Emmerdale Cast & Characters circa 1980

Created 15th October 2003
Updated 5th April 2004


Emmerdale Farm 1980 Clockwise from bottom left: Matt Skilbeck [Frederick Pyne], Dolly Skilbeck [Jean Rogers], Amos Brearley [Ronald Magill], Jack Sugden [Clive Hornby], Joe Sugden [Frazer Hines], Mr Wilks [Arthur Pentelow], Annie Sugden [Sheila Mercier], Sam Pearson [Toke Townley].

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Main Cast circa 1980 - In Order of Actor Appearance

Character Played By First Appeared
Annie Sugden Sheila Mercier (16 October 1972-1994), 15 June - 6 July 1995, 7 November 1996)
Joseph ("Joe") Sugden Frazer Hines 16 October 1972 - 11 August 1994
Amos Brearly Ronald Magill (16 October 1972-1994, 15 June - 6 July 1995)
Henry Wilks Arthur Pentelow (16 October 1972-1991)
Matt Skilbeck Frederick Pyne (16 October 1972-1989)
Samuel ("Sam) Pearson Toke Townley (16 October 1972-1984)
Seth Armstrong Stan Richards 16 May 1978 -
John Jacob ("Jack") Sudgen Clive Hornby 19 February 1980 -
Character originally played by Andrew Burt (1972-1976 see here for more info)
Jean Rogers (1980-1991)
John Jacob ("Jackie") Merrick Ian Sharrock (1980-1989)
"Pat" (Ruth Patricia) née Harker Helen Weir (1980-1986)
Sandie Merrick Jane Hutcheson (1980-1989)
Fred Armstrong Juilan Garlick  
Jimmy Armstrong Lennox Greeve  
Susan Armstrong Catherine Terris  
Margaret ("Meg") Armstrong
Ursula Camm Character appeared periodically between 1978-1993

Character   Played By Apeared
Enoch Tolly
Neil McCarthy ????-1981
Grace Tolly   Margaret Stallard ????-circa 1982
Hannah Tolly   Alison Ambler ????-circa 1982
Naomi Tolly   Jenny Tomasin ????-circa 1982

Played By Apeared
Richard Anstey
Carl Rigg early 80s
Jenny Anstey
Sara Roache early 80s
Janet Anstey
Sarah Atkinson early 80s
Fred Anstey
James Otterway early 80s