to Kathy. At the end of the episode, he
remarks to Ashley how the cosy couples routine is reminiscent of what
Rachel used to do, and he's hate to see Kathy get used in the same

(My thoughts: about time Pollard remembered this. It has the potential
to be a very good storyline, if the kiddies don't butcher it).

Roy & Kelly

Kelly is looking as miserable as ever. Roy tries to find out what's
wrong, but Miss Piggy won't tell him.

Later, Roy pitches the idea that they should have a baby, as he's
carried away by the romantic notion that he can look after the three
of them on a mechanic's wage. Conclusive proof that there is *no*
brain under that bad hairdo. Kelly pouts for England, but still
doesn't tell Roy that she's already pregnant....

In the Woolie, Roy tries to get them to cut down on alcohol because of
the baby, but Miss Piggy feels she needs a drink when faced with the
double whammy of seeing Scott with Lyn and sleeping with Roy...

Other storylines:

-- Angie is trying to plan a family Christmas, but Sean keeps
thwarting the idea by working long hours an the Haulage yard in
Chris's absence. He turns up late for dinner, and ends up wearing it.

-- good news - Mr Wylie emerges from the cupboard just in time for
Christmas. He decides to sell off a few things to make ends meet.
Emily is upset when she finds out.