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Dionne's Ditherings 5th-7th Jan 1999

Well, I'm up early, and for once these ditherings are early. If I'm
organised, perhaps my next set will be on the Thursday!!

Anyway, romance (in some shape or form) was a big theme in Emmerdale
this week. Kieran's into his themes, isn't he? A shame he can't find the
staff to wirte for these themes properly. That said, Emmy is improving,
and the acting is getting better too.

I enjoyed this week's eps - very entertaining. We start with the
Windsors, still grieving for Vic. Viv is finding it hard to cope with
even the shop deliveries and asks Terry for help. Later, she asks him to
help her on a permanent basis - help out in the PO and move in at the
same time.
In a lovely little scene, Viv admits to Terry that she misses Vic as a
business partner, but not as a person. She missed Terry more when they
split. Nostalgia takes over and Terry tells her that he wants to think
about it, but Viv bursts that balloon by telling him that she only wants
him in the business sense.
She tells the kids about her offer, who react in their predictable way.
Miss Piggy throws a strop and declares that all he wants is a shag.
Scott's ego comes to the fore when he declares that he hates Terry after
the Dopey business (yes, that business when Terry treated her well while
Scott treated her like shit. Whatever you say, Scott). Kelly's so
disgusted that she stomps round to Terry to warn him off. Terry's astute
enough to realise that it's not a good idea to get involved, so he
declines the offer.
Despite her pouting, Kelly is still distraught. The Hunk-of-Emmerdale
tries to comfort her, but Kelly's not having any of it.

Miss Piggy: I'm an orphan!!
The HoE: You've got me. And Viv.
Miss Piggy's look of comtempt says it all.

Later Scott shows how supportive he really is by setting off to stay
with a mate. Kelly stops him, begging him to stay as she needs him.

Gotta say this - good acting across the board. Adele Silva does comtempt
well, and even Ben Freeman shows that he's not a bad actor away from the
HoE persona.

Now, on to the romantic parts.

Chris & Laura - yes, Chinless is still trying to get Chris, but there's
a blonde obstacle in the way. She complains to Zoe that Chris needs a
challenge and a future - someone who's his intellectual equal (more like
someone who can tolerate his permanent strops). Zoe persuades her that
Chris & Kathy may not get back together, and suggests that Laura tell
him so.
Laura, all excited, invites Chris to supper. Chris, all excited, spends
the whole time talking about the court case and imagining what Laura
would say if she was Kim's defence laywer. And just to finish the
romantic scenario off, he then leaves early to take Kathy to the cinema.
Intellectual stuff, my foot. If Laura wants Chris, she's going to need a
singing career.

Dopey & StudPaddy - poor old Pads. Dopey slowly gets her claws into him
wjhen he admits that he misses Mandy, but not her baggage (ie her
family). She scores a date of sorts when Rachel & Graham invite them to
Laserblasting isn't Paddy's strong suit (his protective gear didn't fit
him too well either) and Tricia invites him to join her in a cosy spot
as she turns out to be good at it. Laserblasting, that is, not acting.
They're getting on very well later, a fact not unnoticed by Mandy &
The gang decide to go clubbing the next night. Tricia asks Alan for the
night off, slipping in that it was all StudPaddy's idea and *not* to
tell Mandy. Alan puts on the Grandad bit and tells Studs to bring Dopey
back early. Instead, she spends the night on his sofa in his PJ's. This
one will run for a while yet.
Do you think Kieran has dreamt up this scenario to get us to like Dopey?
If he has, he needs to realise that we will only like her if she can

Kim & Steve
After an absence of some weeks, the pair return. Kim is worried about
the case, but realises that she'll be OK if Kathy tells the jury that
Steve deliberately tried to run her over. However, Marlon points out
that it's her word against Steve's, and whatever she says could
determine how long he goes down for. Kathy realises she's not sure
whether it was deliberate or not, and tells Kim so. She panics and begs
Kathy to stick to the original story. We shall see...
Meantime, Rachel recieves a letter from Steve - he wants to see her at
the remand centre. She goes along out of curiosity, and at first is
sympathetic when he says that he wants to tell his side of the story.
Unfortunately, he goes into a diatribe about how evil Kim is, and Rachel
quickly leaves.
She tells Graham where she was, having lied to him earlier about where
she was going. Graham isn't impressed, and throws a (not very well
acted) strop about how she's playing games with him. He wants opennesss
and honesty in a relationship, not lies. Rachel is rather pleased that
he's so jealous and tells him so. She then utters those 3 magic words "I
love you...." (forgetting to say.... you block of wood).

