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Thursday 1st May 1986

At milking Jack asks Matt how Dolly would feel about being Robert’s Godmother. Matt tells him to ask her, he know she’d be delighted as no matter what problems they’ve have had with Dolly miscarriage their both still happy for him & Pat. Jack explains that he has already asked Joe &he’s going to the Woolpack today to ask the other, Matt presumes its Henry but Jack wants Amos just to show that their not taking the christening too seriously.

At Demdyke Joe teases Jackie as to when he’s going to get together with Kathy. Its been obvious since she arrived in Beckindale that she’s mad been about him and just lately it seems Jackie feels the same. At work Jackie invites her to Hotten for the day. Later he brings her back to Demdyke but is shocked to find Annie there cleaning. Comically Jackie gets all nervous & rushes Kathy back to work on the farm.

Jack arrives at the Woolpack, Amos thinking its Henry he’s come to see makes his way to clean the bar only to be stopped by Jack telling him its him he’s come to see. Amos is honoured to be asked to be Robert’s Godfather.

At Hotten Market Sandie is busy with a cattle auction. Joe has brought NY Estates stock & busy back to this market much to Alan’s disgust. Alan tells Karen how he feels the hammer fell a bit too soon on their stock for his liking. Jack is ignored by Karen when he meets her after the auction, she blames him for the fall out with NY. Just like his brother Jack did, it seems Joe is falling for Karen. She tells him that the owner of Hotten MarketMr Golding has no family to leave it to as he’s now in bad health. This all seems to be of interest to Joe for some reason. He later calls his boss with a business idea to discuss.

At the farmhouse Pat asks Dolly to be Godmother, she explains it would mean alot to her & Jack, Dolly is only too happy to accept. Later Matt tells Dolly he can’t take a holiday as their too busy on the farm. Matt explains to her how he’s tried to bury himself in work as he’s still unhappy & he’s doesn’t seem the point in going on holiday as he still be unhappy. Dolly complains that he’s shutting her & everybody out, she tells him to forget Harry Mowlam & what happened. Matt storms out of the house. Its obvious that Matt hasn’t overcome the nightmare he experienced following Harry’s death.

Harry Mowlam is still tormenting them both, even from the grave.

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