Emmerdale Episode Guide for 1-30 January 1996
Individual synopsis for Episodes #2040-#2449

Created & Finished 29th March 2004

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These episodes aired on Granada Plus in 2001. At that time they were only screening Emmerdale twice a wweek on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Episodes 2040 & 2041

Tuesday 2nd January 1996 - 1 hour special


Zak is still furious with Albert for taking advantage of his sons ; Mandy tells him off for taking his anger out on Butch & Sam ; Albert poaches a chicken from Adlington's farm ;

Kelly has a go at Jack for sending sheep to be slaughtered at market ; she also says that she is against veal calves being transported across the continent in appalling conditions ; Jack agrees with her, but says that Adlington is the only farmer in the area who does that; Ned tells her "why don't you go & tell him your daft theories " ; she decides to take him up on his word & drags Roy along with her ;

Nick is back at Home Farm ; he has no choice ; his first meeting with Dave is rather cool ; Chris is still bitter about Frank's will ; Rachel does not like his attitude ;

the family solicitor has warned Kim that Chris has been to see him asking who gets what in the event of Frank's death ; Kim reminds Nick that he has no choice but to keep quiet about his accident ;

Tina goes to see Albert again ; he is fed up when she doesn't have his money ;

Kelly takes photographs of Adlington loading veal calves onto a truck ; Roy is wary of getting involved ;

Dave tries to make friends with Nick, but they end up fighting ; Biff breaks it up ;

the Dingles don't know what to do about Dillon ; Tina comes home & tells them that she has seen Albert ; Dillon & his men prepare to frighten the Dingles ;

Chris & Kathy have a confrontation with Kim at the hospital ;

Kelly & Roy get trapped in the lorry carrying the veal calves as it sets off for the port ;

Kim taunts Chris about Frank's will " you get nothing " ; he says that he will
still contest it in court ;

the Dingles panic as Dillon & his mob arrive ; they stack wood outside the doors & set
fire to the house as a warning.


the fires are still blazing ; the Dingles are having no luck putting them out ; Tina manages to escape through a window ; Zak tells her to go & let Albert know
what is happening ; Dillon spots her running off & sends
his men to follow her ;

Kelly & Roy are still trapped in the lorry with the calves ;

Seth tries to give Nick some advice about Kim ;Nick asks Seth to look after Alice for the afternoon ; he wants her out of the way of Kim ;

Dave is worried that Kim thinks more about the Tate money than him ; she tells him that he is just going to have to be patient ;

Viv asks Ned if he knows where Kelly is ; he realises that she has probably got herself mixed up with Adlington ;

Nick has picked Alice up from Elsa ;

Tina rings Pollard & asks him if he has found a buyer for the necklace yet; she arranges to meet him ; Dillon threatens Zak again ; Butch worries when he hears the sound of the pigs
squealing & runs out of the house to see what has happened ;

Linda tries to make peace with Jan ; Ned & Vic walk in the pub & tell her about Roy & Kelly ;

Butch is upset as his favourite pig, Nellie has been killed ; he wants his dad to give in to them " we're nothing to them dad " ;

Chris & Rachel row about his obsession with Kim ;

Adlington's truck faces protestors ;

Tina calls to see Eric ;

Kim finds Alice at the game farm ; she tells Seth off & says that she will look after Alice ;

Eric manages to get Tina down to 3,000 pounds for the necklace ; she wants cash
- now ;

Kelly & Roy are scared as the protest gets out of hand ; Eric & Tina are followed as he goes to get the cash ;

Nick is distressed when he finds out that Kim is looking after Alice ;

the veal truck is faced by more protestors ; the police arrive & hear Kelly's cries from inside the lorry ; Adlington opens up the back & looks shocked at what he sees.