Minor storylines:
-- The Sugdens make their first appearance in the village after Vic's
death. Sarah gets a frosty reception from the HoE and Miss Piggy in the
PO, while Jack gets a more sympathetic hearing at the Woolie.

-- Air-Wick is forced to admit that he hasn't seen or heard from Stella
since the auction. Cue laughter and sarcastic remarks from the whole

The Dingles
Life is back to normal at the Dingles - Marlon (minus bruises) is back
in the fold, Butch & Mandy seem to have forgotten events of the last few
months, and Zak is fed up with being a househusband after a day. He
tries to palm Belle off on all and sundry so that he can go to the
bookies. When that fails, he and Butch take her down there.
The put money on Saved By The Bell(e), who romps home. Excited, they
dash home with their winnings but leave Belle behind in the bookies.
In a panic, the lads race back to the bookies - no sign. The bag which
Belle is in has disappeared to the launderette, but when they get there
- no sign. In desperation, Butch calls the police, but she hasn't been
handed in. Later, Zak tries to stop Lisa from going up to see her, but
the extra brings Belle back in the nick of time.
A rather stupid storyline, but I enjoyed it. My standards must be
slipping :)). Anyone care to join me in raising money to buy the Dingles
a proper baby carrier??


Adrian's Amblings 5th Jan !999

Here it is. Hope you like it

Emmerdale - 05 / 01 / 99

Viv takes a delivery for Vic at the Post Office.

The Dingles have a family conference - the first...of 99 (ever, I
shouldn't wonder). Welcomes all round for Belle & Marlon. Zac announces
that he will be staying at home to mind Belle. Ooh, does that mean we'll
see Zac going all camp and house-proud?

As Viv is (very badly) checking the dlivery, Terry arrives. Viv goes for
a bath and Terry takes over.

In the pub, Zoe joins Kim. Natter, natter about the trial. Kim wants it
over, we want it to hurry on and happen soon as the build-up is boring.

StudPaddy bitches (ooh, he's so vicious) about the Dingles. Trash
(that's the artist (!) formerly known as Tricia *) joins in. Some friend
she is...

Chris bitches (they're all at, bitching that is) at Kim.
"You're going down!"
"But, fortunately not on you" (**)

Lisa is nervous - nay, concerned - about Zac looking after Belle. He
assures her it will be fine (would you believe this man?).
Unfortunately, CampZac is not to be (even with Butch around) as he
reveals that all he intends doing is lying back and thinking of, the TV. Still, that's admirable.

Viv needs to go to the Cash 'n' Carry. Terry offers to drive, knowing
that Viv is distressed (!)

Trsh nearly blows StudPaddy away with all her eyelash fluttering. Mandy
must have told her that Paddy was hung like the Sugden's prize bull cos
she's gagging for him!

Grahame (with or without an 'e' - ?) & Rachel are off to LaserBlast
(they're a hip and happening couple, y'know). Trash and StudPaddy decide
to go too.

In what happened to be quite a good scene (nice character development
for Viv, imo), Viv confides in Terry that she doesn't miss Vic. She
misses the partnership and having someone else to rely on, but not the
man himself. Her grief isn't as intense as when she split with Terry.
Deena Payne was good in this..I think the actress' feeling of the
character came through here as she doesn't like Viv being bitchy. Viv
realises what a terrible person she is.
Viv then drops a bombshell (not literally, though she is capable) when
she suggests that Terry move in and work in the shop cum PO.

