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Bill Sands -


Tuesday 6/7/99 by Dionne.

Quite a different episode today, as it was all about the Summer Fayre.
This meant that quite a lot was going on at the same time. I'd be
interested in others'views on this episode - personally I enjoyed it.

I can't really break it down into storylines, so I'll try to do it in
chronological order.

Before the fayre, we see Biff going to pick up Kathy & Alice (out on
her monthly trip from the cupboard). Alice is excited because she has
new clothes, and Kathy is beginning to realise just what a godsend she
has in Biff. Meantime, Andy & Robert are on the Playstation when Jack
storms in, demanding their help out in the field. Robert tells him
that they planned to go to the fair, but Jack tells them that they
will have to pull their weight around the farm now Sarah has gone. He
does agree to let them stay at the fair until 4pm sharp.

Stella opens the Fayre, and the usual festivities begin. Bernice &
Tricia are running rival tents - Bernice has "A taste of summer" with
champagne and strawberries, while Dopey has a beer tent. Bernice wins
the initial battle by selling the champers at half its normal price.
Dopey is umimpressed, and retaliates by making an announcement that
she will have a happy hour in her tent.

Meantime, Kathy sees how good Biff is with Alice, and after another
chat with Graham (who has turned wise since he murdered Rachel),
decides that she wants to marry him after all. Just as Dopey's happy
hour gets going, Kathy announces that she *will* marry Biff after all.
Excitement all round, particularly from Betty & Marlon. Bernice sees
the opportunity to undercut Tricia once more by offering free

Meantime, Mandy has got a cob on all day, and is struggling to hold
her temper while Pollard needles her. During the day she has to work
in Bernice's tent, so she leaves Miss Piggy in charge. Kelly is pissed
after some champagne (pathetic mare. Even *I* can do better!) and is
rather useless at the job.

Later, Stella and her curls judge the vegetable competition, and
Marc's cauliflowers (which grew up listening to Pulp) are declared the
winner. Angie is impressed, unlike Sean. Meantime, Ollie sneaks into
the tent to try to ponce some free champagne. Mandy tells her where to
go, but she manages to down a few glasses...

Betty is convinced that Marc stole Seth's veg, but eventually Our
Gavin comes clean.

Pollard spots a Trading Standards Officer, and tells her about Mandy's
knock-offs. She asks Mandy to show her the stock, but Mandy loses it
completely and storms off to find Eric.

It's 4pm, and no sign of Andy & Robert. Jack is pissed off, and goes
down to the fayre to pick them up. In the meantime, Terry tells Dopey
about Bernice's latest offer, and she takes revenge by tying the guy
ropes to the back of Jack's Range Rover. As he drives off, muttering
that he will pull Andy & Robert out of school for the rest of the
term, the tent begins to fall down....

At this stage, all hell breaks loose. Angie finds a rather pissed
Ollie and thinks that Mandy has been serving alcohol to an underaged
girl. Bernice blames Mandy for the tent falling down, but Mandy twigs
that Dopey was involved and blurts out that Pollard wants the pub.
Alan tells her that he would never sell to Eric. Meantime, Mandy's
beef with Eric reaches epic proportions and she tries to hit him, but
hits Stella instead. Angie tries to stop her, but Mandy hits her as

As Ollie is puking up in the corner, Mandy is arrested for assault.
She is hauled off into the nearest studio to record "You've been
desperately trying to win 250 in some cheap programme hosted by
someone who should know better."


Wednesday Warblings 7/7/99 by Sarah

It's the day after the tumultuous summer fayre and it's time for the


In the quickest piece of British justice ever we get to see Mandy being
tried, convicted and sentenced all in the space of an hour or so.
Curiously there are few people from the village at the courtroom, only
Butch and Paddy have turned up to support her, while Eric has come to
gloat and Angie is there as arresting officer.

Mandy’s solicitor advises her to plead guilty to assaulting a police
officer and show regret, but she lets her temper get the better of her
and makes several outbursts in court directed at Eric and Angie. The
judge/magistrate person is not impressed and sentences her to 3 months
in prison (but she deserves it for wearing that cow hat). She’s carted
away to join the other "Bad Girls" (where she’ll probably feel at home
with Tricia lookalike Julie, eh, SpaceDog?)

Butch confronts Angie outside the court accusing her of having it in
for the Dingles, while Stud Paddy remains rather unmoved (I thought we
might have seen a bit more emotion from him, maybe I just couldn't tell
with the fringe obscuring his face). Mandy is top of the gossip list
in the Woolie later, Viv is not surprised and even offers to buy the
Reynolds a drink when they turn up.


