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Thursday 24th April 1986

As morning breaks on Emmerdale Farm, Jackie notices that one of his sheep is missing one which is about to lamb. Meanwhile Joe is anxious to find out if hes got the job & asks Annie if there has been any post for him but hes not the only one at Home Farm Alan turner is asking Mrs Bates the same question. Much to her amusement Turner tells her hes quite confident that hell get the job.

At the farmhouse Amos & Henry have come to visit Pat & the new baby, Pat introduces them both to baby Robert Jacob Sugden. Afterwards Henry expresses his delight to a proud Annie but Amos seems to be in a world of his own, he turns down tea to return to The Woolpack. Henry believes hes up to something, at the Woolpack Amos adds up the takings, the new till is still causing confusion.

Out on the farm Jackie & Kathy find the sheep that had gone missing in a terrible state about to lamb, Jackie sends Kathy to get Matt or Jack.

Back at the farmhouse Annie tells Henry that she wants Joe to get the job so that he can come back to Beckindale for good. Henry wishes he could see his daughter Marion more often. Annie answers the phone to NY Estates who are looking for Joe, is it good news?

Out on the farm Jackie has managed to deliver a healthy lamb.

Henry & Amos are still losing money at The Woolpack due to Amos not being able to use it. Henry decides to go back to using the old till.

A delighted Joe is told hes got the regional mangers Job at NY, an even more delighted Annie congratulates him. As a result of Joe returning for good he will have to return to living at Demdyke the current home of Jackie Merrick, Joe tells Jackie he can stay on if he behaves himself.

Dolly visits Pat in the loft room to give her some old baby clothes belong to Sam.

Alan paces the floor of the office still waiting for news on the job. Alan learns from Mrs Bates about the new baby at Emmerdale Farm which gives him the idea of going up to emmerdale to congratulate Pat & Jack while there he could see if Joe knows anything about the job.

Matt & Dolly meanwhile discuss how Joes new job is bound to cause conflict between him & Jack, as they know that Emmerdale will face problems with NY Estates leaving Joe to decide which side hes on; his families or the company he works for. In the farmyard Jack jokes to Joe about his new job title as Turner arrives. Turner tells them hes come to give his congratulations personally, Joe thinks Alan is congratulating him on his job & asks how did he found out when Head Office only rang him that day. A shocked Turner tells them he had actually come to congratulate them on the new baby which leaves a disgusted Alan Turner to congratulate Joe on his new job.

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