Roy is taken away in an ambulance ;

Eric takes Tina to a deserted railway bridge ; he keeps his money in a
tin box behind a loose brick ;

Nick is frantically searching for Alice ; he attacks Dave ;

Rachel talks to Kathy about the feud between Chris & Frank ; Kathy tells
her " you've got all the ammunition he needs. If Frank knew the truth...that would really set the sparks flying " ; Rachel is reluctant to start any trouble, but Kathy points
out that Chris will be furious if he finds out about the affair from anyone else ;

Kim walks into the tearoom & drops Alice off ;

Tina exchanges the necklace for the money ; Charlie & Tony (Dillon's henchmen) arrive at that moment & chase after them ; Tina manages to hide the money before
she is caught ; Nick attacks Kim when she brings Alice back
; Pollard is treated roughly by Tony ; he phones Dillon to tell him that they have got the necklace ;

Albert is freezing as he waits for Tina ;

Zoe & Emma arrive home ; she wants to go straight to the hospital ; Kim is wishing
that Frank would just die ; he wakes up when Zoe arrives ; Kim finds an opportunity to put in the poison about Chris ; she tells Zoe " it's Chris & Rachel's fault that Frank's
in hospital. They might as well have tried to murder him " ; Zoe can't believe it ; Kim asks her not to talk to Frank about it ;

Roy Glover has got 3 cracked ribs ;

Eric is despondent in the Woolpack ;

Dave talks to Biff about Kim ;

Butch buries Nellie the pig ; Dillon phones Zak to tell him
that he has got Tina ; she is actually having a good time
in his swimming pool ; Dillon wants Albert for Tina ;
Albert goes to the Dingles & does not get a friendly
greeting from Zak ;

Dave visits Frank ; Kim is annoyed at his indiscretion ; Dave demands that she leaves Home Farm & Frank ; he has had enough of the secrecy ;

Albert & Zak have a heart to heart ; Albert apologises for not being a
very good brother ; he even tried to steal Nellie ;

Zak is worried about Tina, but he feels guilty about turning his
brother in ; Albert agrees to give himself up & they shake hands.


Thursday 4th January 1996


Dave calls round to see Kim early in the morning ; he wants to talk ; she does not seem particularly pleased to see him as he is starting to rock the boat before she is ready ; Linda is thinking of going to see her parents ; Betty reminds her that her parents have treated her better than Biff's - his mum threw him out when she got a new boyfriend ; this makes Linda think ; Kim & Dave row ; he decides that they have no future as she seems to value money more than their love ; she won't let him just walk out on her before she has had her say ; the Dingles are preparing to help Albert give himself up ; they all resent him ; Kim tells Dave that she loves him, but that she could not bear to be a nobody again & have no money ; he agrees to wait a while & play it her way ; Zak goes to Dillon's house & demands to see tina ; she is having a good time living in luxury ; Zak tries to bargain with Dillon, but he refuses to fall for it ; Rachel is trying to persuade Chris to forget about Kim & the inheritance ; he opens a letter from the company solicitors ; it is demanding the payment of all the loans that Chris has ever had from the company ; he realises that Kim is after his shares " she wants it all " he tells Rachel ; Zak has arranged a rendevous for Dillon & Albert ; Mandy makes sure that Albert keeps his side of the bargain ; Vic & Viv try to lay the law down with Kelly & Scott, but with no luck ; Kelly refuses to stop believing in her principles ; Dillon prepares for the handover ; a stranger appears on Betty's doorstep wearing dark glasses ;
she introduces herself as Sandra Fowler - Biff's mum ; as
Tina walks towards Uncle Albert, the police appear & arrest
them both.
PART 2 - Dillon does not take kindly to being set up by Zak
; he actually says that Zak has done him a favour, because
once Albert is sent back to prison he can get to him any
time ; Zak pleads with him " you can get Albert, you've got
your necklace, you've burned our house, you've killed my
best pig. Surely we're quits " ; Dillon agrees to leave
things there, but says that he never wants to see the Dingle family again ; Betty makes Sandra a cup of tea & then
lectures her on motherhood ; Sandra insists that she wants
Biff to come home ; Betty asks what her boyfriend will
think of that ; Sandra takes off her dark glasses to reveal
two black eyes ; Linda surprises Jan with a visit ; she
says that she wants to come home, but that Jan & Ned have
got to accept that things have changed & that her & Biff
are now a couple ; Jan agrees & they hug ; Kim warns Nick
not to cross her again ; she reminds him how easy it would
be for her to harm Alice ; Chris then has a meeting with
Kim ; she makes it plain that she wants his shares & that
he is to blame for the split with Frank ; he is reduced to
asking her if they can work together which of course she
refuses ; Biff arrives home ; he is not happy to see his
mum ; he is suspicious of her motives for wanting him to
move back in with her ; Kim visits Frank ; she manages to
tell him about Chris's visit & put herself in a good light
; Frank seems to be biding his time before he lets Kim know
that he has found out about the affair ; Biff's mum tries
to tell him her side of the story ; she had him when she
was 16 & hasn't found it easy to cope ; he does not see this as any excuse & they row " I always came second best
to the men in your life " he shouts ; Sandra asks about his
girlfriend & says that she wants to stop him making the
same mistakes that she did ; he tells her to go ; Linda
gives Betty a bunch of flowers to say thanks for having her
; Betty tells her about Biff's mum ; a man bangs on Betty's
door ; it is Sandra's ex-boyfriend, Rick ; Frank tries to
talk to Zoe quickly about Kim, but before he gets the
chance to say anything she comes back into the room ; she
tells him that the doctors say that he can go home soon &
that she is looking forward to keeping an eye on him ; Rick
barges his way into Betty's & tries to force Sandra to go
with him ; Linda arrives just as Rick & Biff are fighting.

