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Tuesday April 1986

Lambing season is well under way at Emmerdale Farm as Matt Skilbeck (Frederick Pyne) feels the pressure. Back at the farmhouse a heavily pregnant Pat Sugden (Helen Weir) finally gets round to packing her suitcase for the hospital joking to her daughter Sandie (Jane Hutcheson) how organisation has never been her strong point much to her annoyance Sandie agrees. As Sandie leaves for work Pat feels the baby kick.

Elsewhere in the house Joe Sugden (Frazer Hines) prepares for his interview for the Regional Managers job at NY Estates. He explains to his mother Annie (Sheila Mercier) how he would have preferred to be driving to Lincon himself rather then getting a lift with Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) who is also up for the job. He jokes that Turner is probably keeping an eye on him. Annie reassures him he’ll do fine after seeing how nervous he is. Joe tells Annie that he has had support from them all even Jack (Clive Hornby) who keeps poking fun at the idea. Annie tells him she’s proud of him. Outside Jack tells Joe he’s bound to get the job.

Mrs Bates (Diana Davies) arrives for work at Home Farm to find Mr Turner asleep in the office, he has been obviously drinking the night before. As he wakes he realises he’ll never make the interview at this the doorbell rings realising its Joe, Mrs Bates tells Alan he only has 15 minutes to go and get ready and she’ll hold off Joe.

Out on the farm Matt explains lambing to Jackie (Ian Sharrock)

Meanwhile at Home Farm Joe & Alan eventually head off to Lincon as Mrs Bates explains their delay on the phone.

At the Farmhouse Annie & Dolly (Jean Rogers) discuss how much Sam (Benjamin Whitehead) is changing and how it wouldn’t be long before there is another baby in the house.

In their room Jack comforts his wife Pat who is starting to become nervous at the thought of motherhood again so late in life.

Later on in the evening Joe tells the family at the dinner table that he doesn’t think he did too badly at the interview. Upstairs Pat goes into labour and calls out for Jack, who goes up to find her in great pain. Annie tells Jack to call the midwife as there is no time for the hospital, the baby will have to be born at Emmerdale Farm.

At the Woolpack, the new till is not what Amos (Ronald Magill) had hoped for as Henry (Arthur Pentelow) explains that their losing money due to Amos giving out the wrong change to customers all this to Seth (Stan Richards) & Alan’s amusement. After a hard day at work Jackie & Kathy (Malandra Burrows) enjoy a peaceful drink at the Woolpack, he explains to her much farming disgusted him when he arrived in Beckindale first, how much everything has changed for him since.

Back at the farmhouse an anxious Joe greets the midwife (Jean Burston) Dolly comments how awful Joe looks, he explains its the shock. Comically Joe proves to be more in a panic then anyone else.

A baby boy is delivered to the delight of everyone. Henry tells Jackie at the Woolpack who is clearly delighted and celebrates with Kathy. At home Pat thanks Annie for everything and even Sandie looks delighted (she had recently forgiven Pat for not being with her when her baby was born)

Joe & Jack go downstairs to wet the baby’s head. As the night goes on Joe tells Jack how while feeling lonely in France he wrote to his ex wife Christine revealing to her how he hadn’t given the marriage a chance. Jack makes a move to return upstairs to Pat & the new baby but is stopped by Joe’s words that he envy’s Jack’s life. Jack tells him he’s glad that working for NY hasn’t eaten him up. They both drink to the baby. Joe goes to a picture of his late grandfather Sam & says aloud to himself "cheers granddad we missed you tonight"

Robert Sugden has made his first appearance in Emmerdale.

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