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Tuesday 6th May 1986

At Home Farm Alan Turner struggles to get his office & staff in order as he frantically waits for Joeís inspection but he soon leaves all of it up to his long suffering secretary, Caroline Bates.

At the farm Joe tries to get as much information as he can from Sandie regarding the future of Hotten Market & its owner Mr Golding who Joe finds out has taken a back seat in the business & left Karen in charge.

Under Alanís orders, Seth has been sent out to free all traps on Home Farm land, as he enters the fields he leaves his bicycle outside against the wall. Meanwhile Rev. Hinton rushes home from Hotten to get to a wedding at St. Maryís but is soon held up when his car breaks down on a country road. With no other choice he has to walk to Beckindale, when the wedding car passes him he realises he wont make it by walking at that he spots Sethís bike. After shouting out o Seth over the wall to no response he gets on Sethís bike & starts on his journey to St Maryís Church to conduct the wedding. Soon afterwards Seth returns to find his bike gone. "30 years I had that bike" Seth tells Amos later that day at The Woolpack as he looks sorrowfully into his pint. He canít understand why anyone would want to "nick" it as he remembers how well he looked after it. Amos canít believe how the whole situation as even managed to put Seth off his ale which gives Amos the idea of taking down Sethís story for his column on the Hotten Courier. Later he callís in his story to the editor & his delighted to be informed that itís to make the front page.

Out walking Joe tells Dolly how much he missed Beckindale while he was in France, Dolly tells him how much they all missed him.

At the farm Jackie is disappointed when he delivers a dead lamb. Matt tells him heíll have to get use to these things happening. Farming has come to mean a lot to Jackie since he came to Beckindale now he has his own stock & share in Emmerdale Farm.

Joe finally receives the call heíd been waiting for from his boss Mr Meadows & arranges to meet him to discuss his business idea. Later Joe explains to Annie how his idea could mean a lot more money for NY and a lot more money for him.

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