EPISODE 2043 09/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - the fight between Rick & Biff spills out onto the street ; Linda brings Terry over to help, but Biff sorts it out & gets rid of Rick ; he refuses to go back with his mum & tells Linda " you don't know her like I do " ; Tina arrives home ; she has not been charged ; Scott bunks off school to spend time with Seth ; Linda tends to Biff's wounds ; she wants Biff to make his peace with his mum ; she also tells him that she is moving back home ; they talk about getting a flat together, but realise that they are going to have to work hard & save up just to afford the deposit ; Frank & Zoe persuade Kim to go home ; Frank is desperate to talk to Zoe alone ; Biff asks Dave to use his influence to get him a pay rise ; Dave tells him that he asked Kim if she would give everything up & run away with him ; Biff is not surprised when Dave tells him that Kim refused; he is surprised that Dave is still seeing her though ; he tells Dave " maybe it's going to take me & Linda years to build up an honest life together, but at least we'll get there. You & Kim will be finished long before that "; Scott talks to Seth about living in Emmerdale ; he wants to leave as soon as he can & join the army ; Frank & Zoe have a heart to heart, but he still does not manage to tell her about Kim ; Eric calls at the Dingles & demands his money back ; Tina insists that Dillon's men took it ; he is furious & takes his anger out on Sam by sacking him ; Biff, Seth & Nick are having a game of cards ; they persuade Dave to join in ; Kim arrives home
& tells everyone off including Dave ; he gets fed up with
this treatment & tells her that he wants to sort things out
; Frank finally tells Zoe that the baby is not his " Kim's
been having an affair with Dave, he's the father ".
PART 2 - Zoe is shocked by Frank's news ; they are
discussing it when Alan turns up to visit ; Dave tells Kim
that he wants them to be together ; Rachel is getting fed
up of Chris spending all his time trying to find a way to
stop Kim ruining him ; she wants him to sell his shares &
pay off his debts so that they can start to build a normal life ; Scott asks Vic what happened to the airgun that he
was promised ; Viv doesn't approve of guns after what
happened with Reg ; Jan & Ned are trying to encourage Roy
to dump Kelly after the trouble she has caused ; Frank
blames himself for taking Kim back after the Neil Kincaid
affair ; Zoe just wants him to concentrate on getting
better rather than spending his time thinking of getting
revenge on Kim ; Biff & Linda ask around for odd jobs ; Zoe
refuses to help Frank in his attempt to get revenge on Kim
& Dave ; she wants him to let the business go & come & live
with her & Emma so that she can look after him ; he refuses
& says that he doesn't care if getting revenge kills him.
EPISODE 2044 11/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Zoe realises that she is going to have to help Frank in his plan to get revenge on Kim for the sake of his health ; she tells Emma that she really doesn't care if Kim ends up with everything " Tate money has brought nothing but unhappiness " ; Tina retrieves Eric's money from where she hid it while being chased by Dillon's men ; subject to more detailed plans being submitted, the Sugdens are given permission for their barn conversion to go ahead ; Nellie has sent a letter & presents for everyone ; they are wrapped up in newspaper ; Rachel is sarcastic towards Chris as he continues searching for a way to beat Kim, even though he has been told by a solicitor that he is no longer entitled to a say in how the business is run ; he gets annoyed when someone phones up to ask if the Mill is for sale ; the Dingles have all received a photograph of Nellie with a personal message from her ; Zak seems upset as he tells them all that she says in the letter that grandad isworse so she is going to have to stay in Ireland for a while longer ; Frank's doctor tells him that he must takethings easy from now on ; Kim seems very interested to know if this will guarantee Frank a long life ; the doctor can't make any promises, but Frank seem determined to bearound for a while longer ; Chris storms into Zoe's office & tells her that Kim is trying to ruin him ; Zoe doesn't want to listen to him ; Zak is too upset to talk about Nellie, but it seems that she is not coming home ; Sam & Butch are upset ; Kim is pleased when Frank tells her that
