Created 8th September 2004

Emmerdale Working Closely with "CCC"


To make sure they get the Colon Cancer story right, Emmerdale are working closely with Colon Cancer Concern (CCC), the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity

Colon Cancer Concern

CCC has been working closely with Emmerdale’s researchers, scriptwriters and producers in preparation for the high profile storyline which will explore the character of Diane Blackstock's battle with bowel cancer. The makers of Emmerdale have also spoken with CCC’s nurses and patients to make sure that the script is as accurate, realistic and sensitively handled as possible.

CCC were very keen to ensure that the issue is handled sensitively as this a first for primetime TV in the UK and Emmerdale were only happy to oblige.

Jola Gore-Booth, CCC’s Chief Executive, comments: “We’re delighted that Emmerdale has recognised the importance of bowel cancer...We’ve been very encouraged by how much Emmerdale has involved us in ensuring that the storyline is realistic.

Elizabeth Estenson who plays Diane Blackstock in Emmerdale

CCC also introduced actress Elizabeth Estensen (who plays Diane Blackstock) to Linda Gibson, a bowel cancer patient from Wolverhampton, so that the actress could understand first hand what it is really like to have the disease.

Linda comments: “I was happy to talk with Elizabeth about my own experience of bowel cancer four years ago, so that she could portray the effects of being diagnosed with the disease through Diane’s story. Working with CCC and with Emmerdale on this project has not only been great fun but also very rewarding, because I know this is going to help so much with raising awareness of the disease.”

Elizabeth and Linda are also supporting CCC in its upcoming “Sh*t Scared?” pub campaign, which is being launched in September. Eye-catching posters and beer mats are being distributed to thousands of pubs throughout the UK in a bid to raise awareness amongst pub-goers.

The nurse-led Infoline service phone number, will appear in the credits at the end of key episodes featuring the bowel cancer storyline.

THE CCC INFOLINE: 08708 50 60 50

Based on a Press Release by "CCC" Dated: 23 August 2004

NOTE: Special Thanks to Claire Jagot at CCC Press Office

For further information on bowel cancer please visit the CCC
website or call the CCC Infoline on 08708 50 60 50