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Elsa & Kathy fiannly seem to be getting along for Alice's sake, but
the time has come for Elsa and her bad power suits to return to Oz.
Thw whole family, Elsa, her husband and Shane, turn up and the kids
pop off to play in the cupboard. The adults try to delay telling them
that they will be separated soon, but the inevitable happens when
Elsa's husband receives confirmation of their flight for the next day.

Alice is distraugh, and finds it hard to leave Elsa. When she
eventually goes to bed, Elsa tells Kathy how she always felt guilty
for leaving Alice behind, and how badly she wants to make it up to
her. Later, Alice tells Kathy that she fears she'll never see her real
family again.

Kathy: But you've still got me.
Alice: But you're not my mummy.

Stung, Kathy realises what she has to do. She goes to see Elsa at the
B & B, and tells her that she deosn't want to deny her the opportunity
to see Alice growing up. Alice will be going to a sunny cupboard in Oz
the next day.

The Tates

The episode opens with Zoe still fretting about Chris - she hasn't
heard from Liam in days with regard to a ransom. DI Spalding visits
her to say that there are no new leads; Zoe gives him the last ransom
note and tells him that she didn't tell the police as the bungled up
the first attempt. Spalding isn't impressed.

Meantime, Liam has been keeping an eye on Zoe and takes great pleasure
in telling him about their recent meal together. Chris begs him to
send her another ransom note so that she doesn't lose hope, so Liam
takes a Polaroid of him holding that day's Mirror, with a ransom note
of 200K on the back. He delivers it to Zoe via the Woolpack; she is
naturally elated to have proof that Chris is alive.

Back in the cellar, Liam and Chris seem to be forming an uneasy bond.
This is demonstrated when Liam pulls out a gun - he gives it to Chris,
who points it at him but finds he can't pull the trigger. Liam tells
him it's not loaded, but then fires a shot to prove that he could
shoot Chris at any time. Since it suits Liam to keep Chris alive for
now, I can't see that happening..

Other storylines:

-- Richie continues to help out Robert by giving Sarah a free CD rom
for their computer. Problem is, there's no CD in the case, which is
just as well because the Sugdens don't seem to own a PC anyway.
Obviously the producers don't think that viewers notice these things.

-- widened eyes, biting of lips, facial gurns - it could only mean one
thing. Tricia is after a man, and the unfortunate being is Richie.

-- Kelly's pout grows as she sees that Mandy & Paddy are blissfully
happy while she's stuck with Greaseball Roy. Once again her jealousy
comes to the fore when they go round for a meal. Roy tells her that
he's doing his best, but somehow it doesn't compare to Scott and his
many floppies.


Well it’s finally time to wave goodbye to Alice as she departs for
Australia. I must admit that I thought todays episode was quite moving.

Tricia and Richie

Bernice is trying to set up Tricia with Richie. She enlists Marlons
help, pointing out how smitten Tricia is and saying that she’s a lovely
young girl who’s just a bit shy. Marlon almost chokes on his pint, but
agrees to help and persuades Richie to give it a go.

Tricia is delighted when Richie nervously asks her out. She tries to
heed Bernice’s advice to make Richie laugh but comes up with a feeble
joke about surfing the net and the other kind of surfing in Cornwall.

When they return to the Woolpack after the date, Richie tells Marlon
and Terry that Tricia has a really weird sense of humour and that she
drove him bonkers during dinner. Tricia, on the other hand, reports to
Bernice that things went really well.

The Tates

Chris and Liam have another one of their little chats in the cellar.
Liam is obviously starting to warm to Chris as he’s stopped doing the
evil stare and also carries out Chris’ requests to find out how Joseph
is doing and to get him something for his cough.

Liam catches up with Zoe in the Diner. Zoe goes on about how things
are difficult for Joseph, having to cope with Chris’ disappearance so
soon after losing his mother, and Liam looks rather guilty.

When he returns to the cellar he’s still showing his soft side and
spoon feeds Chris some cough medicine. Liam asks Chris about his
relationship with Frank and Chris admits it was a difficult one.

Kathy and Alice

As soon as Alice gets up she starts going on about how she wants to see
Shane and her other family. Kathy asks her if she wants to go and live
in Australia. Alice is rather shocked as she suddenly realises what
she’d lose. She asks Kathy if she wants her to go and Kathy replies
that she thinks she should.