Zoe has advised him to let go of the business ; Eric is
being nagged by Viv to move out of the village hall so that
the playgroup can move in ; he takes his anger out on Sam
who just wants to start working for him again ; he is
really nasty to Sam calling him a moron & a dimwit ; Sam
doesn't understand, but gets upset when Eric shouts at him
to get out ; Jack is worried about the type of people that
he is going to get staying in the barn ; Terry suggests to
Rachel that she asks Alan for some extra hours ; she
wonders whether she will regret not finishing her degree ; Sam tells Zak that he has been sacked by Eric ; Zak tells
him to stand up to Eric as Butch says " we've got no mam,
no pigs & no jobs & by the time me dads finished drinking,
we'll have no money either so you're the only one with any
prospects " & he drags him off to see Eric.
PART 2 - Butch forces Eric to ask for his job back ; Eric
mentions the Dingles owe him 3 thousand pounds & he cons
Sam into agreeing to pay it back out of his wages ; Butch
can't believe that Sam falls for that ; Tina invests the
money in a building society ; Sarah asks Emma's advice
about the barn conversion ; she does not want " to
compromise the rural style " ; Sarah wants Emma to do the
work for them ; Emma is rather annoyed ; Kim brings an
estate agent round to the Mill ; she is planning to sell it
from under Chris's nose ; Rachel stands up to her & orders
her out ; Kim has just gone too far now & Rachel is now
prepared to tell Chris everything she knows ; Zoe goes to
see Frank ; she tells him that if he is determined to fight
Kim she does not want him to do it on his own ; she is
prepared to help him ; Linda & Biff offer to clean Kathy's
windows as part of their attempt to earn extra cash ; Terry calls for Sam's help in getting a drunken Zak out of the
Woolpack ; Eric makes him take the time as his afternoon
break ; everyone watches as Butch & Sam struggle with Zak ;
Frank wants Zoe to contact one of his old solicitors so
that he can have a loyal ally ; she agrees to contact one
for him ; Mandy drags Zak upstairs ; Chris is pleased to
hear about Kim's affair & even more delighted to find out
that the baby is Dave's " she's carrying the child of an
unskilled labourer who used to live in a caravan. This is
my lucky day...I'll get her for this " ; Rachel looks
disappointed as Chris looks forward to telling his dad.
EPISODE 2045 16/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Chris visits Kathy at the earliest opportunity ; he wants to talk to her about Kim & Dave ; Biff & Linda ask Chris if he wants his car washing, but he makes a sarcastic remark about it being bob a job week ; Biff feels embarrassed ; Linda tells him to swallow his pride ; Kathy knows that Chris does not want to help her, he just wants to destroy Kim ; she refuses to join in ; Kim is amazed when Frank tells her that he has decided to let her & Dave run the business from now on ; he is going to take it easy ; she does not realise that Frank has a master plan ; Tina tells Zak a few home truths ; she is annoyed that he drunk away all their money ; she also tells Butch to go out & get a job ; Sam is worried by Eric's reaction when he is late ; he tries to talk to him about his mum, but Eric is not sympathetic ; Tina wakes Mandy up ; she is hungover after polishing off Nellie's Creme de Menthe ; Chris tells Zoe about Kim's affair ; Zoe knows that he does not want to tell Frank for his benefit, he just wants revenge ; shetells Chris to leave it alone, but he is determined to give Kim an ultimatum - either she leaves Emmerdale or he will tell Frank ; Butch meets Scott ; he has been out shooting rabbits & Scott is impressed with his gun ; he wants to have a go ; Butch makes him pay for the pellets - 10p a go; Eric makes a mysterious booking over the phone for twoladies to accompany him & an American guest to dinner ; Sam is impressed by the idea of an escort agency ; Zoe warns Frank that Chris knows about Kim & Dave ; Frank does not
