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Tuesday 29th April 1986

At breakfast in Demdyke Row, Joe quizzes Jackie as to how Emmerdale acquired Harry Mowlams land when NY Estates would have stood a better chance being the big company & Emmerdale a small farming family. Joe wonders if Emmerdale got inside information from Hotten Market like Alan suggested. Jackie asks in NY will be returning to Hotten Market now Joe’s in charge.

At Home Farm Alan ring’s Head Office to try & find out Joe’s whereabouts. Alan tells Caroline that he fears he’s for the chop. Caroline advises him to make a list of the achievements he’s made in his time as Home Farm manager. After a short think Alan has to ask Caroline what’s he’s achieved. Later he is delighted when he realises what he has achieved just as Joe arrives. Later Joe tells him that the figures don’t justify taking NY stock to Skipdale Market, they will have to return to Hotten Market. But Alan reminds him if it wasn’t for Karen Moore Home Farm would have got Harry Mowlams land. Things get heated between them as Alan suggests that Joe’s loyalties lie not with NY but with Emmerdale Farm, but soon apologises for what he said. Joe tells him to be ready for Hotten market much to Alan disputes about being already for Skipdale Market.

Turner arrives at Hotten Market to tell Karen NY will be including stock in the sale, Karen tells him she’s delighted to handle the as Alan heads to the office to talk things through. Karen reminds Sandie that she hasn’t forgotten her role in the fall out with NY. (Sandie Merrick, Jacks stepdaughter told him what the asking price would be for Harry Mowlam’s land thus letting Emmerdale put in a bid before NY could)

At Emmerdale Matt wonders what Dolly is plotting. Later Dolly talks to Annie about how she wants Matt to go on holidays with her & Sam, Annie tells it will take some persuasion for Matt to go. Dolly wants to be alone with him to talk & think and to get away from Beckindale. At dinner Dolly tells Matt about her thoughts on a holiday but he tells her it will have to wait as he returns to work.

Jack & Pat discuss who should be Robert’s godparents, Jack jokes that they have plenty of choice. Pat wants to ask Dolly but thinks it best that Jack ask Matt first to avoid upsetting her.

At the Woolpack Seth jokes to Henry & Amos as to how Joe has Turner running around in circles. At Demdyke Row Jack tells Joe how unfair it was to make Alan look like a fool over the whole situation with Hotten Market. Joe explains to him how the job means alot to him & everything else in his life will have to wait. Jack wants him to make time for one thing, to be Godfather to his son.

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