Jack is having trouble coping without Sarah on the farm and tells the
boys that they can’t go to school, as he needs their help. Andy is
eager to miss school but Robert is not so keen and continues to gripe
about it throughout the day. When Jack comes to check on them at
lunchtime he gives Robert a lecture about the farm being his
inheritance, but Robert’s not impressed. The subject of them missing
school comes up again at tea and when Jack says that they’ll have to
miss it for the rest of the week Robert storms out. Sarah also calls
and is obviously not coming home in the immediate future, so Jack will
have to struggle on for a while yet.


Things are all smiles again in blonde bimbo land after Kathy’s
acceptance of Biff’s proposal. Betty and Marlon are almost as happy as
the couple and are planning the wedding already (if things move as
quickly as Mandy’s trial, expect it to be tomorrow!).

Graham, however, is not so joyful and confesses to Ashley that the
summer fayre brought back painful memories of Rachel (perhaps the sight
of someone getting arrested?!). He’s decided that it’s time to move on
and lets Kathy know he’s going to leave the village.


The events of the summer fayre are the main topic of conversation first
thing at the Woolpack. Gavin has guessed that it was Tricia who made
Bernice’s tent fall down and Grandad also quizes her about it, but
accepts her word that it wasn’t her fault. However, showing some
judgement he explains that he thinks Tricia is too inexperienced to run
the Woolpack for the time being - he suggests she follow Bernice’s lead
in financial planning (little does he know!).

After some more advice from Ashley, Bernice finally comes clean and
lets Gavin know that she can’t get a loan to but the Woolpack because
of her ex-husband’s debts. Gavin’s not too happy at first, but
promises too stand by her (but then gives one of those "I’m not so
sure" looks over her shoulder when giving her a hug). He tells her not
to mention it to Alan yet, as he’ll try to think of a way to come up
with the money - a way that obviously involves Stella as he eyes her up
in the pub.


At the post office Viv gets a call from Emily’s dad ordering her to
take Emily to the bus stop the next day because he can’t come and pick
her up himself. Viv is none too impressed with his bossiness (do the
words "kettle" and "black" spring to mind?). When Betty finds out Mr
Pink Anorak won’t be coming she gets a twinkle in her eye and sidles
over to talk to Butch....

Thursday Throbbings 8/7/99 by Dionne

I'll split this into 3 parts - the good (Butch & Emily), the bad
(Graham & Kathy) and the mercenary (Our Gavin).

The bad - yes, the Graham story drags on, with the usual routine -
Graham thinks about leaving the village, Kathy goes on her usual guilt
trip and begs him to stay, yawn and bore. (Apologies for all those who
read these regularly, but this storyline is getting rather tedious,
and doesn't vary much on a weekly basis). To make it brief, Graham
decides to stay when he sees how much Kathy wants him in her life.
Perhaps this may get a tad more intersting now.

The good - Butch & Emily start to talk again. She's been avoiding him
ever since her run-in with her dad, and Butch sees it as yet another
lost opportunity. However, Betty decides to matchmake between the two
and invites Emily to the Woolpack after work (as her dad will be
late). Emily is unsure at first, but you *don't* say no to Betty.

Once there, the pair stare at each other surreptiously while Betty
persuades Emily to have a Snowball (which hasn't got a lot of alcohol
in it. Honest). Emily gets rather tipsy and plucks up the courage to
speak to Butch. Soon they are ensconced in a cosy chat when Emily
realises that she's missed the last bus. Butch offers to walk her
home, leading to another cosy chat in the woods. However, Emily's
happiness turns to horror when she realises that her father is home

Pushing Butch away, Emily runs to the house. Butch follows her to make
sure everything is OK, and sees Mr Wylie hitting Emily. He knocks on
the window to see if she's all right, but she begs him to go. Butch
respects her wishes.

The mercenary - following his fiancee's lead, Our Gavin decides to try
to tap Stella for the money to buy the pub. When Stella walks into the
pub, Gavin goes into charm overload and compliments her from all
angles. Stella is impressed, and invites the pair for tea "for being
so understanding" (what for isn't explained).

Later, Our Gavin tells Bernice to trust him as he has plans for
getting the money. Stella thanks the pair for being such good mates,
and confesses that she finds it hard to trust people as they may be
after her dough. Our Gavin shifts uncomfortably in his seat, but it
doesn't stop him telling Stella to trust them, as not all people will
use her. Bernice twigs, and tells him that she won't ponce the money
from a friend. Her Gavin asks where the money is coming from. Good