see it as a problem ; he is still going to go ahead with
his plans ; Butch agrees to sell his airgun to Scott for 30
pounds ; Chris confronts Kim about her affair ; she denies
it, but he still threatens to tell Frank.
PART 2 - Dave tries to appeal to Chris's better nature, but
he hasn't got one ; Kim is worried ; Dave is pleased as he
wants things to be out in the open ; Sam tells Butch about
the escort agency ; they get quite excited ; the phone rings
& Sam answers ; it is the escort agency cancelling Eric's
booking saying that he is a pervert ; if he rings again, they are going to call the police ; Sam decides not to tell
Eric ; Kim gives Dave the opportunity to go with her to the
hospital to face Frank ; she is hoping that the shock will
kill him ; Ned volunteers Biff & Linda for clearing out the
Sugdens barn ; Jan watches as Kathy meets Mike the builder
for a drink ; Scott steals money from Viv's purse ; Zak gets
angry with Sam when he interrupts him singing Nellie's song
; he makes him sing `I Got You Babe' ; Sarah asks Mike to do
some jobs on the barn ; she & Jack argue about the cost ;
Kim meets Chris at the hospital ; she tries to do a deal
with him, but he won't listen ; the Dingle family worry
about Zak ; he won't accept that Nellie has left him & tries
to go searching for her ; Chris races in to see Frank &
immediately tells him about Kim having an affair ; Frank
pretends not to believe Chris & tells him to go home ; Kim
looks smugly on.
EPISODE 2046 18/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Zak is still trying to come to terms with Nellie's departure ; Tina tries to make him face up to it ; Zoe does not approve of Frank being so hard on Chris ; the lads start up a card game ; they want Frank back as their boss ; Seth uses a dead rabbit as his stake ; Dave is fuming with Kim for not letting him know how her confrontation with Frank went ; Zak is looking for Nellie's benefit books, but as Tina tells him " most of the people she were claiming for were either dead or never born in the first place " ; she tries to encourage everyone to start bringing money in to the house & accept that Nellie has gone ; Scott brings Butch the money for the gun ; Chris is ranting on aboutFrank & Kim ; Rachel tries to make him appreciate that Joseph is more important than money, but Chris is determined that he will not let Kim win ; Rachel is disgusted with his greed ; Scott tries out the gun ; he tells Butch that he will have to keep it secret from his parents as his real dad was an armed robber ; the trigger seems a bit dodgy ; Butch assures him that it is a safety device ; Butch boasts that he is an armed robber as well ; Chris still insists that he is fighting for Joseph's inheritance ; he looks interested when Rachel says that his future is secure thanks to hisshares in Emmerdale Farm that he will inherit on his 18th birthday (2013) ; Zak finds Sam in tears ; he is upset about his mum ; Zak wipes away his tears with his cap & comforts him ; he tells Sam that he has never fully understood women, but he thinks that it was her age & nature (ie the
menopause) "mostly they think on & get it sorted" ; Chris
surprises Jack & Sarah with a visit to Emmerdale ; he asks
about the barn & enquires about their marketing strategy ;
he accepts the offer of a cup of tea ; Dave is furious when
he sees Kim " you just treated me like a hired hand ; she is
cool towards him ; Chris tells Jack & Sarah that he wants