Zoe & Laura are still in the pub. It must be Vets and [whatever Laura's
title is...she seems to flit from solicitor to accountant to manager]
day off in Emmerdale. Kathy bounces in in her own way looking for Chris.
Laura looks mildly irritated at Zoe for inviting La Chanteuse Kathy to
join them. Kathy glows on (as if it's a song) about Chris. She thanks
Laura for helping *Chris* in setting up his business. She hasn't seen
*Chris* so happy in ages.
Kathy says Chris a lot here..or it seems that way.

Airwick insists to Big Al' Turner that he knows nothing about Stella -
"can't you hear me yella; you're putting me through hella; Stella."
Eric was only her proxy. And only after 2 dates!

Ladies & Gentlemen, it's the Scene of the Show!!

When Kathy is at the bar, Laura bitches royally about her to Zoe.
Either, Kathy knows that Chris wants her back and is glad or she hasn't
the foggiest - in which case she must be very dim! (LOL) Laura
continues: she might be "a pretty little thing" but Chris needs a future
with a woman who's his intellectual equal (that's Laura, btw). Miaow!
The interplay between Zoe and Laura was really good here. They'd make
such a cute couple!

Zac makes a terrible job of minding Belle (quelle surprise!). When Lisa
comes home, she is surprised to find things running smoothly. (how? he
faked it)

Terry says that he doesn't want to get back together with Viv. [**] She
says she only want a slave. "Even so, I still don't think we should get
back together"

Viv wants all her family to help out in the shop (except Donna who's on
RitualHibernation. Viv didn't even lay out dinner for her). According to
Viv, Scott has had an easy ride since leaving the army - that's no way
to speak of lovely Trash!
When Kelly hears of Viv's plans for Terry, she predictably throws a fit.
"I always thought you were a mad cow, but this is unbelievable"
"It's not like that," protests Viv [**] "I'm a mad bitch...Big
difference, y'know"

Rachel & Grahame arrive at, LaserBlast late cos they were
shagging in the back of the car. Probably.
Trash continues to smarm at Paddy. Lynn arranges an interview with Paddy
to fill in for Kelly. So much for her joining the Valley of the
(ex-Emmerdale) Dolls.

Marlon tries to get time off from Kathy. She's busy being a high-powered
executive businesswoman (well, she has her needs too!). [**] "I've tax
returns, Marlon. P45. P30. P off." Ooh, she knows it all and with a
sarky style.

Kelly realises that all her friends (really?) have gone to Quasar
without her.

LaserBlast is such a lot of fun. All that shooting. The excitement is
just too much to take. It's all very exciting indeed. (ok, is that
enough build-up?). Trasha continues her attempts to be in the next
anti-stick mascara ad. For some reason thuogh, the daft bint has
mistaken StudPaddy for the casting director.

Scott (aka Lech) comforts Kelly. She says it is hard being an orphan,
even at 18. Lech says he don't want no Terry in da house (he's so cool!)

Kelly is disgusted with the both of them for thie kissing escapade. In
fact, this is and interesting twist on the incest theme. Pity EE already
did something like it with Bianca & David.

Terry confides to Mandy (Mandy? Keeping her gob shut? Is he mad?) that
he's considering Viv's offer. The happy campers (tm) arrive back from
Quasar. Trash organises for them to go clubbing. Graham doesn't want to
go as he's a crap dancer.

Amusing scene now betwixt Lisa and Zac. They notice that Trasha is
eyeing up Paddy. "She wouldn't touch him with someone else's bargepole"
(I like that!)
Zak calls her a "tasty young thing" (like a Baby Potato) " a China
Doll kinda way"
Unlike Lisa, who is "down-to-earth beauty personified" (Did he swallow a
dictionary?). They have a Mummy&Daddy scene.

Kelly moans about her Dad dying and her family. "Yer just a bunch of
takers. Just bein' in the same rumm as ya makes may fell ill"

And that's it. Ignoring the crap, it was ok (but then everything is,
when you do). I especially liked Laura & Zoe's interplay.


* That little nick-name was mercilessly stolen from the Coronation
Street newsgroup. It seemed a justified and lawful theft.
** Entirely fictional lines that I decided to make up. Funny though.