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Bill Sands -

Week 07/09/99

Tuesday's Tidings. (Dionne)

A rather entertaining episode tonight, focusing on Tate's Haulage and
juxtaposing it with Ollie's contined hero worship of Zak. We'll start

Ollie borrows 10 off Marc, intending to bunk off school. As ever she
trots round to Zak, begging him to take her into Hotten to hang out.
Naturally, Zak refuses, intending to spend some time in the bookies
instead of going shopping.

Ollie hitches to Hotten, managing ot catch up with Zak outside the
bookies. He asks her to leave him alone, and gives her the bus fare.
She tells him that she'll hitch to Leeds unless he can take her home.
Reluctantly, Zak agrees, and leaves Belle with her while he pops into
the bookies.

Zak's "safe bet" doesn't win, and he's spent the last of the family
allowance. Cue Ollie, praising her "dad" for spending money on her
medication, and giving him her 10 to spend on another tip. The horse
romps in at 10-1. Zak is pleased, but tells her that Ollie should
leave him alone and hang out with people her own age (are there no
other 14 year olds in that cupboard?)

Mantime, Angie spots Ollie's PE kit on the table and immediately
concludes that Ollie has bunked off school. Ollie comes in, complete
with new CDs, looking guilty and admitting that she's been to the
bookies. Angie quickly realises that she went with Zak, and storms
next door to place all the blame on Zak. Lisa goes into one, stating
that Angie should take more notice of Ollie instead of being obsessed
with their neighbours. Eventually, Angie flounces out, attempting to
slam the door and finding it's too heavy....

Tate's Haulage

Zoe is all a flutter because Frankie is due back later that day. Chris
can't see the attraction (as ever) but voices his amazement that she
convinced him to send Frankie away in the first place. BrookiePete
overhears this, and tells Maggie the Monotone, who goes into her
weekly diatribe about "how I'm gonna kill that posh cow." She rings
Frankie to tell her this, who responds by getting pissed in a German
bar. Unsurprisingly, she's arrested at the German border for drunk

Zoe arrives later to hear the news. Chris is unhappy that Zoe used him
to send Frankie away, and even less pleased that he's lost a lorry.
His caring, sharing side comes through when he refuses to pay for
Frankie to come home.

Zoe writes a cheque for 500 to cover Frankie's fare. Monotone remarks
that Frankie knew that Zoe would stump up the dough, because she
fancies herself so much. The pnny drops for Zoe, who realises that
Frankie would use her for her dough given half a chance. She tears up
the cheque, much to Chris's delight and her dismay.

Meantime, the client who Terry threatened last week turns up with the
balance of his outstanding amount. He has a go at Sean, telling him
that he would no longer do business with him as it's different now
Chris is at the helm.

Sean confronts Chris. Chris tells him that he had to turn hard to
ensure payment, but Sean shouts that he (Chris) must be a sad
individual if he has to resort to threats to make himself feel better.
Chris gets defensive and tells Sean that Angie is the *real* macho one
in the hosehold. Sean responds by grabbing Chris by his tie, letting
him know that he has to be kept informed of Chris's plans in the
future, or "he'll break his neck".

No other storylines to report, apart from Liam-from-The-Bill showing
an interest in Dopey (surprisngly, she turned him down), and Bernice
deciding that Dopey needs elocution lessons. "Round the Rugged Rocks",
anybody? If only they'd throw Dopey off them...

Wednesday's Warblings (Sarah)


Zoe tells Paddy about her woes with Frankie over breakfast. She isn’t
proud of the way she was chasing her and has decided to give up.
However, she insists that she didn’t invest in Tate Haulage just to get

Later she goes round Chris’ for a bit of tea and sympathy and
surprisingly gets some of both. Chris tells Zoe that even though they
fight and disagree, he still loves her. He then says he wants to make
it official that Zoe would look after Joseph if anything ever happened
to him.

However, just before we all die from shock, Chris’ touchy feely mood
soon evaporates when he gets a call telling him that Frankie’s truck
has been impounded in Germany. He blames Zoe and suggests that she
should have kept Frankie sweet until they got the expensive truck
back. Zoe just stares disbelievingly at him.

They go off to a meeting with Sean and Laura to discuss how they should
proceed. Chris gets out-voted as they decide to let Laura try and

When Zoe finally gets back to the surgery, Paddy gives her a hard time
for spending too much time away recently. Zoe again does her favourite
hurt look.

Ollie and Zak

Ollie’s up to her old tricks again as she phones the school pretending
to be her dad’s secretary, telling them she’s ill so she can bunk off.

Meanwhile, Zak decides it’s time to disconnect the tap on the Reynold’s
electricity as the bill’s due soon. When they go round they bump into
truant Ollie who wants to hang out with them. Zak fobs her off with
Butch while he goes to find out how to neutralise the burglar alarm.

Ollie wangles the truth out of Butch and tries to disconnect the power
herself. However, thanks to Zak’s dodgy wiring she gets a shock that
knocks her unconscious and the sparks start a fire in the basement.
Fortunately Zak charges in and rescues her from the flames.

The Reynolds come home just in time to find the fire brigade putting
out the blaze and Ollie being taken away in an ambulance. Sean swears
that he’ll kill Zak if he finds that it was anything to do with him.

Other Bits

Kelly is still pouting round the flat and ignores Viv’s attempts at
reconciliation. She says that as soon as she gets her money back she’s

Tricia is worried that she’s a bit common after Bernice commented on
the way she talks. She thinks she might be giving men the impression
she’s easy (LOL!). She asks Grandad to give her some elocution lessons
but just giggles at his first attempts.

Terry moans to Agony Aunt Pete about the way his life is going, he
doesn’t want to do Chris’ dirty work anymore.

Mr Wylie turns up at the Post Office looking for Emily and is kicking
on the door when Angie just happens to be passing. At first she
ignores his complaints about his daughter disappearing as she's over
21, but soon becomes interested when she finds out the Dingles are