to have regular business meetings with them & attends their
AGM " as my son's a significant shareholder in Emmerdale
Farm...I'm entitled to act on his behalf ".
PART 2 - Sarah tries to calm Jack down after Chris's visit ; he blames Annie for giving the shares to Joseph ; Seth
notices that Dave is quiet ; his advice is to get another
round in ; Tina asks Terry if there are any vacancies going
in the Woolpack ; she makes a bad joke about Oik & Tina
Turner ; Zoe has got in touch with Frank's old pals for him
; he tells Zoe that he cannot just throw Kim out as she
would end up with half of everything & he would feel
humiliated ; he has a meeting with Pete McCarty (an old pal)
; he is working on Frank's behalf to destroy Kim ; Kim finds
Dave in the Woolpack ; she apologises ; Kelly sees Scott
with his new gun ; Linda & Biff open a joint post office
account ; Dave has gone back to Home Farm ; Kim is sure that
Frank is totally devoted to her ; Tina asks at the post
office for a job ; Vic seems interested, but Viv refuses her
; Sam tries to tell Eric about the phone call from the
escort agency, but they are interrupted by Viv ; Zak burns
pictures of Nellie ; Frank instructs his solicitors to set
Home Farm & Tate Enterprises up as a Trust ; he then wants
all assets after his death to go to those who can prove that
they are his bloodline heirs ; he tells them to fight Kim ;
Dave agrees to spends the night at Home Farm ; Kim refers to it as his "future home".
EPISODE 2047 23/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Jan nags at Linda to have some breakfast before she goes off to work ; Biff arrives to take her on his motorbike & is surprised to hear that Dave is on a course in Leeds ; Betty scrounges breakfast from Terry ; Roy calls & asks if he can clean Alan's car ; he says that he & Kelly will do it cheaper than Biff & Linda ; Terry refuses ; he then asks Betty if she realises that Biff & Linda are saving up to get married ; she doesn't think that they are old enough ; Ned finds Chris sitting in his car surveying Emmerdale land ; he is condescending to Ned & tells him that he is doing some research to see if his son's investment is secure, checking up on them to see if they are " optimising yield, not letting land lie fallow through neglect, bad planning, laziness "; Ned is not impressed ; Dave is not in Leeds, but has spent the night at Home Farm ; as he & Kim let the dog out for some fresh air a man takes photographs ; Ned tells Jack that Chris has been looking at the farm ; he threatens to leave if Chris has anything to do with the running of Emmerdale ; Kim issues orders to the staff before she leaves for the hospital to pick Frank up ; Biff makes a sarcastic remark to Dave about how he & Kim will not be able to use Frank's bed anymore " should I just ough when I come into the stables? " he asks him ; Sarah has invited Rachel out to lunch at Kathy's ; she wants to talk to her about Chris ; Mike Maddocks invites Kathy outfor a drink ; Viv & Terry are practising their dancing in the village hall ready for a competition ; Eric interrupts
them ; Sam is still hoping that his mum will come home ;
Butch is sympathetic ; everyone looks busy at Home Farm as
Frank arrives back ; he tells them all that he is proud of
them but " my body is telling me that it has had enough. I
know the business, the estate & the welfare of all of you
will be in safe hands with my wife. "
PART 2 - Zoe is at Home Farm to see to Frank ; Tina watches
as Biff & Linda kiss passionately ; Terry sneaks up on her
; they talk about love & Tina admits that she wants to be
able to fall in love, but is afraid ; she even admits that Luke was right when he told her that she would never be able
to love someone because she wouldn't know if they were lying
to her ; she seems to have some regrets ; Frank's old
friend, Pete arrives ; he shows Frank the photographs of
Kim & Dave that he took that morning ; Mandy comforts Sam &