Kathy is obviously heartbroken, but tries to put a brave face on things
and hide her feelings from Alice so she doesn’t feel guilty. Alice is
worried about Kathy and doesn’t want to upset her, but Kathy reassures
her that she only wants Alice to be happy.

Kathy takes Alice round the village for a last goodbye and looks on
wistfully as Alice plays on the swings. As the day draws to a close,
Alice again becomes anxious at the prospect of leaving forever and
never seeing Kathy again. Kathy tries to put her mind at rest by
promising to visit.

Elsa and co come to pick Alice up that evening. As Alice is going out
the door she gives Kathy her teddy as something to remember her by and
Kathy almost breaks down, giving Alice one last hug. Kathy is left a
lone forlorn figure in the street as Alice drives off with her new



Gearing up for November's instalement of the 5-nighter next week, we
have Kelly lapsing into superbitch mode and Graham lapsing into
Gonnagetyou mode (thanks to Delilah for that) with Kathy. Nothing new
there, but I'll deal with these first.

Kelly aka Superbitch

Not to be outdone by Mandy serving a well cooked dinner in her *own*
home (rent free, natch), Kelly decides to return the favour.
Unfortunately she missed those HE lessons at school, plus she's
forgotten that she doesn't actuall *own* the cottage. Needless to say,
the meal is a disaster.

Despite that, Mandy & Paddy praise the meal, releasing the super bitch
in Kelly. First she starts off by calling them patronising, then she
lashes out at Roy by telling him that they will never have the things
she wants. Basically, she's jealous of Mandy for falling on her feet
while she has to live at Viv's having lost out on the cottage.

Now I'm sure that most viewers' thoughts would be to tell Kelly to get
over it, and luckily Roy agrred with us because he stood up to Miss
Piggy for once and tells her exactly that. She's holding a vase at the
time, and drops it in anger. Another poisonous outburst later sees
Mandy and Paddy leaving asap.

Later, Kelly is sitting at th dining table in full pouting mode while
Roy tries to clear up. When he asks her for help, she has another go
and knocks over a bottle of red wine on the white rug. For good
measure, she breaks some plates as well. Roy clears up as best as he
can, but decides to leave it until the next morning. Just as he
leaves, Mrs Curtis (the owner) turns up....

Back at the PO, Miss Piggy offers a half-hearted apology to Roy, and
reluctantly gives back the jewellery she's borrowed so that he can
take it back. Meantime, Mrs Curtis sees the mess left at the cottage
and calls the police. Just as Roy is returning the jewels, Mrs Curtis
and a WPC catch him in the road; through x-ray visions they can see he
has the jewels and place him under arrest for theft.


Kathy is putting on a brave face and telling everyone that she's OK.
Unsurprisingly, Graham is first on the scene and offering her tea and
sympsthy. He realises that he's still got a lot of work to do when
Marlon pops round for a brief visit

Marlon: Oh, I see you've got company
Kathy: Oh, it's only Graham
Graham: <another stare>

Later, Graham and Alan are in the Woolpack - Alan feels partly
responsible for the situation. Graham points out that it was Kathy's
decision, and both men feel that Kathy needs a man to look after her
as she's not as strong as she thinks she is. The scene ends with
Graham produicng another Gonnagetyou stare as he states that Alice's
departure is the best thing that could happen to Kathy.


It's Liam's birthday. To celebrate, he buys a bottle of decent claret
and shares it with Chris. They have a good chat about life, how they
couldn't always get what they want, and Chris points out that his life
wasn't nearly as privileged as Liam imagines it was.

Later, Liam has a few drinks in the Woolie with Terry, Zoe, Ashley and
a couple of mute extras. Betty & Seth offer their support to Zoe over
the ituation, prompting Pollard to make a few wisecracks about how
nobody actually cares whether Chris is dead or alive. Liam gives
Pollard a piece of his mind, saying that there are a lot of people who
cares about Chris, him included.

Terry is a bit suspicious that Liam spoke about Chris in the present
tense, especially as he barely knows him (supposedly). Zoe seems
suspicious at first too, but ends up thanking Liam for speaking about
Chris in the present tense like she is. Nearly a major slip up from
Liam, but will anyone pick him up on it?