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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Dionne's Ditherings Week 3/5 August 1999

Anyway, the main event this week was the climax to the
Biff/Kathy/Graham saga. The week opens with Kathy feeling guilty about
wearing Rachel's ring, particularly as she realises she has feelings
for him. But she aslo realises that she loves Biff, so she decides to
give the ring back to Graham. She explains the reasons why to him, and
he seems to accept it (in her presence anyway). The moment she leaves,
he trashes the place. The mark of a true psycho, or a sad bastard? You

Despite all this, Kathy still wants to be friends with Graham, and
leaves a message on his answerphone to go through the wedding
arrangements. Through playing this message constantly (like you do)
Graham decides that he has to tell Kathy how he feels. He goes round
to see her, banishing Alice to the cupboard. The, in a scene straight
out of a Barbara Cartland novel, he tells her about how much passion
there is between them, and how she won't feel that with Biff.
Unsurprisingly, Kathy kisses him. Groans all round.

Kathy pushes him away, telling him that she loves Biff, but she still
wants to be friends. Biff catches up with them at that point, and
tells her that his only motive in life is to make her happy. This
convinces Kathy that she is doing the right thing. They part with a
kiss, watched by Graham.

The day of the wedding, and Biff is nervous as it is. In the world of
unwelcome visitors, Graham must rank as the worst, as he tells Biff
about the kiss. Bad dialogue is the order of the day - "This is
tearing Kathy apart!" and such crap is uttered before Biff kicks him
out. He gets worried though that Kathy can't commit 100% to him, but
still sets off to the church.

Meantime, Kathy is getting ready with Lynn, Alice, Victoria and Joseph
as her attendants. We see the welcome return of Diana Davies as Mrs
Bates (why can't she come back permanently). Laura (aka Kathy's new
best friend) makes a flying visit to tell her to forget about Graham,
unless she *wants* to be with him. Kathy reassures her that it's Biff
she wants, but that doesn't stop her being concerned when Graham is
nowhere to be seen at the church.

The ceremony starts. Biff and Kathy get through their first set of
vows, but then Graham shows. Biff notices how often Kathy is looking
for him during the service, and decides he can't marry her as he needs
100% commitment. He also decides to leave the village. Kathy is
distraught and blames Graham for everything, including Rachel's death.

Yes indeed, now that Biff has left it looks as this storyline may go
on the back burner (joy, rapture etc), but the acting from Stuart Wade
in Thursday's episode was easily the best he's done in some time.
Farewell to Biff then.

After all that excitement, the other romances took a back burner, but
he's a round up of the rest of the week.


Yes, Stella and her curls are finally getting a storyline (shame it
only happened when Stephanie Schonfield decides to leave). Alan is
pressing her for an answer to his marriage proposal, which thrills her
as much as a date with fungus.

Our Gavin listens in on all this talk and decides the time is right to
make a move for Stella's money. On Tuesday he paid an impromptu visit
to Home Farm, tells her he can't stop thinking about her, and charms
her into bed. Naturally, Stella falls immediately in lust, and the
pair have a repeat performance during the wedding (after Stella feigns
illness to escape Alan). They nearly get caught when Alan, Bernice and
Dopey return unexpectedly, but Our Gavin wings it by saying that
Stella was ill.

Zoe & Frankie

Not much to report here, except that Zoe is making major progress with
Farankie thanks to her playing hard to get. They go into Leeds for
some retail therapy, and pass a tattoo parlour. Frankie is convinced
that Posh Tate won't get one done, prompting Zoe to go in to get a
Celtic design. Posh is convinced that Frankie is too scared to follow
suit.... guess what Frankie does?

On their return, Frankie is keen to see her again, but Zoe tells her
she'll give her a call. Sorry gang, it looks like that Zoe/Laura
romance ain't happening in this lifetime (Laura's too busy becoming
Kathy's best mate for a start).

Butch & Emily

Another couple getting on extremely well - Butch tells Zak & Lisa that
he loves her, while Emily tells Viv & Donna that they kissed, and it
were lovely. The only blot on the landscape could be Mr Wylie, who
isn't too pleased to hear that Butch has been looking after the farm
in his absence. Have to say though, the acting from Paul Loughran &
Kate McGregor has been top notch this week, and a welcome break from
the Graham bollocks.

Jack & Sarah

Not so happy between these two - Jack is still taking Sarah for
granted, and she's envious after she sees Sean & Angie all over each
other. Angie suggests that age-old cure - retail therapy. Sod that -
hands up who thinks it's about time Sarah had an affair?