decides that she & Tina should solve his problem about
Eric's escort girls not turning up by posing as them ; Tina
agrees ; Betty brings up the subject of marriage with Linda
& Biff ; she is relieved when they say that they are not
saving up for a wedding - she did not like to think that
Viv Windsor knew something that she didn't ; Sam tries to
tell Eric that the agency have banned him from having any
more girls, but Mandy & Tina bounce in before he can
explain himself ; Tina explains that Mandy is wearing her
American dress " one yank & it's off " ; Frank & Pete
discuss the next part of his plan ; he shows Pete how the
burglar alarm works & gives him the code ; Pete is
obviously going to break in for some reason ; Eric is
trying to throw Mandy & Tina out when his American business
colleague arrives & immediately seems very taken with the
girls ; Tina tells Eric that she wants #50 pounds each now for the evening ; Biff & Linda discuss marriage & he
proposes to her ; they decide not to tell anyone -
especially Betty ; Regan is getting on well with Tina &
Mandy ; Linda tells Biff that she wants to sleep with him,
but she still wants to wait until they have a place of their
own ; he is rather frustrated ; Mandy & Tina sneak off with
Regan while Eric is buying another bottle of champagne ;
they go to a hotel & Tina pushes Mandy in the swimming pool
; Regan jumps in after her ; Tina seems really upset over
Terry & refuses to join in the fun.
EPISODE 2048 25/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Biff & Linda meet up early to earn some extra cash before work ; Linda notices that Roy & Kelly have placed an advert in the post office window offering to clean cars & windows at the cheapest prices in town ; she is furious ; Ned & Jan are talking about it & Ned comments " our Roy can't even have a wash on a morning never mind clean a car" ; they talk to Dave about Home Farm & both think that Kim will be relying on him even more now that Frank has retired ; Tina & Mandy count their earnings from the previous evening ; Regan paid them in dollars ; they are discussing the date when Zak & Butch walk in ; Zak is not impressed with how they earned the money " playing trollop for that slimeball Pollard " ; Frank suggests to Kim that he getsout of her way for a while ; she suggests a cruise, but he is thinking about moving into the attic room where he can set up a study ; he is going to get his friend Pete to help him move ; Rachel tells Chris to stop sticking his nose inat Emmerdale ; he is determined to get involved though ; Eric is distraught that the American has gone off without signing up to do any business, but then Sam remembers that Tina gave him a piece of paper for Eric ; Regan did sign & Eric is delighted ; he now only has the problem of clearing all his furniture out of the hall to make way for the dancing competition ; Kim tells Dave that Frank is suddenly looking like an old man ; Pete delivers a computer to Frank; Sarah, Mike & Ned are clearing out the barn ; Jack keeps
interfering ; Eric asks Tina & Mandy if they would be
prepared to help him out again ; Zak doesn't like it, but
Mandy suggests that perhaps he could become a gigolo ; Pete
shows Frank the hidden camera he has set up around Home
Farm ; he shows Frank how to view via his computer ; " when
I've finished Romeo & Juliet won't be able to blow their
noses without you watching them ".
PART 2 - Terry is practising his dancing steps in the bar ;
Seth wants to ban women from the pub after seeing Linda
nearly eating Biff ; Roy & Scott are trying to shoot a
rabbit when Kelly arrives ; she is furious with Roy ; Rachel asks Kathy for advice about Chris ; she is
regretting not handling Frank & the baby incident better ;
Eric walks in & takes away the table that Kathy is using
because he says that it has been bought by Regan Dexter III
; Roy steals Linda's bucket while she is up a ladder
cleaning windows ; Chris turns up at the farm again with a
business proposal to rival Home Farm ; Jack & Sarah are too
polite to tell him they are not interested, but Ned doesn't
mince his words & tells him to get lost ; Viv & Terry
prepare for the Young Farmers dancing competion ; Terry is
nervous ; Pete & Frank pretend to be playing chess when
Dave walks in ; he is taking Kim to the young farmers do ;
Terry admits to Tina that he is as nervous about the
competition as he used to be before a rugby match ; that
was why he had to give up ; Britt used to tease him ; Tina
tells him not to let Britt be proved right ; Chris's pride
has been hurt by Ned's words ; Viv & Terry's routine goes
down well ; they are declared the winners & Kim presents
the prize ; Chris calls round to the Glovers ; he is very
bitter & has decided to tell them about Dave & Kim ; Ned
can't believe it while Jan is devastated
EPISODE 2049 30/01/1996 Synopsis Text PART 1 - Ned tells Jan not to take any notice of Chris Tate, but she is convinced that he is telling the truth about Dave & Kim's affair ; things start to add up for her now - the tenancy, Kathy & Dave splitting up ; they decideto confront him ; Biff & Linda are washing Alan's car ; Biff wants to tell Betty about their decision to get married ; Dave doesn't deny the affair when confronted by his parents ; Jan is shocked & worried about their future ; she also cannot believe that he would betray Frank when he has treated him so well ; Dave tries to justify the affair telling them that he is in love with Kim & that he just could not help himself, nothing else matters ; Roy splatters Alan's clean car with mud so that he can get paid for recleaning it & wreck Linda & Biff's reputation ; Scott asks Butch to go rabbitting with him ; he is bunking off school again ; Seth gives Biff some advice about marriage " it's mother natures trap " he tells him ; Kim is fussing over Frank ; Viv is still in a whirl after winning first prize at the Hotten Young Farmers Ballroom dancing competition - modern section ; she wants to display the medal in the shop window ; Betty tells Viv that she has officially been told of Biff & Linda's engagement ; the Windsors receive a letter from Scott's headmaster informing them of his truancy ; Jan apologises to Kathy for how Dave has treated her ; Frank & Pete listen in as Dave tells Kim that his parents know about the affair ; Butch & Scott seem to be getting on well ; Biff & Linda see the mud on Alan's
car ; Linda immediately suspects Roy ; Emma is in a panic &
asks Biff to take some plans into Hotten for her ; she pays
him & Linda snatches the money ; Frank shows Pete a
deserted cottage on the Home Farm estate ; it used to
belong to the gamekeeper ; he suggests that Pete could live
there while he is helping out, but Pete thinks that it
would make a perfect love nest.
PART 2 - Frank asks Dave if he would like to come & live on
the estate " I want to make sure that Kim has all the
support she needs " ; Rachel is furious to find out from Jan that Chris informed them of the affair " is it the only
way you can feel good about yourself by putting other
people down? " ; Dave is feeling guilty because Frank has
been so nice to him ; Kim is harder though & tells him to
take up Frank's offer ; Frank listens in to their
conversation again ; Viv asks Kelly about Scott's truancy ;
she denies all knowledge, but Viv can tell that she is lying
& grounds her ; Mandy & Tina tease Butch about his
friendship with Scott ; Zak has acquired a hi-fi to try &
encourage Tina & Mandy to stay in ; it doesn't work & they
haven't got any records anyway ; Linda forces Roy to clean
Alan's car ; Viv catches Kelly & Donna watching `Death
Stalker' - a video nasty ; it has come from Scott's
collection ; Zak is still in mourning for Nellie ; Vic & Viv
round on Scott as soon as he comes home ; they challenge him
about missing school & then find his gun ; Vic wrestles him
for it, but the dodgy trigger goes off & Donna screams ;
Scott runs away.